Dec 30, 2010

The year that passed..

Cant believe a year has passed. In the beginning of the year I was nowhere and trying to decide if I should go for an MA in Linguistics or an MBA in HR. I also had no idea whether I really wanted a boyfriend or not. I had no idea that I would be active on Facebook. I didnt imagine I would meet a couple of friends from net. And still better, that they would turn out to be verrrry good friends. I didnt imagine I would teach. Or work with Ads.
I didnt imagine I would be in a different city [not to mention a metro] with all that fast life and a curriculum to go with, by the end of the year, while I was lazily munching chips and trying to concentrate on a basic quant sum with my sleepy brain in last January...

Here is to a new year!
A hope for bigger better and a fantastic new year, for myself and for everyone who reads this! :)
Durga Nandan

PS - An MA in Linguistics is still not ruled out. :P

Dec 27, 2010

Did you have a 'Place Lag' yet?

After a long time, a long post. The old funny tinge back. Or so I felt after I typed this out.
Anways, it is all about how they should coin the word or may be the term "place lag" just the same way they said "jet lag".
Is why even a question? *roll eyes!*

As soon as I landed back from Chennai for my holidays back to Kerala, God's own country, I felt this peculiar need to coin that term. Because the feeling was bugging and budding inside me.

The urge to speak English was the worst. Trust me, I had to fight my inkling to talk to my dad in English. Not that he would have trouble understanding or replying, but he would be sarcastic about how 'pseudo mallus' land back from somewhere they just lived for 6 months and start acting as if they never belonged!
And believe me, dad's sarcasm kills.

Then, everything around, had changed. Everything from the corner shops to the malls to the junctions! And an already directionally challenged [yours truly!] person found it all the more troubling to navigate.

The tendency to get ready for a fight as soon as you get into an auto?
Well, I actually asked [very rudely] an autowala how much it would be if I went to a particular place, to be answered back as rudely at, that, "We will have to wait and see how much the meter shows, wont we?" Well, chennai preserves some meters in its largest historical museums.. That is as far it goes.

Equally troubling was the big and comfy bed I got at home. I mean, I was used to sleep on a plank of wood! And not turning on my sides fearing I would fall. And then I get this? I, in fact, now have space to dirty on my bed and still have space to turn around and mess up all I like now. God it was unsettling at first!

Then, having a mom around? Wow! That is like a permanent couch available! And a bit dreamy.
Another problem was, net being on my PC now, the alignment of  letters on the keyboard. Well, my lappy has a different and close alignment. So, typing without looking turned out to be a total disaster. And painfully slow.

And net connected itself on my lappy, which the PC did only on prompt. And even after using the PC for like so many days, I still have to remind myself to connect net AFTER I try loading the pages 3 times!

Having food from home was another consequence. I call it that, cos we dont have KFC or Pizza Hut or Dominos here! Every time I yearned for KFC, I had to remind myself that I will have to travel to whole another district to get my hands on some of it.

And after a long time, when I saw "The Hindu", I kinda felt the dejavu of having read it once upon a time. And a yearning to read it again, which btw was impossible to concentrate on cos my mind feels sad it is not finance news anymore that dodged my mind! With NO finance terms! How bad is that?!!

And those things that I wear and go perfectly unnoticed in a metro, attracts glares from gals, whistles from baddies, gossips from guys and unsatisfactory murmur from grownups here. I got very conscious initially. Now, I dont give a damn. Well, I have not brought any of my 'decent' clothes home, so I dont have much of a choice! Do I?

And my dirty clothes disppear! All by themselves! It was a scare for me at first. Losing my clothes. But then, they kept reappearing washed and done. So I stopped bothering.

The feeling of movies and tv? And no Tamil? No offence to Tamil, but you so get used to hearing that language, you expect it to happen all the time for the first few days. And then you miss it. Yeah, I actually missed Tamil.

Initially I wondered if I belonged. I mean, it was difficult to fit in instantaneously. Then I slowly realized that I belong here. Have always. This scared me cos I didnt know what to call that brief period when I could not relate  'normalcy' to. And then I realized. I could use some HR tactics to deal with it.
'Blame it on something that cant bite back.' For instance, 'Place Lag'. :P
So, when was the last time you got one? :P 

Dec 24, 2010

Christmas trees and windy days,
sumptuous feasts and one who prays
Jesus is gonna be born again,
in every heart to end the pain :)

Dec 17, 2010

Some people are Hippos. Others are "Hippo-crites". I hate the second category more!

Dec 14, 2010

Why dont a million visitors visit my blog every day?

PS- Now, its your turn to be rude and funny. :P

Do I Have A Name For You?

My heart beats a thousand times more for you.
The nights are short to dream
But long to stay away from you.
The days are scorching hot and lost
When am with you not..

The nicer things in my life,
They just got their life...
That is, more than a 'Virtual Life'.

It is just the way you make me feel,
It is from my heart to heel..
When I dance with you,
It is more than just new..
The feeling..
Like I am dreaming..

My heart beats a thousand times more for you.
But do I have a name for you?
My Lady Love,
My Lovely Lass,
You are my life and death indeed!

Dec 8, 2010

Why are we humans the only people who have 'gods'? How come animals live normal without it? :?

Dec 6, 2010

Mirror Mirror..

Mirror Mirror, am I the most beautiful on earth?

Should I tell a lie or should I let it lie?

No, you should temme what you think,
'cos I care for what you think.

Sweetheart, then I tell you that
that gal is not in anyway you.

Ok, just lemme get used to this
'cos my face is all you see.

No, its not that ya'r not beautiful lady,
its just that I cant lie.

Yeah, for your love I'll hear all you say
and let you be blunt to me too.


Mirror Mirror, what do you think?
Am I the most beautiful on earth?

Should I lie or let it lie lass?
'cos I dont think you are beauteous,
for all I can know of thee..

Dec 3, 2010

The other day I saw a cockroach on the bathroom tap of my hostel. It looked like it was dancing. That must be how cockroaches 'tap' dance!