Jul 27, 2011

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"Dude do you have a life?"
"OMG!! No, send me the link!" :P

Copy Pasted cos I loved it.

Jul 26, 2011

There is one time where the first mover is at a disadvantage. When you are the first to rise prices. :P

Jul 22, 2011

Random Thoughts. Again.

It feels nice to walk under the sodium vapor lamps and drink cold chocolate. A walk in the dark. Yes, I donno if you remember, I love the dark. The darkness. It makes me feel good. Safe.
I remembered moments.. Stories... That is exactly why I love my lonely time. It feels good to remember about yourself and chat to yourself.
I sat on the kuttichuvaru as they have named it and thought about it. Some more months and I will be gone. I will miss this campus. Unlike the graduation days. I took a pic of the OAT. The abandoned and lighted up OAT. It is beautiful to be alone. Yes, I discovered I am an introvert a year ago. I know cos I never shut up, I am termed extroverted by most. But yeah, it was a self discovery that surprised even me. Anyway, the loneliness made me sing. Oops! Hum.. When was the last time I sang out loud? Ah yes. Today. When the roommie went for a bath.
A walk to the church and some minutes spent there, priceless. I prefer empty churches. They are serene. They speak back to you. The old architecture probably is how heaven looks like anyway. I have not been in heaven. So not sure. But I would love my heaven to have breath taking architecture.
As I went, I saw 3 guys standing on the fork. I didnt give much thought to it till while I was in the grotto, they came and stood right behind me and started praying. Prolly not praying. I donno. Anyways, I walked back and felt like I was flying. No. Not flying. Floating.
You know why I like google word checks? It does not give a damn about your fragmented sentences unlike the stupid MS word does. Why this sudden thought? I donno. My mind thinks so many things that it is difficult to keep track of them after 5 minutes.
The other day, during a guest lecture, one of those good human beings spoke to us about learning curves. And I forgot why I was writing about this.
I think I am blissfully lost. Let me sleep. I enjoy this.
BTW, I just remembered. The soul who came for the guest lecture, he talked about writing things down when he is unsettled. Well, yours truly does that too. Writes down and it feels all crystal clear. At least, my mind settles down.
Watching a korean Series. Good day!

Jul 18, 2011

And the other side of the coin is, you dont have much fat to burn in the bloody damn A/Cs!!! x-(

Jul 8, 2011


If you form a group or team to work in, get into something where every team member is better than you or if those are not available, with those that are lesser able than you. In the first case, you learn and get a lot of exposure.
In the latter, you get to lead the pack and impart something good in the process.

But if you choose those who are equally good, it is more difficult to remain professional as ego clashes are meant to happen. And all of them would be so married to their ideas that they would not divorce it for the sake of the team.

Jul 5, 2011

I see many enthusiastic juniors in the new batch and have decided to encourage them and support them in their work.
If you are not the change, catalyze it!

Jul 4, 2011

The best part of being slim is, you dont have to give a damn of how many calories this chocolate packet has. Or that fried chicken would add to you! :D

Jul 1, 2011

Just an observation : People form impressions about you [or rather a product] in the first 4 minutes of meeting. If it does nt impress them in the first four minutes, its difficult to gain attention again.

A Dating Site Ad on FB

"Meet and date like minded singles in your city. Trust QuackQuack.in - India's dating experts! Join now - Its clean and it works."

My comment : Really? Quack Quack? Would anyone believe your quacks?