May 30, 2008

Why did you come to me then ??

Nothing could burn my passion;
Unless it was you.
Nothing could bring tears in my eyes, if not you
and your memories.
No day did pass without your thoughts running.
And crying.
Slowly, I loved you. Slowly I cared for you.

Everything behind me, is darkness
B'cos it misses you.
Everything is blurred, vision is dimmed..
All I remember seeing, is your lips.
Every day I think you will return.
And be sorry.
Slowly, I realize, you lied. Gradually, I realize...
You never meant what you said.

May 24, 2008


Silence speaks.
Eyes speak when they meet.
Hearts hear.Feel.
Be it hatred,love or fear.
All in silence.
Death - The Ultimate Sentence to Silence.

May 10, 2008

What was wrong???

I called him today.He picked up.
Not even a sound of recognition.Why??
I told him I miss him.Just a sigh.Why?
Asked him how he was.
- I donno how Iam living on..
I still miss you a lot.
And an afterthought.Take care;
I heard the death of a sob.Why??

Life has gone on.

We have changed.Both of us.
But I still remember her smiling face.
Her loving words.But...Why??
Was it destiny??
Was it ,being practical??
Why was I being emotional, then??
Why was I having tears??
Why did we part??

Something was wrong.

What WAS wrong???
Was it me?Was it her??
It was certainly me.But why??
Why was it me? Why not her??
I donno how I am living.
I still miss every single moment.
But why??Why now??
But everything was wrong.I know it.
And she knows, I know.

May 6, 2008

If you do,do it soon...

If you are about to leave,
leave me soon..
I will be less hurt.
If you are about to say,
say soon..
I will listen more.
If you are about to wound,
wound me soon..
I will heal sooner.

If you intend to ask me out,
ask me soon..
I might be taken else.
If you want to love me,
love me soon..
I might find love elsewhere.
If you want to be with me,
take me soon..
I might die before that...

Dont you dare to not do to me,
what you want,now!
Anything can happen,
any moment..
I dont want you,dear,to regret later..
That I never knew,knew what you felt for me..
That I am gone...gone from your life..

May 3, 2008

??? ???

??? ??? ??
!!! !!! !!
[ ?,... ]
{ ....! >>>}
( *....!!! )
??!!! ,...*
??? ???
... !!!! !!..!

May 2, 2008

Damn it!! I know, it sounds bad!

It is exams for me an' I know it is really ridiculous.
How come only I, am not afraid???
I donno..
I just have no fear.
I dont care at all..
No thought about passing,
Nothing about the marks..
Heedless to advices..
Damn it! I know it sounds bad..

It is revision time for us n I know it is ridiculous
How come,I just dont revise???
I donno..
I have not revised.
An' it seems,I have no plans too..
No thoughts about covering the portions,
Nothing about grades..
Very careless in studies,
Damn it!I know it still sounds bad...