Aug 10, 2012

Free Money Anyone?

Koo Chin Nam & Co.
Suite 507, P.O. Box 39, Wisma Methodist
Lorong Hang Jebat
Kuala Lumpur 50150

Good day!

I am Koo Chin Nam, Attorney at law. A deceased client of mine, that shares the same last name as yours, who died as the result of a heart-related condition in March 12th 2005. His heart condition was due to the death of all the members of his family in the tsunami disaster on the 26th December 2004 in Sumatra Indonesia.

2004_Indian_Ocean_earth quake

I have contacted you to assist in distributing the money left behind by my client before it is confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank where this deposit valued at nine million dollars (US$9million dollars) is lodged. :(

This bank has issued me a notice to contact the next of kin, or the account will be confiscated.I will like you to acknowledge the receipt of this e-mail as soon as possible via my private EMAIL:( ) and treat with absolute confidentiality and sincerity. I look forward to your quick reply.

Best regards,
Koo Chin Nam
Attorney At Law.

Dear Mr./Mrs/Miss Koochinam

I am so happy they give out money to people sharing last names. Unfortunately my last name is not anything Mongolian/Sumatran/Chinese. I think you made a mistake.
BTW, I have some questions for you. And some points to point out.

  • Why was nt the money given to anyone till 2012? Were you waiting for the ghost of your client to come and give it out?
  • And I would certainly like to meet the manager of the branch. Somehow, NPA rules are different in you place.
  • And I dont know of any attorneys who use smileys in a solicitation letter. Wow, Indonesia must have improved a lot in communication openness. 
  • And I like the address. "Suite 507". I am sure many other "deceased" clients gave you enough money to buy/ rent that one.

This is my personal blog. So, I have dealt with your mail with  "absolute confidentiality and sincerity". :P
But yeah, very sweet of you to offer me the 9 million dollars. Kinda dont have place to keep it. Am sure someone who has enough vaults to keep aaaaaaall that money in, will take it.

Regards and a lot of RESPECT!
Durga Nandan