Jun 15, 2012


So, MBA has taken me to where I am now. Education has always been a fascinating area for me. Be it teaching, innovation in it, or if it is just an inspiration out of a small deed. (All the kids mentioned in this post are primary kids. Maximum 4th standard or so.)

Well, I remember, back when I used to teach, I had this kid who was really good at English. It was a rural school and most of the kids drop out there. So, I see this kid who loves reading, but has really no resources to read. And his parents were well to do. But were not aware of what they should do to help him. I do not know if they checked what he was doing during the class hours or after it. Reading seemed to take him to a different world like it used to take me once.
I decided to help him.
I talked his mom into spending money to get him membership in the local library. The next day, the kid comes jumping up and down saying,
Now I can become a journalist.
How so?
I can read a lot now!

That happiness was enough inspiration for me to inspire other kids if I could to help them run behind their dreams.

Another kid, used to paint well. But unfortunately, before he could paint me, I had to come to chennai for my MBA. But he used to love painting. I got him a children's story book with loads of pictures so that he could draw and paint a lot. He was delighted about it that in my class, this naughty little bag of trouble would be the one keeping everyone attentive.

There was this other kid. I never really could contain his enthusiasm. He had this amazing sense of humor that he would crack up anyone at very unexpected moments. This buck toothed kid would sit all harmless and suddenly would say something in the middle of the serious conversation. Everyone would forget everything else for a moment and start laughing.
I do not know if you remember, I had this 'cartoon' in my other blog that showed a kid asking me how many years I have been dieting when I said models diet to extremes in the west to remain slim.
Although he meant no harm, from a grownup, I might have taken offence. From him, I just laughed at the thought. :)

I wished I had figured out some way in my class where he could do something with this talent. One day, an assignment came back to me. It was to write a story about something - I don't remember the topic-. And I read this kid's story and I roll on the floor laughing. (No I am not exaggerating.) That's when I felt he might just want to write stuff and use it well. I made him read the story out for the entire class. Although I could not finish the topic I had intended to, that day, I was pretty satisfied because he was happily strutting around showing off this "pen with basketball cap" for the story. He wore it on his neck every day to class, after that day.

This is what I want to do with lives. Children. May be in a small way. But if I can make a lot of them passionately curious and confident, that is enough motivation for me to continue.
I am still engaging schools and teachers in my current position. But there is this need to do more. A lot more.
It does not feel enough some how.