Dec 20, 2014

Time of death: "8:00:00:00 am - 80 ms"

I have always been fascinated by the 80 millisecond rule. It just engrosses one's mind that I am already happy before I know I am happy.
For those who are new to this concept, the 80 millisecond rule states that you always experience what happened 80 milliseconds in the past.
Your body (brain, if we pinpoint) basically is slow to experience things as soon as it happens. Well, if we didn't live by years, it would be like a time travel every moment for us.
So, I was thinking, if that is the case, we practically die and hover around for a long time. At least when you consider it in mayfly times. ;)
That 80 millisecond lag means that you are dead 80 ms BEFORE you realize (or others know) you are dead.
And ya, I have a feeling that some of the 'intuitions' and 'deja-vu s' are just us traveling  slower (80 ms slower) in time and then catching up with the real time differential we are used to, than a coincidence or miracle, if one may say so.