Jan 31, 2009

Not Myself Without You - 2

Distance yourself from me.
As long as you want.
But finally, the winter will pass.
And the ice will break.

The dew will have to return to the grass.
If not, the grass will die out on its own...

Jan 28, 2009

Christianity is a religion.
Hinduism, a way of life. :)

Is religion a way of life? Or life, a religion? :)

Jan 26, 2009

Today's fortune: Choose to experience peace rather than conflict.

Today's Misfortune:The problem is, the others might not think so. :(

Jan 25, 2009

A Piece of Advice :P

Someone: da^n.
i will have to make her sis.
me: mm?
him: sh*t :D
me: mmm???
him: well nyway she is a fatty
me: dont call her fatty.
u have no rit to. :-|
him: :D
me: i m cutting the advice :P
him: ok i wont
but [a long gal's name] is too long
me: :D
sideways? :P

Grades of IIT

We, that is to say my bro and me, made up our own extensions for the grades IITs offer.

The highest grade.
Ex-cellent => Ex-tra terrestrials
A-busable[by losers]
B-earable[again for losers]
C-ommoner's C
P-ass => Pitiful
F-^cked up

:D :D

Jan 21, 2009

Btw, I am sure I will miss Mr. Dumbhead-Bush. :(
Obama does nt seems as dyslexic as Bush. :P

Jan 20, 2009

Moi, Ms DumbHead.

One of these days, I wished someone for his budday, on the wrong date. I knew the date. And had verified it twice on my mob calender. But! Some hallucinations and my always-confused mind later, I just decided it was already his budday. I realised it only hours later, that I had wished someone on the wrong day. It was then, that I thought about the lot many stupid things I have done in my life.

Once, I saw ants in the plastic container my mom kept sugar, in. I promptly took it and put it on the kinetiser, as that was the only thing my mom let me touch in her kitchen, back then. And left to do something else.. thinking "All you stupid ants! You are gonna die. hahaha!!"
Of course, it was a messy goo by the time I realised my mistake.
And needless to say, I had a nice time scrubbing the kinetiser. :(

Recently, I was coming home from Ernamkulam. Had to board a bus to Thrissur. As I looked at the buses that were on the stand, I found one with Thrissur written on it. The bus started moving. As I happily sat in it munching potato chips, my dad called.
"Where are you?"
"Donno. Got into a bus to Thrissur."
"Ask someone where the bus is now."
I enquired. And the lady next to me, told me a place I have never heard of.
As I did further enquiry, I learnt that it was heading Trivandrum. Exactly the opposite direction of where I should have been going. The board on the bus, had mentioned the place it was coming from.
Well, I really did reach home that day.

When I was a child, I tried gardening. My very friendly neighbour gave me a shoeflower stump for a start. Even after days, that thing didnt show any sign of growing.
I went over and told her.
"Hey chechi, that one is not growing roots. It is not growing at all."
Dumbfounded, she asked. " How do you know it has not grown roots?
"I pull it up everyday and check!" I replied as if it were the obvious.

Once, I tried making tea. Mom was busy with something in the other room. So, I was asking her for directions and doing it. The water was on the kinetiser, boiling..
"How many glasses of water mom?"
"With the spoon inside, 2 spoons."
"With the spoo...."
"Ok. Got it. Thanks"
I put in two spoons of tea leaves as well. For those who still have no idea what went wrong, the tea was so strong, that it tasted real bitter.
Mom later added milk and sugar and made it "drinkable".

Jan 19, 2009

Irritable Questioners. x-(

There are some real kick@$$3$ who cant just mind their own bloody business. They keep asking people questions about personal life and things that would matter to you only when Bush becomes at least as sensible as a monkey. Unfortunately, I have had the 'luck' of meeting loads of them in my life. Almost all of them are really jobless and have real good nose for gossips. For me, the attackers have always been the 60+ year olds who were the neighbours of my dad's family, long back. Man, they are so interested in my whereabouts that I have always feared if they are trying to fix me up with some guys, they know. You know, you can never tell. Those irritable irritants. x-(
They want to know every bit of your life, from the marks you got in a small class test in first standard to the disease your grandfather's second cousin's grandchild is having. Unfortunately, they wont leave you alone, without getting all what they want. [Even if you show them how irritated and uninterested you are about the whole stuff.]
And most probably, they are bugging you when you have the least amount of time and are busy with something really important.
I hate such people. Da^nit, if I want you to know something, I will approach you and tell you. You dont have to keep irritating me with stupid questions.
And they do not stop there. They try filling you up with the info that they have gathered by irritating someone else for almost an hour and poking them with questions. You will need those if someone took a test for you on your friend's grandmother's gardening taste. And of course, the subjects they profess, vary.
Wonder what these kinda people gain. I guess, mainly it is just a time pass for them. And for some, the fun of knowing that other people are not happy and are having problems in their lives. Sadistic stupids! x-(

You know what should be done with them?
I personally feel they should be put off from doing their basic needs [as in soo-soo and pee-pee] and asked questions about things that would never matter to them ever in their life. Da^n all of them!

