Apr 30, 2011

Some Links I wanted to Share...

This link is about arranged marriages. Well, yes, in a plane, that is how it works. And it is better you find love after you are sure you can be together, instead of be together and then lose love. :)

Then, about mallus. It is well known that a northie can never have what they call the 'coconut filled' food of mallus. Here, is an answer to them. And yeah, accept it or not, we ARE coconut babies. And we will always be.

And then, something that made me cry. About a woman who feels about what she is committed to. When you see this, you will know!
No, it is not about how many women a man has been with. But, how long he has been with that single one. :)

Apr 29, 2011

Little does a man know that his smile is creating a flutter in another heart. Little does a baby know, that the finger inside its hand feels the awesomest feeling in the whole world. Little do I know, what a small act of mine is doing to another.

Apr 26, 2011

Godmen, Thoughts and Other Stuff

Oh yes, the world of Indians is buzzing with the Godman news. The place is buzzing with memoirs and stories. One lady even died of a heart attack when she heard about this, in Bengalluru.
I am a skeptic. About Godmen in general. In fact, about God in its widely accepted form. And yeah, men in general again.
So, talking about Godmen, an official two day mourning in the state is very uncalled for. Wonder when someone like Anna Hazare passes away, even an hour of official mourning would be there!
And about him passing away on Easter, that man was on ventilator and support systems for some time now. Anybody who cared and knew he would go once the systems were disconnected, would want to remove it on the next best day to be in news. I feel its just a plan by one of his devotees and next in line to have more of 'aura' around the death.
And talking about his miracles, these videos should be able to throw some light. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sai+baba+exposed&aq=7&oq=sai+baba

Another thing I didnt like quite a bit was that, it was him who decided and proclaimed that he was the reincarnation of Shirdi Sai. If he was that big a powerful God, he should at least have been able to say his time for passage from mortality to immortality correctly.
But I admit, everyone is a God as Satyanarayan Raju, aka baba, said. But then, that is not his original thought. So I dont know how much credit I have to give him. And I also appreciate his humanitarian acts. And seriously wish we had more of those. But to make a God out of him, is completely uncalled for. I remain skeptical.

And this Baba Ramdev, whom I had only heard of so far, has made his first public appearance in newspaper since the time I came here. Well, its about his reactions to Hazare's fast and one he is organizing. Well, for one, I wanted to know, do great people call others and let them know they are doing something great unless the ones informed are ones that are affected? By the statements he has made in Deccan Herald, it is clearly a matter of jealousy for the limelight Hazare has earned. "I dont have to become a hero by staging a fast". Seriously? Then why are you talking about your fast to the press now?

Speaking of newspapers, another article in today's paper that gained my attention, was about technological addiction of Asians. I have been thinking for the past two weeks, while I have had to relocate quite a lot, about how much electronic luggage I have to carry around. I  had two mobs, chargers, their accessories, wifi modem, lappy, charger again, headset, cam, charger, connectors, manuals of most of the new stuff to tag along everytime I go somewhere... And the junk I left at home before coming, and discarded during shift, only add to the pile I created in this two decades of my life. The amount of electronic junk a single Indian youth makes scares me about the amount of it I would have created by the time I am 35, if I live upto that. And multiply it by the number of youth in India, we get a good picture of how much junk we will have to discard and find a place for by the time it is 2050.

Ah, I so like thinking about future.. :P

Apr 25, 2011

Spandex and Me...

I keep going back to nothing,
like a spandex is stuck on me.
Not that I know what one is,
but it is just a rebounce and bounce.

No crying, no regrets,
half way through, no guilt either.
This is why they say,
do nothing, but play.
Sure enough one day,
one will stick like a spandex.
Probably replace the one you have.
Until then, keep trying. The spandex is not old.
Neither are you.
Not that I know what either a spandex is, or me.

Pandora with Pandora

I wrote my first post as myself in my college's unofficial blog. The new avatar for that blog, "Pandora" has taken birth. I am the first lady to be on the author's list. And, started off with a small controversy which makes me giggle every time I think of it. Go check the maiden post by me, as me. Special mention about the comments. That is what makes me giggle at someone's frustration. Go check out. :)

Apr 22, 2011

GPS and Hostel Stories...

I never knew I would use a GPS to navigate around a city. Well, I did that today. Not exactly around a city, but a max of 500 meters. Well, it is a lot to me. I lost my way only once! Yay! So either ways, I got to know that there are no shops that sell things I need anywhere in the 500 meter radius of my hostel. Or office. And I don’t really know if I made a complete real good circle around either of them. You know actually the GPS kept beeping every once in a while cos I went off the tangent...

Speaking of which, I am pretty down these days with not many people around to blabber to while am free. Except for a dummy who smses me a 100+ times in a day asking me if I had food or went to pee pee first! [OK, kidding!] [PS- Only the second part though!] I called him a dummy, told him its outrageous to bug me like that, but naaah.. He won’t get it. Dummy exactly! I have to clean my inbox like once in a day in the fear of not losing speed.

In a serious note, I kinda got dressed up and was about to leave the building to get an internet connection [at least i can browse when am bored.], when it started raining not cats n dogs, but me. Well, I am kinda small. But for a drop, am huge! Get the drift? So, I thought maybe it will stop soon and didn’t change my clothes back. And I still have nt changed back. Btw, it rained ice here today... I never knew it rained ice in a metro. I thought that was supposed to be restricted to the colder areas.. well, bangy, except the net like roads, you rock!

Ah, there is a fun news for you guys. My hostel. It was something I had not wanted in the first place. I get accommodation at another hostel and go there only to find that nun [oh yes, so typical of a nun – am prejudiced to their genre. Can’t help it] going back on her word and saying she cannot gimme a room. The fun fact – I had dragged my luggage along because of her assurance.
Then I go back to this place, where the nun had imposed [rather told me, they would impose] at least 30 rules [no am not joking!] about every nit she could pick. You know how I hate rules [well, I do, for the record.] and so, I had planned not to stay here. But tada! Mom’s prayers and a nun’s behaviour later, I end up with a sheet full of rules and a bespectacled pair of eyes looking at me with scepticism.
Fun fact – there are specific timings when water comes here. Morning 6.30 [yeah, its been long since I saw the sun rise!] to 7.30. And evening 8.30 to 9.30.
So every morning I see everyone rushing to bathrooms with buckets. And to say the truth, the first day I thought there was something wrong with the food of the previous day that sent everyone rushing so madly to loos.
And at 6 in the morning, they gong bells!! For every soul [dead or alive] to wake up and shine[?!!]. If I once wake up, I can’t sleep again. So it is turning out to be a nightmare in the morning for me.
Fun fact – there is a compulsory mass at 6.30 in the morning and a compulsory rosary at 8 in the night. Seriously? What is their problem? If I wanna pray, I pray. Why impose? But no. Nuns think making people say those things in a chapel makes them wanna be Christians or more dedicated Christians, if they already are. But mom does nt trust any hostel that is not run by nuns. After all, the only problem would be only too much of prudishness not less amount of rules. Mom thinks the more the rules, the more safe it is. Nah, contrary to this belief, rules make people like me wanna jump and run outta the boundaries. Unfortunately, the walls are too high for me to jump. So, am stuck here...

PS- The other day, a female called me up and tells me she wants permission to publish an article I wrote in “a friend’s name”. I told her that ‘i don’t think it would be right to write what one wrote as another’s writ’, very politely. But I guess she heard the sarcasm in it. People do have guts!

I am bored here. I might join some course just for the heck of spending time. Let’s see!