Nov 29, 2009

Lowest in my life. Wish it had not coincided with my CAT. Or the number of exams to follow.
Life is a hell. Now.
The oscillations kill me.

Nov 28, 2009

A Cry

Tonight, I wanna cry.
Let tears stream down and dry.
It is more than what I can bear,
this feeling, I have none to care.

Tonight, I wanna cry,
Wet my pillow, don't come pry.
It is nothing, no one knows.
It is just him, that everyone knows.

Tonight, let the moon hide.
Stars be its tears, no worthless pride.
Every bit hurts, when he ain't there.
But who the hell cares,
even when a heart comes bare.

Tonight, let the moon hide.
With shame of hurting me.
The bed, barren, broken hearted.
Let everything be.

No complaints.
No dreams.
No ambitions. Nothing to lead.
All I wanna do is cry.

No complaints.
Let him be.
He deserves better.
Far more better.
At least, more than me.

No complaints,
No dreams.
All I wanna do is,
cry to sleep.
Lest I remember
my smiling days.

All I do is,
crying to sleep.
And that goes without saying,
now, every night!

Another of those crappy requests..

Sharad Mudaliar
I m Male 26 India, MBA wanna add u as friend, I like South Indion people.........

Now, they use qualifications to pass the test of "friends reqs" too! Where is Orkut heading!! :-o
And he is 'Indion'! :P
He also has 26 Indias! :-o
Chal had fun. Thanks. :P

Nov 26, 2009

The movie you'll love..

Finally I saw a Malayalam film that I LOVED. The Keralavarma Pazhassi Raja. The Lion of Kerala.

I have already read the life of Pazhassi from the Aithihyamala by Kottarathil Shankunni. So I was quite familiar with the plot.
They have deviated a bit. But it is forgivable. I would not start off with praises for the film the reason being Ramz has already done that job. But can't help touching the emotional aspects of the film and its characters.

I loved Neeli, a tribal girl who moves with the agility of a chimp and shoots with the aim of a master. Her dedication and love for her lover Chandu, is awesome. The energy that she projected throughout the film endeared that girl to me. If I had to chose between Maakkam [Pazhassi's wife] and Neeli, it would certainly be Neeli. :)
The bravery of Kunkan and the commitment of Pazhassi, are commendable. And Kunkan sometimes steals the show with his involvement in the character and facial expressions. His body speaks more than his words.
Makkam reminds me of how a wife should be. Someone who leaves everything for her husband and respects him like God.
The film rekindled my interest in our martial art, Kalaripayattu. I loved the stunt scenes.
Lotsa times, it made my eyes fill. Every time a loyal one succumbed to death, it makes you feel the loss. The success of a film lies in involving the audience in the story and making them feel exactly what the characters feel. This film did it to me.

I am not spending more time praising it. But yes, the rest of the Mollywood should please look at the film and learn how to take care of details.
I am no movie buff. But if you have not seen it, my advice is, don't miss it. The large screen money is certainly worth it. If you can, go through the biography before you see it. It certainly helps.

There is one another life I want to see filmed. The life of Shakthan Thampuran. He is my hero. Has always been from the day I knew him.
Again, thanks to Aithihyamala I have read all about him. But the screen experience would be once in a life time.

Cheerz to the crew of Pazhassi!!
You guys did a fantabulous job!

PS- On the lighter side, I saw a soldier with our very own Bata chappals. :D
But then, Perfection is impossible. :)

Nov 24, 2009

I know it is a bit late..
But somehow, this just popped up in my mind..

Why did the Americans not succeed in extracting water from the rocks and soil they brought from moon after the so called "Man walking on moon"? Our Chandrayaan did it..

Or was that also a "supposed hoax" like the "man walked on moon"? :?

Death Sentence

I'll take the blame on me.
So that you can walk off free.
Not that I have sinned.
But that I' ve a debt alive.
My wife and kids
and lesser debts to be paid,
all for God to be taken care by.
Till my soul do rest in peace,
I'll pray for you.
And them.
Till Death shall let me free.

Nov 23, 2009

For a guy, a girlfriend is an asset. A lover is a headache.
For a gal, a boyfriend is a headache. A lover is an asset.

They say.. We say..

They say we don't read. They say we don't love books. I always ask 'where do you look'!
No we don't read what was 'in' during your time. But we read those that are 'in' in our time. We read those that have outrun Time and its tests. Even if they belong to ages ago.
We read Geetha, we read Epics, we read Fairy Tales, we read Mills and Boon, we read MT, we read Dickens and Twain. We read anything that stood the test of time. And still they say we don't read.
We read Harry Potter and Twilight. Just like Enid Blyton and Agatha Christie.

