Jan 30, 2011

Relationship Matters...

This is for those people who just got out of a relationship. Or in hopeless relationships either because of chicken partners or cause of something or the other.
So, the strategy is, see the better side. Like, you learned a hell lot. No, don’t temme you didn’t. You at least learned what not to look for in a guy. Or when not to trust a gal. When to see a red signal...
Plus, you had some really good moments with that person. May be that person turned out to be a real time a$$hole. But again, see the better side, you didn’t get stuck with an a$$hole the whole of your life..
And trust me, you have someone better waiting out there for you! No, I am not doing a cliche’. It is the truth. Someone with the guts to hold your hand for life is out there. And certainly that person is better than the one who does not!
Next, let’s get into the scenario where it is just caste and creed that makes you lose that person. Ok, question. Will that person stay with you when life ahead proves trying, if that same person is scared of the society and its rules and jurassic caste and religion?
You temme!
And if it’s a guy you just lost, trust me, he does not love you enough to make you his in spite of all what he might have said in his sweet talks. I mean, men are supposed to be exhibiting possessive attitude in relationships if they are really serious about it. Even if they are very shy at publicly admitting it.
The girl part of the same coin, you spent a lot of money on that girl. If she is not grateful for at least that, you wanna spend the rest of your life spending money on the same girl? Well, these days the money part applies to the girls too. They have started earning very well.
Now, why you crying? Are you aged? Is your youth past you? No, most probably not. Then what? You have not become any less attractive. Go get the next one. Have fun. Take life light. If you are not ready for another commitment, go have fun anyways. Go skydiving. Go into the unexplored caves of Himalayas and meditate. Go round the world. Go do it!
Yeah, I know emotions are not on your side right now. But once you learn to think with your brain, well, you got yourself a permanent yoga teacher.
Turn to spirituality. I know. I heard that. But it kinda brings a bit of peace into your heart. Just spend more time with yourself. Instead of smsing and calling the nights out. Instead of spending that money on her, spend it on yourself. Get a nice pair of sneakers. Or the strapless gown you always wanted.. Go get it!
Know what you really wanna do with life? GO FIND IT!
There is only one life. It is your free ticket to the school called experience.-Hogwarts being the next best.. J - Use it well! J

Jan 26, 2011

Life is like a beautiful sunrise. The rise is awesome. Heat in the noon is unbearable. And then we relax in the dusk. In the mean time, I wonder if anyone notices the flowers on the side....

The one on Love...

The other day, someone was telling me to write a post on love. Now, why would I write one on love? Just like the other posts. Randomly.
So, whats love? God knows. As in, they say it is this. But is it this? I googled 'what is love?'. Is it what takes all your pain away? I dont think so. Love could be pain too. Sometimes, a pain in the bum.
Is it - like Mark Twain said- an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired? Well, not always. Like when you are on a down turn, you dont want to be desired. You just need a bit of a company.
I think love is knowing that that person would be with you and hold your hand when you need it most. Know your thoughts when you cant speak. Know your heartbeat, when you cry. And could be dumb enough to crack stupid jokes that makes you laugh at unexpected times. He could be the stupidest idiot at times just to see your smile.
I believe love is just an extension of friendship. I once had a bet with someone "A guy and a gal can never be friends for long. Either they part or fall in love." He said he can prove it is impossible. Well, he was proved wrong. And I know all would agree to this. Here, I am talking about uncommitted people. Either of them just fall in course of time. Dont test it, you risk your emotions.
Another angle I always wanted to know was is sex important? I know its a taboo topic in our land, but does sex matter a lot in love? It certainly seems important. But ours is a society that encourages control till marriage. [I am not talking about the metros.] While it seems an essential part of love, I donno if it is so important as to stop love if not existent. I mean, if you are really in love, cant you wait? And am sure it is not just sex. You need more to carry you forward.
This again brings us back to what is love. Well it, I think, is different in different people's mind. One might need to have constant communication. Another might think the feeling in the heart is all that matters. Even if you could not communicate for some time.
I dont think love should make you blind. I think it should make you see faults and yet accept that person as he or she is. And dont let it make you deaf either. There are some things that you should hear and some things you should pretend you didnt. Cos whatever be, the one you love is not god, he or she is a human and could make mistakes.
Forgiving is hard but it makes life easier. :)

Sometimes, I have wondered why this particular emotion is given too much importance. Probably cos, when you feel it, it is very intense.
Another question I have always asked, does love mean never fighting? Ooops! A big no. Fight is not about love, it is about difference of opinion. And it is I guess needed to see the personal differences in life. And it could make life an adventure for some time. :P
But as always, too much of a thing is not great. So, you keep fighting every once in a while, it becomes a pain in your unmentionable part soon. And you tend to avoid that person.
My mom always said, love is like two intersecting lines. The more time you take to get close and intersect, the more time you take to part as well. Yes, in a way we all make crisscross lines in life, meeting, intersecting, parting... Some stay parallels. Some meet and due to some anomaly or probably a miracle, carry forward as a single line..

