Mar 29, 2011

Bad Apples And The Good Ones...

The other day, I was walking back from college. We, I and my friend, had reached the main road outside. On the way, we met 4 guys from my batch. Well, as anywhere, there will be bad apples and good apples in a basket of 'em. They were considered bad by most. I donno cos I have only heard of their 'baddisms' and am not really in close encounters with them. Except for them teasing me with something or other once a while- in a normal way- So, then, who am I to judge? And they were smoking. While I passed they kept calling me back. We kept walking. [My friend had to go buy her medicines so I just hung around a bit farther.] After sometime, I thought, WTH, I ll just go back and talk to them. I go talk to them and well, they behaved their 'normal' except for me taking the cigarette out from one of the ones-who-talked-to-me's mouth and told him "you ll smoke after we talk." And somehow, he was ok with it..
Some time later, I said my byes and started walking back.
The next day, one of my friends [senior] come and ask me "Are you having trouble with the bad apples?"
"No why?"
"Yesterday night, we saw you talking to them. And since it was the bad apples, we thought something must be wrong."

Well, since the 'bad apples' were 'famous' about their escapades, when they saw me talking, they decided to watch out for me. They were standing somewhere across the street and left only after I left. In between, they even had gotten ready to come over when "one of them who talked" also thought he should hold me while talking. Well, I remember pushing his hand away. They saw me walking back and had left.
Neither me, nor the bad apples knew this happened. I felt so good when I came to know that they thought of helping me out if I had trouble. And I think bad apples are only bad apples to people who let them be bad apples.
I never let them. So, they never became.
I went and thanked each of those in the group for thinking of helping me.
One of them replied "All a man can do." Yes, all a real man can do. :)
I am happy to be with people like you guys! :)
Will miss a lot of my friends from that batch :)


Mar 28, 2011


"my boyfriend wakes me up at night" < Search of this phrase has lead to my blog. Not once, but many times. God knows why! I have never written about a boy friend who wakes me up at night..

Mar 27, 2011

Impossible Chennai

There are two impossible smells in Chennai.

  1. The smell of the roads. The damn dirty roads smell like "god-knows-what" all the time. People litter, sh*t, pee, spit and what not, right on the road. I some times wonder why I carry the litter around till I find a dust bin. I should also be throwing things around.
  2. The smell of their temples. God! It is so awesome, I feel its heaven. Our temples back at kerala also use sandal, ash and holy water. But never give out this smell. I always start breathing like a maniac when I near a temple here. It is just heavenly.

    Wonder how the same people can dirty the roads like that and keep the temples like this!

Mar 24, 2011

Rood Food 4

I had spicey food, just to see if I am alright. And the stomach ache killed me. Thanks to a friend and her medicine, I was saved. I really thought I would die again.
Dammit man, we need some ointments for bruises and scratches inside the body, so that they heal when we consume them.
"Edible Ointment" Eat it and Forget it! 

Mar 12, 2011

It has been a long oblong time since I thought about spirituality. Today, I again was lead to it by something. Anyways, mom had already put a rosary around my neck before coming and threatened me that she ll murder me if I remove it. So much for which won, love or rebellion. I remember the days I used to rebel. Well, religion and spirituality still does not go hand in hand for me. But still I feel, it has some connections in the most primate forms.
As I was asking someone the other day, if god has ego, I dont like him. If he does not, then why does he insist on prayers to bless us? Why so much misery in the world? Was it that person's fault he was born into such a family? Or blind? Well, the answers I have received, be it from Gita or Bible, does not make any sense to me and I dont know if Khuran mentions it. If someone sinned in the past life, he should be punished in that life and not now. If it is the ancestors' fault, they should be punished. Not an unaware baby.
Anyways, enough of spirituality to you now.

Rood Food - 3

The canteen anna is now familiar with my diet. So, its easier when I go there, to get what I like. The other day, I said plain dosa without chutney and this server inside brings me "plain dosa bathed in chutney". I get so pissed off about it and stamp my way back to eat. I know it was childish from my part. But that is how bad I felt. After I calmed down I went back and explained this to him "again". And he goes in to get me my usual. And the canteen anna asks me "So, - Yeah, that is how he pronounces Jo.- problem? I talk?" "No anna, I told him."
And by that time, I could eat 3 plain dosas together.
Nowadays, hunger wakes me up, ruins my sleep and what not! I wake up early in morn cos am hungry. And keep dreaming about food all night. At night, when I have nothing to eat, I cant sleep for hunger. It is almost like hunger is my boyfriend. Wakes me up with a kiss and does not let me sleep either. Hehe.. :)
I am hungry now. Lemme go out and find something to eat. It is so irritating to go every once in a while hunting for food.
Back. Had a sandwich which I oversaw the making of, so that I dont get infected. I have to give her a five rupee cos I didnt have change. I donno how she said "Gimme the 5 later. Its ok." to a person she just met. Well, the thing about trust is, if its genuine, you will feel like keeping it. It is on the surface of my mind from the moment she said it. And am sure even if I cant pay off all the other people who lent me money, I ll pay her. Well, somehow I managed to convey to her that I will come only days later to give her the money. Donno if she ll remember it when I go back.

