Sep 22, 2009

I dont see much of selfless love around in the world.
A mother's love is said to be the best form of love for humans. Even that is cos, the baby is hers. It is her own self or a part of her she loves.. :)
The fact that an adopted child is not loved as much by a mother proves my point.


Singh Amit said...

Very true..
'This is a part of my comment which I wrote when a reader asked me why Mother's love is the best form of love..
"it is the purest and egoless expression of love that can be realized. Purest and Ego-less? Ego is feeling of self. But as every child is a part of his mother, which she has not to believe but it is known to her from very birth of child. How can ego stand between same self?"

So somehow I feel, Ego is the biggest hurdle for a selfless love. Though for a moment, in the ecstasy of passion and human sensations, the ego disappears that is a momentary but a glimpse of selfless love.....


AnjuGandhi said...

you are right. although mother's love is considered to be unconditional and selfless, i have seen many mothers who differentiate between her two children and then her love her attention gets divided unequally and at times she becomes biased towards one and neglects/insults/ humiliates/ignores the other one.
and when we have mothers who can't love her all the children equally, how can we expect that she will love someone's else's child with same intensity

Sat_hi_sh said...

Very true yaar :)
Mom is the only soul which forgives ,whatever the child sins might be
This fact is rarely true when it comes to an adopted child :(

Anonymous said...

Selfless-love does exist in this world today.The innocence of childhood! It teaches us to live our lives sublime,on the one from whom life emanates.

Children are angels to teach us greatness and selflessness. It's a game of pay-it-forward.Anonymously make someone smile with an act of kindness, leave behind a card asking them to keep the ripple going.

Selfless love is very much around. In every act of sacrifice, there is one behind. And the reason why a Mother likes her child is because the child came from her blood and being.

An adopted child too is loved as much in my opinion. For the Mother is aware of the fact that the adopted child is in no way less priviliged than her own born. And she pours more and more love towards that kid.

I have seen it happen many times. The love, Selflessness, Sacrifice and Compassion.

Durga Nandan said...

@ Amit : Yes, ego stands in the way of love.

I have seen some people, who love and help others without them knowing..
That is somehow pure love. Though only when the results of those hidden actions are felt, does the loved person feel someone is loving him/her. Which means,most of the time, it goes unacknowledged.


Durga Nandan said...

@ Anju Gandhi : The feeling of 'mine' differentiates between own and adopted. That feeling is too much to be ignored without conscious effort..

Durga Nandan said...

@ Sathish : Unfortunately, not just there, everywhere that difference is very visible..

Durga Nandan said...

@ Surya Kannan : Then I am sure, she was not able to conceive and hence had to resort to adoption, which she accepted as her fate and had no choice but to love the child like her own.

If she one day became pregnant, she would regret taking in another baby.
And the difference would start being visible then.
My opinion of course! :)


Surya said...

Pranam Madam,

As far as I see, I should relate to the whole-the post, comments and replays…. But, I have to forget a lot of truths so as to make me related to. You are a blessed soul-if wont feel offended, please contemplate on the whole-selfless+love+mother. I am confident that you will have more buds to offer.
Madam, Once you do Pranam to your mother-what will be there in your mind?
Her name? or your Ammaa? Ammaaa no…. so what it means? Mother-is not at all a personality! Can you relate to it? I feel little disturbed on elaborating.. Forget it…
Madam you commented from the forest about the appearance of an elephant-great it was, altogether. Place yourself so as to get a better view-so that you will have more to say than what you said now!

Durga Nandan said...

@ Surya : As far as I see mother, it is only the human being, my mother.
Or any mothers I feel close to, for example, my friends' mom. In short, sometimes, anyone who has given birth or takes care of children.

And may be that is cos I have not been contemplating deeply about that part of mother. But I cant relate to mother as anything else. If you please elaborate, I would be able to understand what you mean, when you say, "not amma".

Well, I will try looking at this in a different perspective, next time around. :)

And nope, I aint offended.. :) I welcome arguments and criticism. That is a way of learning. :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Adopted child is seen as a compulsion to fulfill a necessity and not a natural outcome of own acts and association. Sad but true

Surya said...

Pranam Durga,

We all know that arguments are born just for the sake of arguments. So I am out of it, then criticism-what credential left in me to criticize the works of the cosmos? So I am out of that also. Then, what I am doing now is a wriggling-to get a relief from the suffocation of the superimposition!

