Feb 4, 2015

The Mosquito Menace

A very agitated and disappointed me is having a deep conversation with the tiny spider friend in our bedroom.

"You stupid arachnid, you can't just walk around for free in my house. You are supposed to kill these damn mosquitoes. Or at least catch them with your web thingies.
For heavenssake, they are insects and you are supposed to prey on 'em!
Instead, all I get to do for the half hour before sleeping is playing kaikottikali and killing those beasts every single day or I have to wake up in the middle of the night cos they are devouring on me and the oaf (who never even knows that these monsters are biting him) next to me. And then I have to go through the drill of kaikottikali in the middle of the night so that they leave me in peace.
You on the other hand, don't even move a finger to help me with this and walk around free here. You should be ashamed of yourself!!"

The spider scooted into the gap between the painting and the wall. I am sure he is hiding of shame for not helping me kill these monsters.
BTW, I still have no idea how these mosquitoes get into a room that is closed 24*7 to irritate me every night.
After I kill all the visible fellows in the night I still wake up to their sweet humming in the morning and kill 3 or 4 more then.