Feb 24, 2011


Warning : This post contains swear words that I have used to my heart's content. If you are sensitive to them, dont read further. Otherwise, continue. Not that it would interest you much. Still...

The seriousness of whatever has happened hit me just now. Missed exams, presentations, group formings and classes. Cant find good enough swear words to fill up the gaps between full stops and the following sentences. And here I am, helpless but wanting to do something to get back all what I have missed. 
Anyways, I learnt a lot of things in these 2 weeks. First was what I learnt from the 'kutty' business I did. For the time being, let that gyan be with me. I mean, I lost 500+ monies and my damn health to learn that stuff. Some things they never teach in an MBA class. മലയാളത്തില്‍ പറഞ്ഞാല്‍, അങ്ങനിപ്പോ ചുളുവില്‍ പഠിക്കണ്ട! :P

The kutty business, gave me a 400% return. Which, sadly I had to reinvest as health money. My health was useless by the time I got done with my part of the job. It took 2 weeks to get back at least half of the health I lost. I learned one thing though. There is obsession. And then, there is Obsession. I was an obsessed kutty 'business woman' for those 2-3 days. Even while sleeping my thoughts were about it. Lost my sleep over it. And later, health. But I enjoyed it.
Yeah I know, it is my thing. I just damned enjoyed the whole thing. It was a trial on how good I am at it.
One thing I tell you, if your product [in my case, value addition] is good, you will sell. Period.

Anyways, all that is a small old dream now. 
My classes [sob sob!], exams [I have to write them alone now!! :( ] group works [Yeah, I have to work alone as a group now. :-| ]... all missed. And a lot of other commitments. And kinda scared of my RSM prof. He might as well do a thandava on my dead body when I get back. He is someone who advised a student to attend classes in a stretcher if he is in his death bed. So.. you get it!

I cant imagine the battle field that is waiting for me when I return with all what I have to catch up on when I do..
Somebody give me an "R.I.P" please... What?? Recover In Peace! - not what you thought you dummass!

PS- Got into really troublesome disease and ignored it till I could no longer stand up on my own. [Yeah, I am dumb and egoistic when it comes to my threshold of pain and illness.] Got some damn blood tests and this tests and that tests done to find out how bad it had become by the time I decided it is time to treat this 'bloody' thing. Then I collapsed. 2 weeks. Now I can stand on my own again. But a lot of 'flesh' from my body is missing. As in, whatever was there... I am still not well 'enough'. Good souls, pray for me. Bad souls, out of my blog, now!! Other souls, lets recover in peace! :)

Durga Nandan

Feb 7, 2011

For a quarter decade, the guy runs behind Aishwarya Rai. Then he gets married to his! :P

Ms. Delicious

I wanna be beautiful,
my girl just told me so.
"I wanna be so charming that,
the world stops spinning forth."

I love you lady,
My beloved baby,
If that does not make you precious,
Nothing else will, ever Delicious!

Feb 4, 2011

Feb 1, 2011

If God created man in his image, why do you and I look so very different?
Dont have fun with people who play to win.
There are two types of people in the world. The ones with information and the ones without.