Aug 29, 2010

The tilt of your hand,
lilt of your voice..
I thought that was enough for me
to admire you..
That twisted smile
and curly hair,
made me smile.
Your smell,
that some quirky walk..
what else would I need to stalk?

And then one day I know,
you are gay.
And that when I lost my hay. :P

Aug 27, 2010

Sometimes, the dumber of the lot still are those that know they are.

Aug 21, 2010

Know what?
If you have not  tried this, try it. NOW!
Ride when it rains, on a bike and spread out your hands and scream.

Or simply, just ride ride and ride at night in a metro. :) Trust me, you should not miss it if you can. In anyway!

Which one do you laugh at?

The things people laugh about when they hear, marks their age.

Kids in KG start giggling when you mention soo soo and pee pee.
In school, it is about the excretory actions of human body.
In teenage, they giggle about sex.
In youth, it turns out to be love.
And then, in mature adulthood, you laugh at people who mention marriage.
At old age, you laugh thinking how you laughed at different things at different ages.

Life is a funny thing if you ask me.

Aug 19, 2010

Bits and Pieces...

Last year, at this time, I was sitting with him. His eyes pierced into mine whenever they could. Whenever the crowd would let him peek into them. Trying 'accidental' touches... Trying to tell me how much he loved being with me... All those seem like yesterday. A year had passed. The sun still rises where it did. The world has not changed. At least not the 'constantly changing' bit of it. But somehow, today, I feel a change coming. Into my life.
As some song in English [no, I aint that English muZic freak you are searching for.] said "We had joy we had fun..", we had a lot of fun.
It was a leap of faith.
Everything from the teeniest bit of my life had changed. And yet remained the same.
Humming along with my iPod, I sat waiting. He had mentioned he had something serious to say. And the sober way he said it, I didnt know what to expect.
And when he came, he was looking so handsome, I felt like giving him a hug and letting him know. But as usual the 'people' part lead me to curb my feelings.
"You look nice today." And a smile. All I could manage.
He managed a nervous smile. But quickly returned to the sober face. God knows what is going on in that mind of his. And it is really serious.
"Lets order a coffee."
"And a tea for you." I added.
He kept nervously looking around while the coffee arrived and then started sipping it. Wordlessly.
He was not , if I may use the word, staring into my eyes today. He was a bit fidgety. He was worried or nervous. I could not point my finger to one.
"Man, either you open your mouth and say what you want to, or am killing you with a broken coffee cup."
He let out a nervous laugh and I felt him ease a little.
Yes, here it comes.. Whatever it is..
And I sat waiting for his next words for what felt like eternity...

PS- I leave it to your imagination what happened next. Depends. :)

Aug 12, 2010

It only takes a bit of love to transform a task into a hobby.

Aug 11, 2010


Life was easier with lesser complications. When you love the complications you have in life, you are between devil and the deep sea and do not know what to choose. - Just an offhand thought...

The other day, I was on phone on the terrace when a hostel mate pulled me away from there and put me under the light. I was all round eyed and asked her what happened.
"Bhoot hote he. Kabhi raat ko pedon ke neeche mat ja." I was totally aghast. She was educated and said something without even wondering if it was true.
Well, on second thought, what our ancestors said had a reason. When people blindly believe it without knowing why, it becomes superstitious. Our ancestors knew about the metabolic activity that happens in a tree at night and how much CO2 goes out in the process and that it could prove fatal with long exposure.
But calling it Bhoot...

Today I am in a very sad mood...
Very. Sad.
I thought I had gotten over all those "mood swings". And no, it is back. With added vigor.
I wish this sad mood would just go away.

When your lips smile and your eyes dont, it shows... :)
I love smiles that come through eyes from the heart. I have not seen many who can do that. When they do that, you have this sudden urge to smile back. I just love that feeling. :)
And yes, I love being the reason someone smiles.

Got a load of work to do. May be I should start soon.
These days, our only prayers are to get a day without two exams or assignments.
Till another post,

Aug 9, 2010

The heated lappy, proof of long time use.
Tired eyes, counting the hours unslept.
Cherries, taken from the empty cocktails.
Wonder when a gal wud be more high!

PS- It aint me btw. :)

Aug 4, 2010

Penning from Comp lab when a class is going on in the class.
Sir chucked me out! :D
Well, though I was listening, he thought I was reading a newspaper. :-|
Anyways, what is a college life without getting a "get out!" ? :P

Aug 1, 2010

Gyan - Let sleeping dogs lie.

Me - Yeah am even singing a lullaby for it. :P