Jun 30, 2009

Ramble Random Ramble..

Yet another sleepless night.
I do not know why. I have lots of work tomorrow and I know it will be a hectic day. And not a hint of needing rest.
I replied to some comments that were pending. Read posts that were too. Commented in detail and still sleepless.
And I am not in a mood to complete the drafts. Hence started off this.
I am half way through a film script. I loved reading the part I finished. I'll read the rest, soon after publishing this.
I have no thoughts in my mind now. At least my mind is not buzzing like it usually does.
May be cos I just mailed my friend about what was in my mind and hence freed the lil thing. Btw, I write looooooooooong mails when I do. Or really short ones. One liners.
I have two poems ready for Durga. But since they are upstairs, I dont think they will see public life soon. The lazy bum I am.
Lots of people are online on chat windows. But I dont feel like uttering a word. Remembering, it has been long since I caught up with many.
I will just get back to my script. At least, my mind wont be idle. :)

Jun 29, 2009

What lead to this?

"Gayathri has left a new comment on your post "Curiosity is a taboo on taboos.":

actually what are u upto?all those 'random' thoughts?one-line ones?!!"

My Reply to G3 : Well, I keep thinking a lot, sometimes even irritating the people who listen to me. Sometimes, after hours of thought processes, I end up in some conclusion. And sometimes, it ends openly.
Now, when my thoughts end with a conclusion, I jot it down. Just in case, I need it later. And it feels good to read it later and remember the thoughts that lead to it.

Now, lemme take this. If I go curious about lesbianism, gayness, transgenders, sex etc, and if I express my doubts to a grown up, it creates a lot 'That-is-a-taboo-we-cant-talk-about-it.' feeling. It is awkward, trust me. My peers thankfully, have an open mind. Though I should admit, sometimes, even I feel it a taboo under certain circumstances.

Now, if I get to the post on science, I had a 'discussion' on science and philosophy with a person doing research in physics. And felt this.
The discussion and my conclusions, are still in my blog draft. I hope I go sleepless one night, to complete it.

Immaturity, well, I am immature at dealing with a lot of things. And my friends[including you] have pointed it out on various occasions. But I knew, everyone was, at a point of time and down the lane they slowly learn to be mature. Hence, immaturity is what gives birth to maturity.

"A man is happiest not at his success, but on being reminded that he could defeat the others. "
Well, I won an 'argument' and felt happy about it. I started thinking of why I felt happier, even though I knew I was right at first itself. That led to this.

So, as I have named my blog, they are randomly found, organized thoughts. I admit I piss off people cos I think a lot. But then, it helps me live. I didnt want to burden the whole thought process onto this blog. Hence the conclusive one-liners.

Last, I finish off with a one-liner.
It always helps to assure yourself that you have a reason to do something. Even if you have been doing it for two decades. :)
Curiosity is a taboo on taboos.

Jun 27, 2009

News : Micheal Jackson passes away.

Daily Dose : A lot of gossips, lawsuits and good muZic goes with him.

Jun 24, 2009

The problem with science is, it limits itself to logic.

Jun 22, 2009

News : Google to cut China's p^rn results.

Daily Dose : A rebellion is on the way.

Jun 21, 2009

BJP not abandoning Hindutva: Advani

Daily Dose : Finally, Hindutva will abandon BJP.

Jun 19, 2009

Proof spammers are PERFECT idiots!

The spam mail I received today had the following subject :

"Look here or get AIDS."
Ever wondered why we call divorce vivaha mochanam? ;)

Jun 18, 2009

Wow!! I just found a mind mapping software. And it is SEXY!!
Now, dont ask me why I find a Mind mapper sexy. I donno. It just is. Wooh! :)
Beautiful worlds are only beautiful because you tend to notice the nicer parts.
There are catches everywhere. And they tend to cancel out the good parts. Or the entropy is lost. Which wont ever happen.
And that is why, beautiful worlds crumble. One day or the other.

Jun 17, 2009

My Knight, Without Armor.

