My 100[?] Things To Do Before I Die.

  1. Sleep a whole night under the stars, watching the moon glow, again. Yay!!! Did it! :D
  2. Own my teeny weeny Pink Hut.
  3. Have a job, :D then a career.
  4. Own a lappy.
  5. Take parents abroad. Well they went themselves.. So. :)
  6. See my sis happily settled.
  7. Make my dad proud.
  8. Go to adventure trips with my hubby.
  9. Learn stitching. [That seems so unlike me. But I want to.]
  10. Make mom happy.
  11. Get into a good college.  [Probably a better one after this.]
  12. Learn dancing. Classical and western.
  13. Own a new mobile. A qwerty most probably. Touch Screen, android and awesome phone please! AHA! Nexus here! Loving him! :D
  14. Go to a discotheque [once.] and a pub. ;)
  15. Publish.
  16. Bring out an album for my alma mater.
  17. Be called a good teacher. By a school, a whole institution! 
  18. Be back to Adventure Sports. Train many more batches.
  19. Learn classical muZic again.
  20. Bring out a fusion album.
  21. Learn a muZic instrument. Preferably veena or violin.
  22. Travel worldwide. India first, though :)
  23. See God's own country.
  24. Make a short film.
  25. Make a short animation movie.
  26. Gain some weight. ;) Do something about my pumpkin face!
  27. Found a school.
  28. Grow it into two.
  29. Have fun teaching and managing in them.
  30. Learn to manage a kitchen. ;)
  31. Own a car and a cycle (bike)
  32. Be a confident driver. :(
  33. Create a clothing line.
  34. Have a beautiful family and spend time with them.
  35. Save.
  36. Bring my ideas to reality.
  37. Write for my college blog. [Which somehow was a secret desire that came true. :) ]
  38. Travel and reside in all 28 states of India. On work purpose. Preferably, my own.
  39. Do something adventurous and with great impact on our society.
  40. Read Kotler. End to END. Indian version.
  41. Fly. Examine the cockpit and happenings during one of 'em.
  42. Live in an unconnected beach for a month.
  43. Visit Edakalathur at least once in my life time. My ancestors' land.
  44. Hold an MPW card. Ultimate.
  45. Do my empill. :D
  46. Set up a beautiful home for my hubby. :)
  47. Find inner Peace.
  48. Will add to it when I decide on more...


COMMUNI said...

thats a long list

Durga Nandan said...

Life is long :)

Vinay Chandran said...

Hope you get to "tick" all those with at most pleasure ! Good Luck ! :D

Durga Nandan said...

hope so too.. :)
Thanks Vinay.. :)

Sithara Hamza Kizhakoot said...

I think I can coin mine in a single word "freedom"
-to do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want, without having to ask or answer to anyone !

Durga Nandan said...

Sorry Sithu, didnt see this comment for long..
Well, I am just using the freedom to do things I love. Being a Virgo makes me make lists. And lists about lists. So, just thought I should keep track of this too.
It is an awesome feeling to cross out one in the list. Just awesome!