Sep 22, 2011

Contemporary Leadership Challenges

Today I was contemplating on Leadership. And these are things that came to my mind in a flow. What makes one a leader? How does one become a leader? Is there any quality or qualities that set a born leader apart from the rest?

So, here goes what I think! Some times, it also applies to good managers, who are also good leaders.
Leaders know how to forge relationships and accomplish tasks. They are not exceptionally brilliant or overly gifted. They just know how to make maximum use of themselves and others to accomplish the given task.
Let’s see what challenges a leader in today’s world has to face.

Leaders have to be fast enough with the changing communication speeds and needs. The speed of communication has increased and one thing you say or do travels faster than you can imagine. Information creates more impact than ever before and hence any information that spreads like wildfire can create problem or can be good for the leader, depending on the way he deals with it. But since it is very fast with the advent of internet and technology, he has to be quick-witted enough to outsmart the speed and wit of those.

Leaders have to be aware of the happenings around them. There is a lot happening around us and in again, a fast pace. This means, you have to keep updating yourself about the new happenings on a frequent basis. Otherwise you will be outlived by the changes around you. And since the impact of global happenings in local, it is necessary to keep updating. So, updating globally is a challenge faced by any leader today.

The leader has to face another challenge of cultural diversity in this world of global village. Everyone around the world could be a follower to the leader today. He should be able to deal with such diversities as race, caste, regional, linguistic and national. Therefore it also becomes a challenge to learn about other cultures and diversities so that the leader can be sure of how to deal with those differences if and when they arise. It also becomes a challenge on updating self about the timely changes that happen in these cultures. For instance, he needs to know that a Japanese follower may not think highly about someone who looks in eye. Or that the Indians celebrate Holi on which day...

He also needs to know what is politically correct while morally right might be something else. The decisions you take on moral grounds may do more harm than good if you do not know what could be politically right. In the past, morally and politically, almost always, right coincided. It is not the case these days. For instance, the reprimanding of someone who has done something wrong, in public may not be morally right for you. But if you don’t do that, the wrong may be repeated and hence, it becomes necessary to do it in public.

Leaders these days need to be creative or their decisions or ideas tend to be overlooked and hence, leadership taken away from them. Creativity is highly appreciated in today’s world. And that leader who has creativity will be more appreciated and accepted than the one who does not show any creativity but solves the problem nevertheless. It also increases recall quotient.

A leader can be confronted any time about his field of expertise. So either he needs a long line of experts to take over or enough expertise to deal with it when need arises. It is also necessary that he is thorough with a minimum depth of knowledge and a resource to refer to if need be. The younger generation is very vigilant and updated about new development. So, in a way, if you need to remain in place of leadership, you need to have the above-mentioned quality.

A leader of today should also be farsighted to calculate the impact of his current actions in the future on the followers, on oneself as well as on the team as a whole. For example, a change in the structure of the organization may affect the organization positively for the moment. But it could have adverse effects on the whole at a later stage when the method or hierarchy becomes obsolete.

Talking of leaders, Anna Hazare, an old man has evoked a percentage of the leadership Gandhiji evoked long way back. Through a common need, he united India and the youth was active just like the days of independence fights. Though not physically marching, the youth flooded the social media networks with support slogans, communities to discuss, get togethers etc. Status updates and likes and tweets of Indians were found flowing everywhere. The point is, it is a common need that collects everyone under you. So, it is a challenge to find a collective need when today, everyone has his or her own selfish need in mind.

Today’s leaders also need a psychological bent of thoughts because EQ is an integral part of productivity. So is the emotional environment. They also need to have a high EQ as they need to set an example for the followers. The impact could actually make or break a deal of support. Consider a situation where the follower has everything he wants but does not feel happy with the emotional maturity of the leader. He sooner or later will leave.

A leader should be able to appreciate talent and also nurture it. He should focus on what is important and make his followers follow his lead in this. He should be able to build trust among others and develop a close tie among the group. He himself should be able to contribute significantly to the cause and must have hands on knowledge on every new development in the field. He should know that everyone has feelings intellect and potential for courage. 

Leadership, today, itself is a challenge. There are umpteen reasons for a leader to go wrong today. Umpteen ways. But only so many ways he could be right and lead right. Leading is a result of nurturing an innate talent to create and maintain relationships for a purpose.


15 Storeys in 2 days!!!!

I wonder how much work went into the planning phase of this building. Amazing! I do not know how wonderful I would have felt if I had been involved in it. :)

The Valiant, The Bold.