I am worried about my love,
I wish his heart didn't hurt.
Like mine does day and night.
I hope his mind isn't tense,
Like mine is, hush the thought!

Thinking of the future,
with more than what we can take for now,
I hope he keeps his calm and health.
Buying us time,
Oh God, this is a prayer intense,
Give us time.
To figure things out.
And to stay together put.

All along, I just pictured us together,
And tonight, the picture is almost torn.
I hope some spell-o-tape does work.
At least for the spell,
we could take another; together.

The feeble twitching in my eyes,
Is it death?
Or is it fright?
Crown me and then drown me.
This time I drown,
I am unsure I will recover.
Years of bonds,
meaningless in a second.

Oh my Knight without Armor,
This is the time to beg, borrow, steal.
Take the armor and save me.
I might be dead, if you are late a bit wee.

Jun 13, 2009

Immaturity and Motherhood don't go hand in hand.
But Immaturity is the Mother of Maturity.

Worry and Work.

Lots of mental worries and physical work works like miracle.
By the end of the day, you have nothing else in your mind other than hit the bed, sleep.

I for one, like working in my garden. Pulling weeds, trimming, replanting, spreading, tilling, spade work. It gives me immense satisfaction, when I finally look at those lil things in bloom.
I talk to them. I know its crazy. But somehow they seem to understand. I threaten those lazy ones and congratulate the good ones. Lazy ones show off their prowess the next week. And the good ones, well, I think they give me a smile. :)

I know a person who walks. When he is atmost troubled, he walks. Fast paced. Long distances. At the end of the day the only thing he can think of is the pain in his leg.
Another, goes to the gym to work out. And strenuous one at that.
Yet another, starts cleaning the home. Which is a big time physical work.

I thought it was just me. But it works well as a stress buster almost for everyone. :)

Jun 11, 2009

The funda is, if you have seen the lightening, it has missed you. :D

Courtesy : A friend. :)

Jun 9, 2009

Yet Another Marriage Post.

Everywhere I turn, I see posts on marriage, marriage and marriage. It freaks me out. :(

I see marriages happening. News of engagements. Lil gals suddenly declaring they are engaged.
And the lil gangs suddenly serious and giggly and then back to serious. Many of my batchmates are mothers now. And still more, expecting. Lots married and others engaged. Goodness god!! Am I old??? Or were they early? And suddenly after they get married they have a new niche and charm arround them. The 'I-have-a-family-and-am-perfectly-happy' look. I get jealous at times. But when it comes to the real thing, the jealousy vanishes and.. Something else replaces.

The questions of 'do you know cooking washing blah blah blah' only irritates me.
And yes, to an extent, I say I dont know a lot of things, just to irritate the questioner. But the thought of the real thing... It... donno.. I can watch people getting married. But me? No not me.

For one, it needs self dependence. [At least I dont want to be a parasite.]
Then, survival techniques. [also called cooking and cleaning (No. I am not generalizing that to gals. But to say I do not know, would make a hard blow on my pride.) . ]
The maturity [Which many of my friends have mentioned I do not have. And I personally dont feel I am mature enough for it.]
The preparedness for responsibility. [ A new family is a new responsibility.]
Completely new surroundings. New people. New situations to tackle..
The thoughts of whether you ll be liked by the family or not..

Ah! I just go almost zero to score on these. I have a remote idea why people keep asking my parents whether they are searching.. But I can tell you this. With conviction. Though sooner or later I ll have to get 'locked' in a wedlock, it is certainly NOT soon. The thought freaks me. Just freaks me!!! :(
I really really really thank god for the kind of parents I have who think I have to be on my own before I get something like that to add to my 'worries'. :)

PS- On the upper side, I can see the joy of a new home and the love of a man. But right now, I need to score on the others. Especially the self dependence section.

Random Thoughts.

A man is happiest not at his success, but on being reminded that he could defeat the others.

Jun 8, 2009

back. modem fault. just got it done.
lots of catchin up to do. and yeah, lots of thots swarming in ma mind.