Yeah, lots of couch potatoes are there in our generation. So what? You had your lot of 'intellectuals' and 'uselesses'. We dare have ours. And many of those 'intellectuals' of your generation, who grew beards, read, smoked, wrote and were considered 'voracious readers', forgot how to live. Those that were 'uselesses' found ways to better the world cos of their laziness.

Let us have our share of couch potatoes that don't read but surf. Not write but blog.
And those that read in our generation live better than your generation. We don't need to flaunt that we read. We read. So? I tell you we don't need a tag.
You say we turned away from reading. Then why do we have businesses flourishing on piracy of books? Where do they supply it if they don't see demand? Did they have that in your times? Why do we still have rushes on wayside bookshops? Oh, you didn't see that? You better observe next time!
You tell us we don't read. We tell you, we don't need to prove.

Nov 22, 2009

Gyan - For Wannabe 'dirty' gals

I was talking to one of my verrry conservative cousins and wanted to just irritate her.
She was deriding me about how I am never gonna learn 'manners' :D
And then I said she should also get better at being 'bad' :)
Bad as in, someone who wants to be counted 'modern'. Do it, and you will be considered "elite" [alight :P].
I will summarize it here for all those wannabes...

1. Try to find at least one negative meaning in a sentence. [Did you succeed in this sentence? :P]

2. Be bold and talk about it. Especially to shy people. [ Like for the previous sentence... Ok, I see blushes already. :P So I am not venturing to say it.]

3. Gloat on how they squirm. Enjoy their reactions. Especially if they didnt understand what you meant. [Like you, now. :D ]

4. Flirt subtly. It is supposedly an art. [A big gyani gave me this gyan. Thanks a lot. :D]

5. Have a boy friend. [Ok, those lucky ones I meant. For those unlucky ones who could not manage, refer subsection 'a'. :P]

a. If you dont have one, act as if you are committed to a guy somewhere far away.

6.Tell your friends that it is cos you have him you are not having an affair at the college. [And dont tell anyone the story about how you were rejected by the guy you dared propose. :P ]

7. Subscribe to BSNL [or your service provider] ads. They send it five times a day [kinda irritates me. :| ] :D [So that you can 'overcome' others in the number of smses from 'Boy friend'. And dont forget to put your mob in loud mode. ;) ]

8. Keep a Sudoku game on your mob and keep playing it whenever you get time without showing the screen to anyone, so people think you are smsing. [So that you can improve your incredibly ridiculous IQ for trying to learn how to be "dirty" through blogs.
And yeah, to avoid them seeing your abysmal scores on Sudoku. :P]

Rest after you give me Dakshina.
Till then "dirty bhavantu!" :P

Nov 19, 2009

Nov 15, 2009

It was on a wet night like this that the birdie found its mate. Cold and dark, the night was frightening.
Her soul came flying in another body and sat on the branch her nest was. There started their long saga of love and togetherness.

It is a wet night like that. Cold and dark, threatening night.
Her soul flew up from the other body and rose up, to where heaven was. There started the long saga of her pain.

And I, a silent witness. I wish the birdie peace.

If I had my way..

If I had my way,
I would be in your arms,
crying and laughing in between.
Dissolving into the bliss,
of being together.

If I had my way,
I would be your world,
and you, my God.
Revolving like binary stars,
in our own private universe.

If I had my way,
my eyes would not be wet now
and yours, not closed.
Wet and dry,
blind and cry.

No, I never had my way.
I always let you choose.
And you chose,
to leave.

My world, now godless,
chaotic and dead,
screams my pain,
silently. Through,
what seems a smile.

Only if I had my way!...
I would not be a dead thing now.

Nov 11, 2009

Why dont we have smileys on Blogger? :?

Nov 8, 2009

55 Fiction -4

Shortly after the quake, came the calm, where the cries of silence pierced ears that searched bodies.

55 Fiction -3

No. That was not what she wanted. But she let him go nevertheless. For she knew, death was the only way to be with him now. How selfish!

55 Fiction -2

The zeal she had had died long again. No one but her lamented the loss. And that was nt the biggest loss. She had no one to lament with her.

55 Fiction -1

"My hatred for you will never end." The gal told the guy. "Until you temme you love me", she added in a helpless undertone.