The Spring is here, valiant and bold.
I conquered Winter.
The ice cold minded Winter.
I got the Sun up,
melting his Ice away.
Earth's heart warmed and bloomed.
Flowers everywhere,
leaves, little ones, all sprouting.
Smells, nope. Fragrances.
I asked the Wind to carry it around in bounty.

I felt like a General, ordering his troops.
To conquer Winter, the fat ugly dryad.

He took a leap out of the window of the Seasons' Castle.
Passed 15 days and hit the ground dead.
I had conquered him.
I declared -
"Earth! Your Spring is here, valiant and bold.
I have conquered Winter"

Sep 21, 2011

Drops of Emotions

Dripping, the rain said hi to earth.
Flowing, it merged itself to its love. 
And they became one for eternity.

Far far away,
In the land of clouds,
It was the sad tears of the sky.
Lightning had struck its love.
It was in mourning.
And it mourned,
For what seemed like eternity.

Sep 16, 2011

Females respond more to email marketing than males. [Epsiion, ROI research]


More choices create more confusion.

Sep 15, 2011

15% of the new end customers are mobile oriented. [2011 data]
Are we missing the targets by spamming or are we really ignorant?
Paradox of Choice - Where too many alternatives lead to indecision


I am frustrated.
At this world full of phonies who act all good to everyone, when their heart is full of hatred.
The world full of hypocrites, who say one thing on face and go do something else behind the back.
Those who show affection till they get their things done.
Those who act friendly till they get what they want.
At all those advice bugs who never care to follow their own damn advises.
The world that never keeps its words.
The world full of people who think only of themselves and their gains.
The world filled with people who think they are the best.

Well I know I am not perfect. I know I should not expect anything better from this place. I know these @553s were bulk ordered to earth. But then sometimes these 'fill in the blanks'es make me wonder if I am the one who is wrong and should give up!
It is a sad sad day. I have had more than many of the above said experiences today.
I am frustrated.

Sep 14, 2011

Some tips on communication

Decide the target group
The more specific you are, the more ROI you would earn.
A laptop user

is less specific and more troublesome to work around than
a laptop user,

Decide what you are going to say
The more focused you are, the more on the nail you hit things.
To a techie, you do not need an introduction on cloud computing. Just go straight to the other details. But for a noob, it is extremely important to give information, introduction and further links about any new words or terms or ideas.
Also, be sure why you are saying this. This will make you stay focused.

Include some Action oriented information
Say, an offer for limited period, a freebie if you bring the coupon.
This increases awareness and people visit and become familiar with your store or product. WOM is something you can never miss out on. So, any amount of talks going around in the locality is good for you.
Incidentally, I remember reading in a book titled "How to sell anything to anybody" by Joe Girard that everyone knows 250 people who are connected properly to him/ her. [ It should have become 500 in this internet era - this book was written long back in the 80s. ]

Personally remember your customers afap
The little detail you know about his kid's dental appointment will give you a special place in his/ her mind.
But be sure not to mix professional life with personal life. Keep the distance of curiosity.

Mix and match expected performance
What suits one, may not suit another of your customer. Match the frequency like you match with a friend. It doubles communication and halves effort.

I picked these points up on reading various things. So cannot cite a single source or demand to be given credit for most of these tips. But yeah, I have simplified the whole j'argon thingy I found in most. :P


Sep 13, 2011

What made GEMS think that a panda would suit to be their mascot?
It certainly is not a sweet bit done for the endangered species. Come on! When everything is calculated in ROIs?
Or was it just a choice to suit their tagline? Am not really sure..
Actually I think the Ben10 toys attracted more kids to buy it than the panda tamasha.

An hour a day...

If 60 people invest an hour a day for an idea, it will be 300 hours a week [considering a 5 day week] on a single idea.
The pressure to work is low. Innovations are more a product of a spur of the moment. And lazy bums always find a shorter way to things.
I believe work quality will be damn good. The results should be "awesomatic"!
Convergence is the new marketing.

Sep 8, 2011

A Random Thought.

The difference between a Wedding and a Marriage :  A wedding lasts for a day. A marriage, for life. :)

Sep 6, 2011

Calling a 2GB pendrive a "MASS STORAGE DEVICE" is unethical and illegal!

Sep 5, 2011

I forgot I had a liver when I drank. Now I don’t have one. It forgot it had a me.