Jul 9, 2010

'Not-so-decent' Post

I am sosososososososoosoooooo sad I cant do prose blogs these days!!! :( :( :(
By the time I get some time on a comp after all that slogging for college, I just want fun.. Nothin else... Or else these days I spend talking on phone. Obviously, my current class mates find my chatter a bit too much to bear for now. But I promise you I will make sure they will miss it by the time I leave this place, like every one of them who has been with me for a long time. ;) And with the signature campaign going on, all time I spend in the college when I am not doing anything else, I spend time socializing with my seniors and obviously with my batchmates :)
Pretty much busy these days to even think about anything but fall on my bed and get some damn sleep.

And yes, I think it is time Mr. A.J. came into light. I asked like every probable person whether it is him. Come on now AJ, you should be telling me who you are. And yes, lately I dont see you here either.
May be cos the quality of my writing have come down tremendously.... :(
One thing I noticed is that definitely my English has deteriorated. Like hell. People ask me if I am a mallu when I speak now. I feel like swearing when I hear that. All that what I had was that and I AM building it right back. No matter what. And all my interpersonal skills are on the downside now. Sitting idle can do that to you... So sad, eh?
Waise can you believe I actually was confused how to approach people during my initial days here??
Yeah, it was that bad. Slowly the guys here have started recognizing me as a talkative gal who is good at it too. :)

This place suits me. Except for the fact that I have become dark, [thanks to the Chennai sun] so much that no one gives me a second look now.  :P The other day, I was comparing my ID card pic and a recent one [remember it is just one month in here] and I was shocked to find my face so damn dark.
Came here thinking I could do some masti in that department. But seems like my number would never come. :D Phir bhi you know, like someone said, shubapti vishwasam.. :P

Ab dekhte he aage kya honga! :D
Till I manage a decent post,

PS- What did you expect? :P Me? And indecent? Chance-ae ille! :P


AJ said...

Hey DN , How are U ???

well I was really busy with my exams and all that ...probably thats why i just end up reading ur post's , but i was always here :)

Well you asked abt my intro .It's really weird to write abt "myself" ... but as I have been asked so lemme give it a try.

I am Ankit . Bad with words good with numbers , probably that's why I end up reading other people blogs :P .Quite a carefree person. loves to do what I want to do , may be thats why a contrarian by heart .

I make my own mistakes and do learn from them . travelled most of india except south and loves to race and I hate hindi movies too :)

An IT engineer(graduated june2010) by education ,loves finance as field and is passionate abt stock market (believes in value investing).just given CFA(US) exams and will be Equity Research Analyst soon and quite an ambitious person (hope so :P) and believes "we are the one , who create our own future" .

And now the most curious question(I am mostly aksed this , i AM sure there are some curious minds here too :P ) " why finance when u r sooo good in IT " ??? Well I do got a really good IT job , but I don't see myself doing something I don't love , 5 years from now and probably that's why I am in love with Finance , my real love :)

ohhh.... i think so it is too much :P and yeah I have a backbone , probably very strong :)



Durga Nandan said...

:) Hi Ankit...
Contrary to all my expectations, you are not anyone I know.
That was an elaborate intro and finally I know who you are. :)
Happy to have you here and keep visiting :)
DN :)