Apr 29, 2008

Oh My Damsel !

The damsel,she stole my heart..
I dont know how I fell in love...
Of course with her,a piece of art!
And no one else,gets my bow!!

Dearest,I know you are not aware,
of what is running in my mind.
but I assure you that I am aware
I love u,with my whole of mind.

That is all I too know...
Why?Why do I love you?
You may ask...And it is 'cause..lo..
Well,I donno..an' cant tell you..

May be 'cause you are fair..
But I have seen fairer..
May be cos you are intelligent.
But there are women more intelligible..
I know I love you,one of my claims..
But I am a coward,as of my kind,
I fear rejection n consequences..
hence disabled..about my own find.

One day I will muster up,n not cow..
some courage and tell you...
How much I love you..
and all that what runs in my mind now...

May be u will understand,
May be u wont...
But I will say..
Even if this strife
runs very late through our life..

Because I love you n want you to know..
how much I love you dear..how much I love you!!

Apr 23, 2008

The Melody of My Demise...

I don't know why I am disturbed.
I just know I am.
Hell! Its been long.
I wish to see him.
He may not love me.
But i do love him.
He has not yet seen me
or that we talked.
Virtual meeting does not mean anything.
To him or to me.
And the end is near.
And he does not know that.
Or does he?
Has my friend talked?
May be he has ,may be he has not.
51 weeks more.
And then..

Ah! There he is.
He had to wait.
Till i was in here.
In my death bed.
Sitting near me,
he was trying to smile.
How beautiful!!
He should know it.
I tried to tell him that.
But, my voice is gone.
And this seems to be my 'Last Day'.
In the frustration,
my eyes filled.
Well,where was my voice wen I needed it???

She is crying.
She should not be.
I cant love her.
But I like her.
And she wont die,I want her to live.
Hell! I had to meet her the first time,
in her Bed.
Death Bed.
What a coincidence!!!
'My Swadhesh Wali is fine.'
I told her.
'And I too am.
And relax'
'You r gonna live.
I've arranged for it.'
She is trying to say something...
Oh God!!
Why did you take her voice away??
It could have been anything else,
but her voice.

I am having trouble breathing.
If only telepathy cud work...
It wont.
Wen i need it urgently.
I will tell him whatever I want to before I die.
Pulling off the needle on the wrist,
it pained.
Wrote on the bed.
'Get a slate.'
The docs ran to her.
Her hand stopped them.
Her stamina, even now, was obvious.
The slate was produced.
And, a pencil.

'You look handsome.
And I hope your Swadeshwali loves you.
I love you too.
But never had a chance to show it.
Believe me,I am saying this here.
In my death bed.
I love you.
And take care of yourself.'
I looked up to see what he felt.
I cud see a tear in his eye.
And he nodded.
And that was enuff.
I can die peacefully.
I tried to write gud bye.
But, my hands are becoming weak.
And shaking.
It had to be now.

And suddenly she started to shake.
And then fell back.
And closed her eyes.
With a silent
and sudden shiver,
Life has left.
and I had to see it.
I was out from the altar.
It is my wedding.
And...she chose to go today.
It had to be now.
And like a baby,
he cried.

Apr 21, 2008


Two eyes.
searching for me.
Where is he?
-the owner of those piercing eyes?
My eyes.
searching for him.
Where is he?
-the owner of those eyes?
In crowds, in solitude,
in dreams,when awake.
I search.
Where are you?
Why do you come to me as just those eyes?
-piercing eyes?

Where did you get that glow from?
Or is it a trick of light?
Or do I imagine?
Nothing can pass that glare
without a dark scan flare.
Will I?

Will you remain just eyes?
Or will you one day come to me?
Will I sustain the burn of ur look?
Will I be yours?
Will you EVER be mine??
Mine alone?