Does love mean commitment? Probably not. I mean, you love someone does not mean you have to spend the whole life with that person. Or that you have to make a commitment to love. Sometimes, leaving that person alone is the best thing you could do to him or her. Then, in this case, leaving is loving. Well, for instance, staying with that person could bring more harm to him or her than anything else. Then, leaving is justified. It might take a lot longer time for the other person to see your side though.

Googling took me to a set of "Am I in love" quizzes. Now, can some random person sitting in Africa make a questionnaire to decide whether you are in love? [According to research methodology, yes. But am talking about normal human beings here.] Probably not. They may give you some pointers. But that is it.

So, what is my point? Simply, that it was a compilation of the pointers I got from life. May or may not help you..
Anyways, I am still in a quest to understand love. Hope that quest lasts a life. New angles every day, nothing like that to keep the spontaneity on. :)

Jan 19, 2011

Sometimes I wish I finished living and passed on to the next level. Life is like a computer game. You know, you get troubles, you get other things.. You get bonus points, you get levels, promotions...
And one day, you complete one grand level and you pass on to the next.
Wonder what is up there.. Or down... In the next level.
You know, I think we should not call dead people dead. It gives a negative connotation. Probably we should stick to 'passing away'. To a new grand level. Or world. :)

Jan 18, 2011

Akhil Chandra Sen wrote this letter to the Sahibganj divisional railway office in 1909. It is on display at the Railway Museum in New Delhi. It was also reproduced under the caption “Travelers' Tales" in the Far Eastern Economic Review.

"I am arrive by passenger train Ahmedpur station and my belly is too much swelling with jackfruit. I am therefore went to privy. Just I doing the nuisance that guard making whistle blow for train to go off and I am running with lotah in one hand and dhoti in the next when I am fall over and expose all my shocking to man and female women on platform. I am got leaved at Ahmedpur station.

This too much bad, if passenger go to make dung that dam guard not wait train five minutes for him. I am therefore pray your honor to make big fine on that guard for public sake. Otherwise I am making big report to papers."

Any guesses why this letter was of historic value? It apparently led to introduction of toilets in trains.
I know people who refresh cricinfo :P
I have too many aunties now... Oops! Anti-biotics now!

Jan 16, 2011

Feel Good

I can see those eyes,
staring into me..
when was the last time,
I saw it for real?
I can see your smile,
all happy to have me.
When was the last time,
I saw your blush for real?
Is it right,
asking for more?
Is it just
a plain ordeal?

How long?
How long will this be?
Like this.
Where we are just
you and me?
You, you and Me, me?
Its plain a pain,
to not have you here
and on top if it,
you dont see my tear.
I get jealous,
I get pretentious,
just so I dont,
hurt you my dear.

Have it your way,
or lets have it my own,
its all about feeling,
good, so you know...

What Farmville Taught Me...

So, there was this time I hated people for sending me farmville requests and posting on my wall about their farmville stuff. I mean, you have to clean your profile and wall like a trash bin every day cos people send you requests. Every day, "Bubilidubilidoo sent you a request on farmville." I dont want the hell of this thing on my profile, I would scream out in desperation. And I even joined a community called

"I dont care about your farm, or your fish, or your park, or your mafia!!!"

I even used to bitch about this to my friends. And put it on ignore.

Now then, one day, I thought, what the hell, if everyone likes it, there must be something... I 'unignored' the application and loaded it. I started planting. I mean, I love plants. Seeing it being done virtually was ironic cos the best part of being a gardener or planter is that you get to play with mud and water. ;)
And then, my plants started growing.. I enjoyed it. But I still didnt like people posting on my wall about this. Incidentally, I still dont. But I like my farm and keep looking at it for the heck of it.
Now, to what I learnt from my rendezvous with farmville..

  1. I am driven by incentives. And like being recognized in material form for my work.
  2. I like seeing results in short amount of time.
  3. I dont like clutter on my work site.
  4. I dont like more luxury than I have space for.
  5. I sell off things that are not required even if those things are in vogue and I have the money to buy it.
  6. After some time, I need novelty to work on. Probably an innovative work environment or something new to work with.
  7. I like small homes.
  8. I like my li'l space around me. Anybody does anything with it, or within it, is over and out.
  9. I like taking my time out and sitting in a cozy place and relaxing till I feel like working again.
  10. I always like adding a personal touch to anything I work on. It feels great.
So, I liked farmville cos it taught me about myself. Now I know what kind of a job to look for. I still dont like people posting on my wall about farmville requests. [Note it, if you are reading this.] And I still dont flaunt my farmville stuff. But it is a nice application till you get used to it. :)

Jan 14, 2011

Some people are a big pain in the a$$ that you ignore them totally, even if they dance naked in front of you.

