Dec 28, 2011

Confessions of a Chronic Skeptic

The other day, -to be exact, yesterday- I was talking to a friend of mine and suddenly the topic went on to confessions and god and stuff like that. Well, as usual, I think a lot and come up with some observations that I thought I should record here.

Confessions : Typically, the Christian confession to priest. My theory is that, when people did serious wrongs, they were restless and could not talk about it to others for the fear of being judged and isolated and given bad PR. So, the priests were the ideal ones. They were bound by oaths to not speak about it to anyone.

They typically did the work of a counselor who gave an ear or two and some advice. Wrongs were righted and  people had peace of mind.

There is nothing in the Bible about confessions. That is, if you accept it is the'original' version of all the Bibles in the world.

My ideas against this practice : 
  • What a priest thinks is wrong, may not be my wrong. 
  • His set of rights may not suit me. His set of ideals may be still puritan for some. 
  • A counselor may work better in some cases.
  • Making it compulsory is senseless. People must go if THEY need it. Not when the church demands it.
  • It gives people an idea that you do whatever you want, go confess, its 'forgiven'. No dude, you gotta go do something about it! You cannot just talk your way out of things like that.
The second part, about God, is the age old talk about it. About how thunder and lightning decided to give humans the idea of something they cannot control and controls them. I think, years or decades or centuries from now, men would control most natural phenomenon like they control lightning with lightning conductors. And all that blah like that.

Anyway, the point is, humans seriously cannot stand anything that they cannot explain. What do they think they are? Gods?

Dec 25, 2011

New Love

New love,
the beauty of the world unfolds.
Stars shower in a starless night.
A new sunshine warms your heart.
Red seems more reddish,
nights more romantic.

New love,
Hearts beat faster.
Faces glow, bright and beautiful.
Eyes speak, eloquent yet silent.
Songs seem written and sung just for you.
Life more enticing, Every day.

And then,
it wears off.
You cry, Or he cries.
Or both do.
Or none. [Wow!]
It goes on.
And on.

And then,
Normal life ensues.
People stop being Zombies.
Normal life sets in.
It goes on.
And on.
New Love comes in.

And like a dentist's appointment,
you let it happen.
Again and again.
New loves, they are necessary evils.
The evil that brings hope.
Till THE one comes.
Then somehow, it becomes the only one.
Rest all are brushed off as crushes.
Crushed in the leaves of life...

Dec 23, 2011


Long dragging melodious and sad songs interlace my playlist. Others are skipped.
The world around me loses importance at times. This is one such time. I am sure life goes on for others even if I am not listening.
My joy comes from the tree I just finished outside in the verandah for Christmas. It looks heavenly. My sadness or may be just a bit of a gloom, comes from may be the romantic vibes that I have been experiencing for the past some days. Not towards a person. Just feeling romantic. The sodium vapor lamps do that to me. So does Christmas and its windy charm.
I stop listening. I love this. The gloom that comes with uncertainty. Uncertain life, emotions, behaviors, reactions... Some kind of a masochistic pleasure.
This is what makes life interesting. And sad.

Dec 18, 2011

When you get your first job but have not joined yet, you are in the best part of your professional life.
No tension about the acads. No tension of the professional life either. It is that golden period in between. :)

Dec 14, 2011


You cant miss this! And he is making it open source. Man, Respect!

Dec 10, 2011


Your tears are silver,
the lips heaven tip.
The heart that speaks a fervor,
Words chocolaty dip.

Lets hang out and hang about,
till the sun goes down.
Then lets go party and
party till we fall down!

Dec 7, 2011

Acceptance is out of necessity for peace rather than understanding.

Dec 3, 2011

Failures create doubts in the minds of the fickle.
Successes create overconfidence in the minds of the proud.