Jul 30, 2010

As the old saying went : Too many cooks spoil the broth.

My MBA version : Too many lappies spoil the presentation.

PS- Lappies are just a sweet name for Laptops. :)

Two Things.

Loving the one who hates you, always changes their attitude towards you. They cant help but start loving you. It is just like "As you sow, so you reap!".
Indifferent, though, is an altogether different story :)

Another thing I discovered this week is that, to get things done, transfer your pressure to the ones that lag. Let them not know you are doing it. They will do what you want. :)

I was trying both the other day. And yes, they work.

Jul 27, 2010

There are some art forms I am really crazy about. Kung Fu, mostly cos of movies, Bharathanatyam, cos it always makes my eyes wet with emotions when a zenith performance happens. The same applies to classical muZic. Well, I wish I could sing like old days.. Long back, when amma always insisted I take singing lessons cos I had a really good voice, I would make it a point to be a rebel. And when both my parents were out of station with their work, I stopped my classes altogether. Yes, I do regret it. From there, my voice has been on a steady decline.
Right now, it is too high pitched I can not take bass on loud. I will resume my muZic classes after I end up in a job. I am sure I will find time. For one thing, I regret it now. And second, I am in dire need of some muZic for and by myself.

And then I remember while I was in school, my muZic mam asked me to join dance classes. But the teeny weeny body of mine would pain like hell every day after the classes. So, my super possessive dad sent her a mail through me saying he restricts my dance classes from then on. And so ended my dance life. May be if I had gone for it, I would have looked lot different from what I am now.
These days, all I get to practice is 'running around dance' and 'communication muZic'.
And my major time pass is Internet. Dad is scared I am back to net addiction.
I wish I did something worthwhile.. Something towards my dream... This place is a lot about slogging your bums off than about achieving knowledge about what you love. But then every B school is. It is upto me to find ways to benefit from here. But then, with the full day run around and work schedule, I dont even get enough rest. Forget the extra stuff I have in mind...

One of these days... Yes, one of these days, I will be the old Jo who does EVERYTHING. The Jill of all trades :)


Jul 25, 2010

My Sun, My World.

My world has not stopped spinning.
The life on it still goes on.
The sun still rises and sets.
Same place same time, same horizon.
But the flowers, they bloom for someone else.
The color of sun is no more red.
I cant make out, I am colorblind.
Let the world spin.
I will wait for it to turn for me again.

Jul 22, 2010

Linguistic Issues!

My language is a mess right now!
Today I could hear myself saying,"So kya?" and "Kuch happened?"

Ab tell! Isn't my language going haywire? :(

Jul 17, 2010

I was wondering.. When a shortsighted person grows old, does his short sight and long sight compensate each other and make his eyesight perfect? :?
Can you imagine what I feel now? I feel like I am in heaven. After all, my muZic is back. With my lappy.
I am sure my mood swings will stop soon.
Dancing in my mind, I wish I had a lot more space. I would have danced for the joy of muZic again.
Dhinak dhin nachun mein! :)
Like a child. Like I had no care in the world. It matters not what others feel about me. It matters for a moment what I have to be after I finish it. My body swings unknowingly. Like I needed this dose of this Morphine.
My dose of morphine, here I come!

PS- One last thing in this post, there is nothing better than muZic to make you feel sexy.

Jul 15, 2010

Grades Degrade :)

A Computer Engineer's Poem

zero one zero zero zero one zero
zero zero one one zero one zero.
zero zero zero one zero zero one,
zero one one zero zero zero one.

This actually is a poem a stupid comp engineer behind me made up in a boring QT class today. :)

Jul 12, 2010

I think a business of rubber backbones would do perfectly well cos we have so many "anonymous" backboneless guys around. :)

To my Anonymous 'Hater'

Preface : I had an anonymous comment with all the possible weird ways of talking. [PS- Read it as abuses, perversion and whatever could possibly go wrong to a human mind.] I deleted it obviously. :)

My reply to you my dear Anonymous fellow:

I know you do not have a backbone to come say that on my face. But I forgive you. It is not your fault anyways. God had his moment of sanity when he decided not to give you a backbone. What if you had a backbone as well? Cant imagine the situation!
So, I pity you, your family [you know whom I am talking about.] and your teeny weeny brain that goes wacko with a drop of alchohol. :)
Dont worry sweetums, you still have time to grow up. :)

Take extra care about that head of yours. Another hit somewhere and you will need serious medical help. :)


PPS- In our place there is a proverb. "Only those trees are thrown at, that produce fruits." Donno if your parents never had time to tell you that. :) But yeah I am happy someone hates me for being me. Cos that would mean he misses something I have. :)

Jul 9, 2010

'Not-so-decent' Post

I am sosososososososoosoooooo sad I cant do prose blogs these days!!! :( :( :(
By the time I get some time on a comp after all that slogging for college, I just want fun.. Nothin else... Or else these days I spend talking on phone. Obviously, my current class mates find my chatter a bit too much to bear for now. But I promise you I will make sure they will miss it by the time I leave this place, like every one of them who has been with me for a long time. ;) And with the signature campaign going on, all time I spend in the college when I am not doing anything else, I spend time socializing with my seniors and obviously with my batchmates :)
Pretty much busy these days to even think about anything but fall on my bed and get some damn sleep.

And yes, I think it is time Mr. A.J. came into light. I asked like every probable person whether it is him. Come on now AJ, you should be telling me who you are. And yes, lately I dont see you here either.
May be cos the quality of my writing have come down tremendously.... :(
One thing I noticed is that definitely my English has deteriorated. Like hell. People ask me if I am a mallu when I speak now. I feel like swearing when I hear that. All that what I had was that and I AM building it right back. No matter what. And all my interpersonal skills are on the downside now. Sitting idle can do that to you... So sad, eh?
Waise can you believe I actually was confused how to approach people during my initial days here??
Yeah, it was that bad. Slowly the guys here have started recognizing me as a talkative gal who is good at it too. :)

This place suits me. Except for the fact that I have become dark, [thanks to the Chennai sun] so much that no one gives me a second look now.  :P The other day, I was comparing my ID card pic and a recent one [remember it is just one month in here] and I was shocked to find my face so damn dark.
Came here thinking I could do some masti in that department. But seems like my number would never come. :D Phir bhi you know, like someone said, shubapti vishwasam.. :P

Ab dekhte he aage kya honga! :D
Till I manage a decent post,

PS- What did you expect? :P Me? And indecent? Chance-ae ille! :P

Jul 1, 2010

Even IIM aspirants search for inspiration from me. :P

A search query that lead to my blog and this guy stayed there for quite some time as well..
Query : how i made it to iim  -> 2.00[pages] 00:11:12[time spent] 100.00%[percent of new visits] 0.00%[bounce rate]

[Waise I am almost sure the browsing for tips wont help this someone to end up in any of the IIMs. Go do some serious work out dude :)]