Jun 17, 2011

Terrorism is like the mythical creature Hydra. You cut off one head, and two grow in its place.

Jun 16, 2011

I feel like a teen kid ready for her emo swings filled teens :)

Jun 14, 2011

My Passion

So, someone asked me anonymously what my passion in life is. I mean, I do get a lot of anonymous inbox attendees dont I? :)

Anyways, really, what was it? I donno. I do a lot of things. Mostly things I have a whim to do right then. One day I might be painting my heart out. The next day, you could see me writing stories and poems. The day after that could be singing day. Or business day. But I know it is none of my passions. In fact, I myself do not know what my passion is.
It is 'myself' as my mom says and I suspect. I donno how much narcissism is healthy. You may feel I am overboard with it. But I think my biggest passion has always been me. Always doing what I LOVE most at that time...
But as I always say, You cannot love anyone else or anything else, unless you love yourself. And definitely not more than you love yourself :)

Jun 6, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung fu panda is a lot like Harry Potter. Evil comes, mom saves son. Old bearded fella tells him his 'destiny'. The predictions, marking the opponent...
Well, aint the best Kung fu panda I saw yet.

Jun 5, 2011

Albums that kill!

Some people think that everybody is interested in their pics. Right from when they first dirtied a diaper, to when they first thought of killing an ant. So, when you go to their place even for five minutes, they make you sit on the sofa 'come-fort-numbly'. And goes inside. When they come back, you cant see their face. It will be hidden by a stack. A stack of albums.
And then, they settle down right next to you on the sofa and dump the stack on your lap. And they wont let you go till you finish leafing through each AND every pic. And describe without fail

  • why each face has that particular expression
  • where and when and why and how it was taken
  • what happened right after the pic was taken.
  • why that particular pic should be made 'the photo of the week' by every newspaper in town.
By the end of the stack, you will be tired of seeing all their maama maamis and chacha chaachis, cousins twice removed - whom honestly, I think, if you consider them your relatives, you should be shot -... And will be well knowledgeable of their family tree, history and geography of some by then.
And now, it has become worse. They have mobiles with cams! So, a cousin of their smiles, click. It walks, click!
So, all the more pics for you to see!
And once you are done with it and mentally thank god it is over, you already know that next visit, they will dump the stack again on your lap. A bigger one probably! And you decide you are never going back, already knowing you will have to break that promise to self sooner than you realize!

Jun 2, 2011