Nov 22, 2009

Gyan - For Wannabe 'dirty' gals

I was talking to one of my verrry conservative cousins and wanted to just irritate her.
She was deriding me about how I am never gonna learn 'manners' :D
And then I said she should also get better at being 'bad' :)
Bad as in, someone who wants to be counted 'modern'. Do it, and you will be considered "elite" [alight :P].
I will summarize it here for all those wannabes...

1. Try to find at least one negative meaning in a sentence. [Did you succeed in this sentence? :P]

2. Be bold and talk about it. Especially to shy people. [ Like for the previous sentence... Ok, I see blushes already. :P So I am not venturing to say it.]

3. Gloat on how they squirm. Enjoy their reactions. Especially if they didnt understand what you meant. [Like you, now. :D ]

4. Flirt subtly. It is supposedly an art. [A big gyani gave me this gyan. Thanks a lot. :D]

5. Have a boy friend. [Ok, those lucky ones I meant. For those unlucky ones who could not manage, refer subsection 'a'. :P]

a. If you dont have one, act as if you are committed to a guy somewhere far away.

6.Tell your friends that it is cos you have him you are not having an affair at the college. [And dont tell anyone the story about how you were rejected by the guy you dared propose. :P ]

7. Subscribe to BSNL [or your service provider] ads. They send it five times a day [kinda irritates me. :| ] :D [So that you can 'overcome' others in the number of smses from 'Boy friend'. And dont forget to put your mob in loud mode. ;) ]

8. Keep a Sudoku game on your mob and keep playing it whenever you get time without showing the screen to anyone, so people think you are smsing. [So that you can improve your incredibly ridiculous IQ for trying to learn how to be "dirty" through blogs.
And yeah, to avoid them seeing your abysmal scores on Sudoku. :P]

Rest after you give me Dakshina.
Till then "dirty bhavantu!" :P


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips...Shri Guru Durga-nandan-mayi ;-)

BK Chowla said...

Thanks for sharing guidelines-tips.

Durga Nandan said...

@ ramya : :D "dirty bhavanthu bavati"! :P

Durga Nandan said...

@ Chowlaji : :) Welcome..

rameez said...

that would have easily made into a wikihow topic..

a wannabe dirty guy/

Durga Nandan said...

@ Ramz : Somehow Wikihow does not think they are good enough to have my articles. :P
You made me wonder about wannabe dirty boys. :P