Mar 5, 2016


Manassariyathe paadunnu
Ithalariyathe novunnu
Arrival thumbinde munbinde
Eriyunna vayikkol
Naattil evideyo oru nertha

Mar 1, 2016

Her world and the shackles...

Confined to a room,
She wrote again.
The words of pain,
The words of doom.

Neither was she free when they were together,
Nor now, when he left.
Friends are gone,
Moved on and on.
Little left for a cheery hi.

When she is hurt,
It is all in the game.
But never hurt them,
Or suffer the storm.

Why oh why,
Did she choose this then?
Why oh why,
When the world was old?
Why does everyone shove ideas down the throat?

Where is that freedom she was promised?
Where is the day of happiness and choice?
Will her offspring be thrown in the same shackles?

If yes, she told herself...
She does not need to go on.
She does not need to mourn.
Let her be barren.
And let her be the end!