Oct 25, 2008

Mookkile Pallu.. :D

Actually, this is a post which needs an amount of humor sense and understanding of Malayalam.If you dont have either, please feel free to browse other posts, or leave for better work. :)And yes, the saying in malayalam "Mookkil Pallu Mulakkya" [Literal Translation- "Tooth growing in Nose" heheh!!! It just means, 'getting old before something that is usually done, is not done.' (Any better interpretations are welcome.:) ) ]

So, for the ones who are carrying on, I hope you do really have a bit of common sense. :) Cos, otherwise, the post wont make sense to you.. :)

Now, this was a chat, I had with a chat-friend of mine, one month or so before..While I was browsing thru my old chats, I found this piece and felt the analogy beautiful.. :)
Sharing it with you...

It was kinda 9 o' clock I guess.. An excerpt. Changed from our chat lingo, a bit, for better understanding.

"Him: So you had a bonanza this time.Onam n bday.
me: :)
but it was no big deal actually..
It comes like this once in a while..
him: hmm. i knw u r getting old..
me: yeah.. :)
getting older.. :P
'Growing up is choice, but growing old is mandatory.'. :P
him: mukil pallu mulachu thudangiyo?
me: illa.. doctorodu paranju athu parichu kalanju.. :P
ippo mookkil pallilla.
aviduthe mookkile pallinu sugalle? :P
him: :)
pinnee paramasugam!..
me: hehe.. ;)
him: athu engane valarnnu kodirikkyalleeeee...
me: athe... arodenkilum paranj athinuru full stop ittude? :P
veetti paranjunokk..
chelappo shariyavum. :D
him: hmm.....veettukaru pandee paranjatha...njan athangu valrnnotee ennu vicharichu. ;)
me: :D
ini ippo veettukarude aduth thanne kondu poi parich kalayana plan? :P
swayam parikyo?
him: athu athinte paatinu potteeenne..
me: :)
appo pallu pinnem valarum..
enthayalum gud!
valaratte.. lle?
him: pattiyaaa doctoru varunnathu varee...
me: hehe..
appo doctore kathirikya.... :P
shari shari.. :)
him: hmmm.. athu varum ennulla prathikshayilaaaa...
me: :)
everyone is waiting for the doc. :)
him: thaan pandee parichu kalanjilllee..
me: :-|
sathyam parnjal njan athinode varanda ennu parnju.
him: hmmm...
me: appo pinne, enganya parikya?
verthe. pallu thekkande!..
him: hmmm...
me: ?
him: mad and madi...good..
both the adjectives suits u very well...
me: yeah.. both together, gimme less than O possibility of getting that tooth grown.
appo inganyokke..
angu pokum..
him: hmmm.. sheri..sheri..
me: shari alla ennu paranjalum inganya ippo nadakkane.. :)
u dont meet gud teeth at work?
him: hmmm...but athonnumee...nalla pallalla...ellam manja palla... :)
me: :D
nice analogy.
manja palline thechu veluppikkan plan vellathum undo? ;)
him: endina .... kashtapedunnee...athinte enamel poovum. :D
me: :D
really man, I liked that thot.. :)
appo venda..
namukk vere pallundallo lle?
him: hmmm...anagane vicharikkaam
me: :)
allathe vere nivarthi illallo?
him: hmm angane onnum...
me: :D
him: already amrried..
me: :-o
him: to cinema
me: really??!!!
man!! u gave me a real big shock. :P
him: :)
me: hehe..
him: hmmm?
me: :)
him: oh.. hmmm.. u get shock without any reason.. :) ?
me: well, I thot I had the right to have known it.. :)
n suddenly out of the blue u said..
him: hmm ic..
me: :)
had dinner?
him: so early?
not yet..
me: :)
him: so r u brushing ur teeth nw?
me: nope.
teeth r all fine.
no toothpaste.
didnt care to buy.
him: umikkariyum uppum-aaa nallathu
me: :D
athe.. at least veetil undakkunnath aanallo..
him: :)
me: ok dear..
i have to eave..
mom calling me..

have fun..
me: tc.

him: ono."

Oct 20, 2008

Miss You...

The unpolished walls of my room,
remind me of you.
Your face was all wrinkled;
filled with ditches and pitches.

My life,
is incomplete without you.
My days , colorless and prankless.
My nights, dreamless and empty.

I loved your proximity.
Your advices, help and recollections.
When one day,
it dawned to me, that
You'll forever be gone from my life,
I knew, my life would never be the same.

The unpolished wall is still there,
giving me company.
It still reminds me of you.
But granma, I still miss you..
I wish, always wish, you were near me..
With me, forever..

Oct 19, 2008


Suddenly one day I knew..
I loved you..
It was beautiful to know..
There was a spark without a flaw..
We went on caring..
and went on meeting..
But why? Why did this happen?
I didnt know.
And asked you..
You didnt have a clue too.

I didnt love you anymore..
Suddenly one day, I realized
that I didnt love you anymore..

Oct 11, 2008

Soliloquy of a "Narcissist" !

I talk to myself.
For no one does that for me.
I sing to myself,
and hear whatever I speak,
rather, listen..
For no one does that for me.
And love myself.
For again, no one does that for me.

No one is like me.
and I am like no one else.
And that is why,
as someone said,
"The more people I meet,
the more I love myself."
For no one else,
Yes, no one else, does that for me.

Oct 9, 2008

Dark and Light.

I stand in the dark,
staring endlessly.
A false sense of security
surrounding me.

Unlike others,
I dont fear the dark.
I fear the light,
which might alight
my imperfections.

I walk in the dark,
searching my way
and stumbling infinitely.
But still, proceeding.
When I tread in light, but-
I feared proceeding.
For the fear of next.

I love the dark.
And despise light.
For, I feel comfort in the dark
and fear, in light.

Oct 2, 2008


I dont find any meaning in life.
'Why' is something,
I have been asking all my life.
Why are we born?
Why get educated?
When, all we gain at the end,
is Death?

Why a marriage?
Why love?
Why some kids?
When, all find final peace,
only in Death?

Why a car?
A luxury bunglow?
All this fuss about beauty?
When, one day, all we have is,
A ride in an ambulance (pee-pee!)
a decorated coffin (to live in.)
and six feet earth.
To decay, smell and rot
for the rest of your history?
I always wonder.

Oct 1, 2008

I would never wanna lose you...

There is this guy I love.
I admire and adore.
The way he loves me and consoles,
The way he tricks, teases and bugs.
There is no secret that can distance us.

The way he eats
and yet tells me,
'I have to lose weight.'
The way he says,
'I will never say 'Sorry'!'.
And yet, rewords it for me..
The times when he talks about his granpa..
And gets furious about small things..

Life would be dull and boring,
if not for you.
You are something in my life,
that I never wanna lose..
You are something
that I would love, even in recluse.
I just love everything about you.
He is my 'bestest' friend,
and my Brother!

Love you man!! :)