BTW, even that would be a pain in the bum if you ask me, their dancing.

Jan 13, 2011

A Good Day...

Yesterday was a good day. :)
Oh well, it was a flood of good news.. And one jackpot. Ha! Jackpot being a confirmation on something I have been waiting for. Another was a legacy, being proposed to be passed on. Well, in course of time probably I ll tell you.
Another one, that some people whom I didnt think are still reading my blog, said they are and that they have recommended it to some others. Well, all those anon readers, thanks :) For saying you loved this.
For a week, yours truly is suffering from bouts of cough which is troubling her sleep and making her nights horrible. Yesterday, I slept at 2.30 cos of the damn cough.
Somehow the flow of good news went on till night that until then I didnt have time to worry about my cough.

Coming to tidbits of my life, there is a "kyat" in my hostel. It is a bit old and is a pet who [note it, its not 'which'] decides it sits on chairs like people do. It somehow has this notion that it is a "kyat's" right. It has a particular liking to me whenever I wear jeans. No no, I dont produce aphrodisiacs while in jeans. It is just that the kyat likes rubbing its body on my jeans. All itchy itchy and licey. I dont like it. So, today, in the evening when I went outside with my tea , I knew it would come right behind me and start scratching. So I lifted my leg from the ground and put it half a meter above the ground. And started drinking tea. Suddenly this kyat jumps up and tries scratching its nails on my jeans! And scares me to death in the process. I shouted at it in all possible languages and walked off. Still scared. Occasionally looking back to see if it was following me. And it was sitting there giving me a 'kyat' look! :-|

Another thing, I dont like people who think they are smart. Most of the time, people can see right through it. Today, a girl who had no idea what she was talking about, made a show of running the whole story, acting like a moderator when she herself had nothing to speak about. Unfortunately, the one who was supposed to oversee the proceedings was dumb enough not to notice. I was irritated that she was eating people's head in the process. One of these days.. Yes man, one of these days...

Random stuff had gained my attention in the one week at home. I wanted to talk about them too.

There is a program in Star World - The Bachelor.
The idea is an arranged marriage. But the ad kinda shows girls in bikinis trying to gain his attention with all sorts of lauded [lewd-ed] actions. Kissing, this-sing that-ing.. If that was how we 'arranged' marriages here in India, men would never go for love marriages.

If you go to buy a fool's cap paper and say fool's-cap, people look at you like a retard. No matter how good your English is. When in India, call it FULL SCAP paper. That is only how we call it. A shopkeeper even corrected me once 'Fullscap lady! Not that.'

Gyan I got when I wondered why certain guys acted weird once in a while, "to have a chance with gals it is good for a guy to act like a moron once in a while. moron in the sense rude, bossy stupid etc"
Wow, never knew guys do that too to get attention...

Blunt people are better. They never bite your back and act like nothing happened. But they also give you moments of bitter truths when you least expect it. You know, that is why they are called blunt. :)

Jan 9, 2011

Time Travel.

Yeah yet another argument you cant travel in  time. This time I am pretty sure I am right.
Well, traveling at the speed of light would not take you back in time. Why?
Why because, as you travel faster than light, you see the light that was sent as much time before as the speed increases.
But, you only see an image of the place or person. The time has actually passed and you cant take it back. It is like rewinding a video. You cant touch feel or talk to them. You can only see how it was before it happened. Probably you can use it to solve crimes. But as it goes further into past, the speed would have to increase at the same rate making it more difficult to see back in time.

And probably, just a probably, since the light has already left the reflective source long back, when we travel faster, after the initial ability to see the past, when no more light is left, we will just see darkness.
I ll tell you how.

We travel faster than light towards an object to see how it was before an amount of time. We reach near the object. At point A of every ray, where it meet the object and get reflected, the reflection stops and only light we see is from the source of light. So, we just cant 'travel' back in time further than that. Or with my argument, you cant see back in time further than that.

Or probably you can increase your speed further to see faster.

I dont think we can travel back in time by traveling faster than light. And if we only needed to see back in time, we could as well fit a cam and record stuff. Unless its a crime scene... Where obviously it would help.

Comments please..
Durga Nandan

Jan 7, 2011

Speechless - 8

Dedicated to someone who likes all my Speechless 'Cartoons' :)