My poor English pushed you away from the context-I never meant ‘not Amma’, instead I meant ‘Amma only’. I asked you ‘Once you do Pranam to your mother-what will be there in your mind? Her name? or your Ammaa? Ammaaa no….’ - means Amma only no? Amma only will be there no-in your mind? Clear?

You already cleared the matter by stating that you referred about an Amma of the general understanding.

But it was me landed at the wrong platforms-sorry for that.


Surya said...

Once we do Pranam to our Amma, we do remember about Amma than her name.. because we are doing Pranam never to a personality, and Amma wont be a personality. Instead she is a principle than personality. But the common world always go for defining and naming the whole principles with their ‘gifted’ meager understanding and where they relish a sense of gratification. By doing so, they are spoiling the ever great principles by making them highlighted-embedded with names!
Amma-a principle will be reproduced with their(common people) efforts as Vallikkavilamma! That ‘Vallikkavil’ is a name-a simple name-and the names and forms are supposed to be degenerated by tomorrow or day after. That is one way of spoiling the principles.

The second way is highlighting the name of the creator of the principle-from there onwards names are getting celebrated without knowing the principles-like all know Buddha, but none remember what is the principle behind Buddha-all know Krishna-but none know the principle behind Krishna-likewise the whole principles got spoiled by naming them and by highlighting the personality beyond the principle! Naturally common men are living with their ego and personality-so those persons are comfortable only in exaggerating the personalities than the principles.

Here Amma, is a principle-an omnipresent one! We can kill her by giving her names-Kallyaniyamma, Lakshmiyamma…. So whenever we deal with personalities, its nice to be with their subjects(principles) than their names(objects). Names will die-should die sooner or later, but the subjects wont. Lover will die, but love wont! Enemy will die, but the hatred wont! I will die, but my Issness wont! That’s how it is. I am sorry, I reached somewhere-anyway-Amma part is over now.

Surya said...

Then selfless! Durga, had you ever thought of that the true meaning of the words are stolen long back by the public by playing with them without imbibing the true meaning of it? Now you tell me, what is selfless? Selfless is selfless-right? That is the ultimate principle-right? Selflessness is what? Think you please! Or tell me what is true love? Love? Love is love-right? Again a meaningful and great principle it is. Why selflessness is selflessness? Why love is love? Why principles are omnipresent and omnipotent while omniscience? Principle are the ideal limit of knowledge of the 3 dimensional vision! That is the Perennial Philosophy-the gift of the Ancient Age and the foundation stone of the Modern Age.

So please know, selflessness is love-love is selflessness! What you-I mean what the whole world-the modern world-mean by ‘selfless love?’ Let anybody answer. No Durga, I am not a fool to ask these type of questions from the platforms of the remotest! I do make my ‘hue and cry’ from the celebrated stages also. None came forward to ‘correct’ me in my short past-at least to feed their ego! Sorry, there a flash back made me little hyper-

Here I am trying to remind the whole world again that Selflessness is a Principle manifested as Nature among humans in the form of Love! Ok? Or Love is a Principle manifested as Nature among humans in the form of Selflessness! Ok?

So there is nothing as such a ‘selfless love’-either it should be love-or it should be selflessness-both are same! But… everywhere I met this usage-what to do-also a pain!

Again for the sake of argument-we can say love is of lot of type and all that crap-but sorry Durga, I never will utter a word from the ‘cattle’s class’(Mr.Taroor-I oblige)!

So now please understand whatever I scribbled above. Forget who wrote it-Surya-he is a bundle of flesh and bones, but just-just do go through the subject-which is infinite-understand the same through your infinite self-rather than through Surya`s finite words. Never you can perceive the infinite through the finite!

So Selflessness=Love=Mother! Here I am leaving some pores to make a new argument by keeping the ‘mother’ in one line. Take mother of the inner also!

Durga-I wrote somewhere ‘You’ and all, please know-that ‘You’ never seeks a name-but that ‘You’ stands for the world-That ‘You’ never meant Durga-ok? ‘You’ also is a great principle!

But now I assure you-I wont make you imbalanced with these type of elaborations anymore! Forgive me for once and all!

Thank you Durga.

Durga Nandan said...


Durga Nandan said...

@ Pesto sauce : Thanks for dropping by..
Yeah a sad truth. .

Anonymous said...

I won't explain here but I know my mum loves me selflessly....I have changed my opinion...

Durga Nandan said...

@ RSV : Yes dear, your mom loves you.. Just said she does it cos you are a part of her.. :)
Or she would love any other child like she loves you.
Which I am sure she does not. :)
That is all I ever said dear..
People kinda "read the unsaid". :)