I met a person like that today. Sorry about venting my frustration in here. But I was not in a position to tell her to go to hell.

Jan 17, 2009

I am an Annoyed Paranoid. :)

'Critically' Analysing our films. :P [I am prejudiced alright. :P]

The reasonS[!!] I stopped watching films.
  • They are one bunch of emotional exploiters who make money on your emotions.
  • They make people show off their bodies, to make a rush of audience to theatres.
  • They make meaningless scenes just to bring the glamor factor into the film.
  • Some songs, are utterly meaningless and do not go with the film's storyline. [I even wonder why there are songs even. People do not sing songs when they fell in love, in real life. And I am talking about the all-orchestrated-instrument-included muZic. Not our [my!] out of tune songs.[?]]
  • They make some very 'wonderful' stunt scenes, which for a normal human being, is IMPOSSIBLE. [Thanks to them, Special Effects, is an industry now] Some defy all the sciences yet "discovered" by man. [God knows if they have already discovered "easy paranormal ways to fight" and are hiding it from us, the lesser mortals.]
  • Most start off with a guy and a gal, [Either guy is poor or the gal] falling in love, and then, the saga goes on, to the very cruel father in law, or watever, who tries stopping them. With some dances, songs, emo dramas, and some vulgar body shows being "thirukikayattaled" into it, the story ends on the same note, always! They get married and live happily ever-after. [Man!! Get a life and be practical at least for a while will you! If that was the case, loads more of love marriages would have happened in the past. ]
  • Some very poor people, suddenly go to Holland, Singapore, Florida, Switz etc and dance around those places, throughout a song. And right after the song is over, they are back to normal, the very old poor things.
  • 3rd rate jokes, with double meanings and stupid 'catchy' lines.

And watching it in the theatre, is yet another nightmare for me.

  • The long queues just for a small piece of paper. [OK, they call it the ticket.]
  • The pest infected seats that give you a good time throughout the film screening.
  • Those idiots, who come in and go out every once in a while, just to make sure that it is still daylight outside.
  • And then, the rush at the end to leave, where guys with 'nerve disorders' come into the rush just to find if the gals are in good health.

For both these, I found some very wonderful solutions.
  • Watch movies after a year or so, after they come out. Only the real ones, stay put in people's minds by that time.
  • Get reviews from a lot of people. A lot, can not be wrong.
  • Watch it at home. If you miss popcorn, buy a packet and have it while you watch.
  • And finally, try liking films. :(

Jan 16, 2009

No Me Please.

Solitude is beautiful.
A beautiful pain.
The stars of memories haunting,
blinking and smiling.
Reliving again.
Reflecting past, painful.

Masochism brimming.
In thoughts and deeds.
I think of myself, pitiful.
My life, a bubble, a water bubble.
Escaping in sighs and pants.
Murdered, by deeds past.

Wish I had no solitude.
No past...
Wish I had no memories.
No myself.
Wish, there was no me.

My Performance.

I walked along,
the edge of the cliff
trying to decide
how I could perform better.
Would the scream be better there?
Or the echo, louder here?

Oh! Meaningless life,
I will kill you today!
Just Wait.
I will kill you today.

And I jump.
I die.
I kill life.

Did it echo?
I donno.
Did I scream?
Don' remember.
How was the performance?
No idea.

Even my death,
became meaningless then.

Necklaced Lass.

Wooing her was difficult.
For money or what I do not know.
My eyes glittered like her necklace.
And to her ear rings they would race.

No no. It was not money.
It was never money.
Only because she was a honey.
After all she is the sole heir.
Of a father, with receding hair.

But when I wooed
or tried to woo,
her eyes would burn
as if I am sticky goo.

One day I heard,
she ran away with him.
And then I saw,
the new 'Necklaced Lass'.

A Prayer.

Wish my heart stopped thudding-
The immense pain that weighs it down.
Wish time stopped ticking-
My sins, it has seen umpteen.
Wish, my eyes stopped trickling-
My tears can't seem to dry.

