Feb 28, 2010

The In

I dont need my brain now. I have internet.

Feb 27, 2010

Door Mat

If you let people treat you like door mats, they WILL!

Feb 26, 2010

Fast Forward

A 50 years from now, it wont matter how much I made. But how many
people cherish me would make a world of difference. :)
Its about how many I listened to and how many had patience to listen to me.
Its not how much sense I made but how my nonsense made people laugh.
Its not about how dark my life was. But how many people had light from me.
Its not the unsaid and undone that brings a smile. Its what I said and
did for love. -DN

Not a forward. Something that 'dawned' to me one fine day. Oh yes, I do have sane realizations as well. :P

Feb 25, 2010

How do ants manage to drag large chunks of food with that small body? :?

Feb 20, 2010

The funny side of sitting at home.

So what is funny [Not to mention irritating!] about sitting at home at this time of the day?

1. It is damn hot in my room. Considering the amount of heat that is dissipated from my pink bed, I feel like going into a depression, just so I could sleep on the floor.
And I have developed an art of making the room cooler by just a cup of water.*

2. There is a [stupid] eye hospital building coming up next to my home. They are already working on business. The dust that originates from all the digging up and circulates in half a kilometer radius is enough to give you an eye allergy. Along with all other god-knows-whats!

3. Marketing calls. The moment I close my bathroom door to have some privacy, the goddamn landline rings. These people ring me up at the very wrong moments to offer me insurance from death. :-|
Or a management job that is mostly door to door sales or the very sought after Telemarketing. Sit near a phone and bug enough people to get the unlucky gullible ones insured from death.

4. Last but not the least of my pet peeves, Neighbors. -As usual, they are more concerned about you than yourself. "Why are you sitting at home all day dear?"
'Because it is tiresome to stand the whole time', would be a cliche'd answer.

Hence, I go for the GDs however boring they might turn out. Today, I had a class with 1 girl and 4 guys for the GD. I decided I had enough and walked out. Before the noon session. Thankfully, the morning session was Current Affairs of Business and History of the Indian Economy. Both pretty interesting if you ask me.

For the curious fellows, here is how to make the room cooler by a cup of water.
* Sprinkle water on the floor from the furthest corner to the door of exit and switch the damn fan on.
Leave the room for half an hour and you will find the room considerably cooler when you return.
The water is gone and
My indi-Genius, cost effective, environment-friendly cooler for you! :)
Tell me, who is not InSane? :D

In fact, those who are sane, are 'in-sane'!

Feb 18, 2010

The Lesson From An Angry Friend.

I irritated someone yesterday so much that he became angry. Just had the 'Peace Mar' dialogue and settled it down.
The truth is that, while he got irritated and angry, I was calling it 'chweet' cos I really felt it was sweet. :) Will tell you why in a short while. I only imagined it from his perspective after I knew he was pissed. Aint a good feeling. It was a joke for me then. But as soon as things went serious, I didnt know what to do.

Now, all said and done, I just found this. Only people who really care would get angry at you.
There is this type, who has a smiley face all the time. This type wants to butter you. Or are cowards so as not to say 'I didnt like what you just did!' or 'You are wrong.' They care much about what you think and do for them. Only cos they care about themselves.

There is this second type, that turns themselves off and walk away once they see something wrong. Those people are the ones that really dont care. They dont value you and hence do not care to give you a second chance.

And then, the third type. These people care. They know that talking back or being angry runs a risk of losing you. But they want you better than you are now. They feel you would take it the better way rather than turn away and walk off.
And in any case, if you do turn and walk off, they deserve better.
They dont worry about showing you their true feelings. They know it is safe with you. :) And they will stick to you no matter what.

Search for those. And keep such friends close to heart. They are precious. :)

PS- What I should have actually done, was to correct myself rather than call it 'chweet' even if I found it sweet.
Happy we found peace. :)

Feb 17, 2010

A Love Letter..

I thought I would write a love letter. :) I dont get a chance in real life, so at leaaaaast here I should write na? :) So here it goes!


Dear Somebody! [Ok people, I dont think love letters start so formally. But this is a FORMAL love letter.]
You know I love you. I know you love me. Should nt that be enough? :?
But no! Love letters should be looooooooong and flirtatious and girly.
So, to elaborate, like Chetan Baghat tried saying, our families should be in love too.
Let us assume, for the sake of this poor love letter, that they love each other. The only confusion is, if it is one another or themselves that they love.
Whereas we are not sure what the hell they might say when we actually tell them we sent love letters.
With all the drama that happens around, I dont think sending love letters is a big deal. One night stands, sleeping over, and blah blah. In this era, parents should be proud we are limiting ourselves to innocent love letters. [Hey! should we talk about the kisses here? They are harmless right???]

Next question. You have a job. I have a job. Aren't we financially secure? But no. Privatization and recession has left us starting the moment someone starts saying "Lay o......"!
Next problem. You look ok ok. I look good. But you need to constantly assert I look good and that you dont. Feed my ego dude!
Next thing on list. As everyone says, you dont drink. Get that? If you drink, we drink together!
And No smoking too. Unless you are thinking of a divorce.
BTW, I will divorce you whenever I feel like. OK? And I DONT need a reason for it.
I will destroy your health if you are thinking of divorcing me before I do that to you!
And about kids, I have to build a career. No kids while I establish myself. Or you have to be a good mother while I work.
And cant imagine you a dad!!! Hahahaha!
Should nt we be together soon? Lets take it to the next step. Live in. Your place or mine?
Lemme stop the letter, waiting for your reply..
And here is your today's quota of I love you. I love you. They say, saying it brings people closer. But I know better. That logic was invented by people who had nothing to say. Bad conversationists!
Yours Faithfully [until Rony starts noticing me!],


So, is this enough? Does this qualify? In being a love letter yaar!
Btw, if you wanted a real love letter and a to the point one, please read the emboldened parts alone. :)
Hope you enjoyed!
Durga! :)

Feb 10, 2010

Saddest part of a person's life is when he dies. Especially when nobody feels sad he died.

Feb 7, 2010

Ah! In the past week, I fought with three people, lost my temper twice, changed my ID to something 'formal' and back to the old ID 'cos I didn't feel really good about the new ID anyways, read three books, bunked classes and yeah, was myself. :)

How satisfying! :D

Feb 5, 2010

Another of those sh*tty times in life.
Bear with me.
I cry at the drop of a hat. And shout for the smallest of reasons when I have this kind of a mood.

A Joke

Long ago, so forth I thought.
Burst with love
And the world will join you.
For a long time,
I lived in that bubble.
Mending the holes,
that gaped at me.

And then,
one day the bubble burst.
Not a hole,
but a full blown burst.
And since then,
No joke have I bought!

A Drink Brings the Poet out of Me.

Die drunk, Solitary drinker.
Hopeless Solace-seeker.
There is none to guide you.
None to chide you.
You are alone.
You are simply alone.