Sep 14, 2008

I cant name this poem anything.. it names itself.. :)

for u, i will smile..
for u i will walk a mile.
for u the world will spin.
and these things forever will be in.
my heart and my soul.
something abt u is my all.
there are words that cant speak.
wen emotions go up high on peak.
words will never mean anything now.
but i want u to know, my heart is pumping high.
world may not know.
i may not show.
it will still be there
always, without wear n tear..
i just felt like telling u how i felt.
but i know, i cant, even if i knelt.
on my knees and told u.
how much, and how much u mean to me.

Sep 13, 2008

Crazy Ideas.. :)

crazy ideas always make no sense. but sometimes when things go differently once in a while, these ideas may seem to be one of the best or may be, ever-present, yet, unnoticed ideas.. for example, the dragon-fly always flew. but no human ever thought of building a structure like that to make a humans fly.

humans are so insignificant in this universe. but we think we are too good. [ i am not counting myself out from human race. but that is how we are acting and i pity this race about it.] Nature has immense amount of ideas lurking in every nook and corner of it.. we have not even found out or utilized, even 10% of what nature has for us..

one day, we might find ourselves levitating on the power of individual will power. [though our yogis are said to have done it ages ago..] and that is a 'joke' at this point of time, when the researches on anti-gravity is just on its threshold. but flying was a 'joke' before Wrights flew.. :)

just putting in my random thots.. in.. i call this blog "Random Thotzz" for not nought. :P