Fighting guilt,
feasting on fasts,
praying louder,
I look at my clothes.
I look at myself.
The nun,
who never was a good one.
Wish, I had never been..

Jan 15, 2009

We are actually, Nothing. :)

Sometimes I wish, I could dissolve into nothingness.
Love, to whomever it is, makes you vulnerable. It is a weak point. be it your bro, your friend, your love, your parents... Whoever.
Life is a play of dice. You believe you will get a six on all three. But you end up with less most of the time. Once if you get six on all three, by the so called "luck", the next result will surely disappoint you.
I wish happiness was the only emotion in the world. Though it becomes monotonous then, it would be a satisfied world.
People are mad. Merrymaking when they are nearing death every minute. Of course, being sad, wont make a difference.
Tell you what! There is no meaning in life. Just living on like they rule the world. That is what humans do. Whereas, even their own life is not something they can control. They are nothing. Even I am.
Btw, So, have I not succeeded in dissolving to nothingness? :D

My Work.

May be the world is forever round.
Or the sand is forever ground.
But this little piece of land,
is my asset of pride, alright.

Gone are the days I was landless.
Gone the days of being penniless.
My birth finally finds a meaning.
And my wife, can now stop weeping.

My kids can have their square meals now.
The mud pots no longer would be dry.

Should I continue?
I wish.
But I will kill you, if I do.
I dont feel like killing you.
May be, I should let you live.
Just give in to a bit of hope.
Flourish and find peace.
I am your God, your Creator.
You are MY work.
Yeah my farmer, grow.
Flourish and find peace.
I let you be!

Jan 13, 2009

Mommy's Stupid.

They called me a stupid idiot.
I didnt know what it meant.
For all the words I knew in the world,
Mommy was the one and only one.

Jan 8, 2009

What exactly is wrong? :?

I just came to know about a person, I know personally, has opted out of being a mother. "It is risky to raise kids. If by any chance I succumb to parental pressure and have a kid, I would rather not want a gal child."
Now she, is a very educated and perfectly intelligent person [she is on for a PhD now.]. I just wonder why her motherly instincts are not working. Any woman in normalcy would crave for a baby. I personally Lurrrrv babies.. Most innocent things around. :)

I understand it is risky. But if her parents had thought it as risky, she would not be there talking about it. And I am wondering, whether her husband has no problem with this.

Well, if educated people are like this, I have no wonder why uneducated 'fear' gal children. May be, she meant the situations that influence a gal child during her growth. But still, if she can grow well, a lot of other gals can grow well, with right guidance, her kids can also be brought up well. If she talking about the responsibility part, well, she has taken up loads of responsibilities and done well in all of them. I cant find a sensible reason why she would not want a child. leave alone a gal child. I know a man who has four kids [all gals] and takes them around with pride. To mention of his situation, he is BPL and has had nothing more than primary education. :)

I learnt something. It is not education that matters. It is the attitude. the mentality towards things.

No wonder they say, Attitude Matters!

Jan 6, 2009

You, My pain.

I walk.
I keep walking.
I keep sweating,
to forget all my pain.

I run.
I keep running.
I keep paining myself,
to forget all my pain.

At night,
all I can remember,
is that my leg pains.
And all my body strains.

No no..
It doesn't pain inside.
It is just numb.
All I know,
is the pain outside.
I just hope,
it doesn't pain her.

Jan 1, 2009

Dont Ask Me.

No. Dont ask me what is wrong.
Everything is. Not just this.
No. Dont ask me who is wrong.
I cant confess. And feel the guilt.
No. Dont ask me why it is wrong.
All I know is, it is not right.
And, no. Dont ask me how it went wrong.
If I knew, I would have stopped.
No. Just, dont ask me anything.
It is all just wrong.

A Saga of Pain.

Let me pain myself,
and keep you safe.
Let my heart rip
and wet your lip.

Let this saga end,
with none to offend,
that man of mine,
who's always more than just fine.

Don't tell anyone.
that we are one.
One day if we part,
who will tell we are apart?


I still keep my heart safe.
Though you have left my life,
I need it for you to dwell,
when you come back and all is well.


Today, I was searching for "Funny pictures" on google. Well, google as usual, had given search links to more "probable" searches.
Just as I ran my eyes on them, one grabbed my attention. "Funny jokes".!!!
Man! Whom are you kidding!!! Jokes are supposed to be funny!! [roll eyes!]