May 26, 2009

Happy News.. :)

A bit of a happy news... My sis, 10th results are out. She scored 95.2%.. :)
She was doing it in the CBSE.

May 20, 2009

Randomer 'Religious' Thoughts...

Wondering why a lot of things don't make sense to me. I believe in a power, term it god or not, behind life. But if god had a form at all, other than power, then it is really a lot lot like an autocrat, if I go by the present day practices and teachings. I initially, tried bribing 'god' to see if it is selfish. But it didn't turn out selfish. On the contrary, I HAD to work to the end result.

See, I see priests asking us to 'donate' or pay for 'services' [Have they changed the meaning of services? :?]. Now, they says god[s] get angry if we don't do that, do this blah blah blah.. And some people, follow it. If you don't 'pray' daily, visit temple, offer offerings, you get 'ill luck'. If you p[r]ay, you get luck. More like those stupid spam forwards I get once in a while. Forward n you get 7 yrs of good luck and gal friend will kiss you till eternity, or your life will get destroyed by some dam aliens or something like that, more of a disaster.. blah blah again..

If god was so selfish, why live under it anyway? I would nt. If it is omnipresent, then it can see my thoughts and decide whether am good or bad. I don't need to 'offer bribe' or visit 'them' in some temple or church.

Krishna, in the Bhagavathgeetha says," pathram, pushpam, phalam, thoyam yo me bhaktya prayacchati, tad aham bhakty-upahrtam asnami pryatatmanah"[Chapter 9: verse 26]
Give me a leaf, or if you cant make it, a flower, if you don't have even that, a fruit, or if that too is not available, a lil bit of water, with love, and I am happy cos there is love, in it.
Now, see this and the way priests behave these days? And btw, there is not a mention of priests in the Gita or other scriptures of Hinduism by what I have read. And neither has the Bible. [If anyone sees any reference, please let me know. I would like to go through it.] I don't see a mention of nuns as well in the Bible [the base of Christianity as they say.].

Christ, if we go by the Bible, never asked Christians to constitute a pope and a hierarchy that prevails today. All he taught was sharing .. and loving.. Alas, I don't see much of love these days, where almost all are searching for power and money.

Buddhism has always enticed me. Though, I have not yet gotten into books of their philosophy in depth. Will. And Islam, have not been to it too in depth. Though the stress on knowledge has impressed me. The first word in the Qur'an, 'IQRA!' [meaning 'read', asserts the need of knowledge and the quest for it.] It also mentions, that everyone is equal. Everyone should seek knowledge, cos that makes him/ her closer to god. And what have we seen? Women denied education, treated unequals, burqhas..

Man, what thoughts I get, so late into night! I need to really get some sleep. :-| Gnit.

[PS- Will continue it on another sleepless night. :P]

May 17, 2009

Internet is cracking me up. Dam slow to get connected. One of these days, BSNL will have a visit from me.. x-(
I am surprised the comp is still in one piece [or as connected as it can be, :-| with my temper on the rise ]. Took an Hour!!!! Imagine, an hour to connect today!!!!
And I am sure this has something to do with that idiot who pulled out the internet USB cord, in the pretext of repairing my comp. x-( And I always had computer info flying above my head rather than try to stick something in it. :-Z

May 15, 2009

Adieu Friend...

Yaar DN

u showed me a way perhaps
i get bored easily perhaps, i also feel trapped easily, u kinda know it, i think soo.

u showed me the way of anonymous blogging.

there are a few of them who know who's R.K.
that abstains me from writing many things

today i was gonna delete my blog and profile, but couldn't get time for that.

i dont know what made an old frnd remind me today, and pass my time lovingly.

may be i'll delete it tomorrow
and start a new one in future
where i would be completely anonymous
sounds powerful :)

and hugs to you dear friend.

drink lots and lots and lots of water :D

sometimes it feels that no one's more reasonable than me, sometimes it feels what i am good for, i dont mean to anybody.
this behavior is a mystery, i wish i could be more stable :)

understood DN :D

bye :)
May 15, 12:49 am.

Dear RK,

I am sure you will read this. I hope you do. I will miss you. I understand perfectly what you mean.
I am back to happiness. And visit my blog to comment anon. :)

Hugs to you too friend. :)
I have understood you. And I can no longer find a piece of my mind in that blog of yours.
And one more thing dear, our kind will never be stable. :) Our strength is our mystery, our instability. We thrive on it. :)

Do take care. :)
Durga Nandan.

15 May, 12:59 pm

May 14, 2009

Been really upset.
Feel like I am trapped in my body.

PS- No questions please.
PPS- Edited.


Having completed commenting on the blogs I follow, [after a looooong break- or so it seems to me. :) ], I am back to my own.
I had not been blogging for sometime, though not many seem to have missed me. :)

Being missed is not something you can ask others to do. I have done that when I am in a very good mood. People close to me do not miss me, How can I ask my blog friends to miss me?
Never mind. I never wrote for others in the beginning of my blog. Some where down the road, I had deviated a bit. And that made me expect things. :)
Not anymore.

May 9, 2009

Scheduled outage.

Been long. Not enticed by internet these days.
See you guys, when I feel like.


May 1, 2009

I would have trouble believing the indian judiciary -not that I do not have doubts now- if the terrorist inside bars Kasab, gets away with anything silly.
PS- Though he never managed, he could have been judged juvenile and leggo with 3 years of imprisonment. Something like that..