I was just talking to someone about Japan. Seriously it gives me a scare when I think of them. I feel bad. The babies, people, lives... I cant even connect it properly into sentences. But am sure they ll come right back up because they did that once. Nature has its own fury but I sometimes wonder why. But then, the higher you go, the worse is your fall. Huge explosions and fires and loss of lives... Separated families.. Why? Donno.
I feel so sad when I think of it. Anyways, gotta get back to work now.
Till next post,
Durga Nandan
I only want to be that smile that comes to your lips when you think about the times we spent together. :) :)

Mar 8, 2011

Women's Day Special

Woman's day.
Yeah, in the morning, I found roommies wearing pink and red and discussing cakes and then remembered. It is woman's day. But seriously, do we do justice by keeping a single day for women? Another of Archies' tactics probably. But still, for what a woman does in the sphere of her influence, can not be jammed into a single day.

Lemme take my mom. She manages the house work by the time she leaves home for her office and since it is a managerial position she holds, so there too she has a lot of responsibilities and power. She manages that and comes back and has time to be with us, her babies, talk to us about the day, share her day and give us an integral part of life, a mother's love. Then she again manages dad [which is almost like managing a kid - all guys are intrinsically kids I feel and they love being so- ] and the house work. If anyone learns management, they should first do it from their moms.

Managing the food when there is not enough, finances of home, supply chain management of the kitchen, being the mediator of fights.. A mom is a damsel. I ll say, a mom plays the maxi-mum number of roles in this world. She is that loving wife, that awesome mom, caring sis, giggly friend, boss that leads and deals...
Only a woman can do what she does, that way. I wonder how many days men would survive had women not be been there. [Btw the same applies to women too. They would find this place boring and sick without men. Thats beyond the point though.]

So, I was saying, with all what your mom has done for you, with all the care your wife has shown to you, with all the moments you have shared with your girl friend, I dont think we should limit it to a single day. But I know why we women let it be. At least that day, we get roses and special treatments and the like from the otherwise 'normal' guys. Who would not want a change? :)
Thanks to all those who wished me today.. Remember the best woman you have/ had in your life.
Mine, is my mom.
Cheerz, to her! :)
Durga Nandan

Mar 6, 2011

Rood Food 2

Well, if there is something I crib about all the time now, its food. Dosa in the morning - twice - without anything that tastes remotely spicy. Curd rice in the noon from wherever I can get it. Lays in between. - OK, dont temme I cant eat it. Cos I can. And I will. :-| -
Night is the problem. I dont find anything I can stick to. Thought I ll cook and eat porridge. But then, I am a lazy bum and it happens only once a while. So I have the bleddy hostel food and shut up.
The other day, I had a huge craving for chocolates and didnt know if it was heavy and could bring on a relapse.
So many treats were missed on account of my food control. So many chocolates handed back to the owners. I wonder how many of them had stomach upset after I left.. :P
I always feel like eating something now. Heard typhi -sounds like my pet dog, does it not?!- makes you perpetually hungry. With only so much of choices, I keep eating the same things like a stuck tape recorder.
At other times, I just keep looking around at people who are relishing their food, which is Rude Food to me for the time being. I keep threatening everyone that I ll eat everything once I get a bit better.
But actually, yours truly is a coward scared of losing her health again. So, she is be careful till she be well. They say, once fallen, twice shy!

PS- If anyone knows if I can have chocolates after recovering from the fourth stage of typhi, please leave a comment. It will be very useful when I have my craving again.
Durga Nandan

Mar 4, 2011

A Status Update

So, when I should have been studying about interpersonal behaviors, I am typing things out here.
The coming week is gonna be hectic for me.
IPE mid sems, RSM research project, RSM take home, COMA test [ which is one of the aftereffects of a 2 weeks' leave.], OM mid sems... That is, without the sche'duel'led surprises. :P
Good news, along with being a shocking one, is that the RSM prof was the one who took my return most sweetly -I should say by his usual standards-.
"Ya ya I know. How are you now? Still on diet? Be careful. It is good to have you back in class!"
I was like, "WTF" I thought you didnt even know that a human being like me attended your classes.. And thus ended that scary movie for me.

I revisited a blog. A controversial one. Finally, she has realized, a lot of things you do in the heat of youth wont last long. Anyways, happy that my views were not wrong about life. :)

Rood Food
Eating is one of the things I love and something I spend a whole load of money on. - Though I dont look like it!-
Now, I cant eat spicy, hot, oily or whatever the **** that tastes good - or rather tastes at all- .
For the first time in my life, I had curd rice. Well, not bad. I actually liked it. My kinda food had I been a veggie even now. I used to be one, so dont raise eyebrows. And anyways I was a sucker for anything mildly related to milk. From paneer to curd, milk to cheese to chocolate. I could sit and eat milky stuff the whole day and still want more.
One such endeavor lead my bum to the hospital bed. I had 'pasteurized' milk without boiling. [ Murder me! :-| ]
And now that I cant have anything sensible, even the hostel food's spicy smell makes me salivate. Three weeks to be precise. And the saga will continue...
Only good thing is, I have less expenses these days :P

Now to the status update, ctrl c ctrl v.

Thanks to all those groupies who watched my back while I was away.
Thanks to all the people who realized I was missing.
Thanks to all who felt it was 2 months I was gone and not 2 weeks.
Thanks to all who called me freq to know how I am.
Thanks to all those who made it a point to lemme know how much they missed me.
Thanks to all profs who understood my situ and are ready to help.
Thanks to that bum who with all my tantrums, made it a point to keep me entertained.
Finally, thanks to those two and a half people, whom I love the mostestest in the world, who went that extra mile for me when I could not even move.

Dad Mom n Sis, I W !!!! :) :)