Nov 25, 2013

Mass murderers nabbed in Chennai

Breaking news: Two were found dead in the premises of a house in Chennai after consuming a large quantity of 'Lakshmanrekha' chalk. They were a part of a mass murder gang that has a strategy of poisoning food and water to kill large number of civillians gradually without leaving traces or evidence.
The two are trained in stealth attacks and alleged to be genetically modified to withstand extreme conditions.
The duo had entered the system of flats through their plumbing and hence been overlooked and unnoticed by the security and housekeepers.

A member of the special task force assigned to nab them said "We had plans of trapping them at night, which is usually when they operate. They had information of us. (So) we could not capture them alive. But it is a victory. They did not have chance to further kill anyone else. But we are still investigating the modus operandi of the group. (We) will capture more in recent future."

The cockroaches were unceremoniously thrown into the dustbin.