Mar 8, 2011

Women's Day Special

Woman's day.
Yeah, in the morning, I found roommies wearing pink and red and discussing cakes and then remembered. It is woman's day. But seriously, do we do justice by keeping a single day for women? Another of Archies' tactics probably. But still, for what a woman does in the sphere of her influence, can not be jammed into a single day.

Lemme take my mom. She manages the house work by the time she leaves home for her office and since it is a managerial position she holds, so there too she has a lot of responsibilities and power. She manages that and comes back and has time to be with us, her babies, talk to us about the day, share her day and give us an integral part of life, a mother's love. Then she again manages dad [which is almost like managing a kid - all guys are intrinsically kids I feel and they love being so- ] and the house work. If anyone learns management, they should first do it from their moms.

Managing the food when there is not enough, finances of home, supply chain management of the kitchen, being the mediator of fights.. A mom is a damsel. I ll say, a mom plays the maxi-mum number of roles in this world. She is that loving wife, that awesome mom, caring sis, giggly friend, boss that leads and deals...
Only a woman can do what she does, that way. I wonder how many days men would survive had women not be been there. [Btw the same applies to women too. They would find this place boring and sick without men. Thats beyond the point though.]

So, I was saying, with all what your mom has done for you, with all the care your wife has shown to you, with all the moments you have shared with your girl friend, I dont think we should limit it to a single day. But I know why we women let it be. At least that day, we get roses and special treatments and the like from the otherwise 'normal' guys. Who would not want a change? :)
Thanks to all those who wished me today.. Remember the best woman you have/ had in your life.
Mine, is my mom.
Cheerz, to her! :)
Durga Nandan


Gayathri said...

Wow.. no cribbing about archies tactics.. or no feminist cribs about problems women face.. Great one!

Durga Nandan said...

Yeah di, life has gotten the better of me.. :)
Btw, its so sick to be surrounded by selfish people. wish i got my childhood days back.. :(