Jun 26, 2010

"I read Tshirt captions." is a very relevant Tshirt caption.
The idea struck me while reading one. :P

Jun 25, 2010

Speechless - 5

Sorry about the clarity. Click on it and you can view it in the original form :)
In UG, you 'Mug Up'...
In PG, you 'Pick the Mug Up'!

Jun 21, 2010

Love you Appa..

Two weeks into a different life and I realized that I value a lot of things more than I expected. And that one thing I value most, My Appa, to the most loveliest awesomest bestestest dad in the world, I just wanted to say I love you. Appa misses me. Oh, he calls every day to let me know.
"As soon as I enter your room, I feel like crying... Your room used to look so unorganized and used, it would make me scold you almost every day. And now, when I go there, it is a dead place. Tears come to my eyes when I realize you were the heart of this home. This place is dead without you baby.."
Yes Appa, I miss you too. I miss your daily treats, I miss those scoldings I thought I hate, I miss your your weekly advice sessions, I miss your stupid smile everytime I scold you. [:P] I miss that unkempt look you have when you are tired and all spent for the day... I miss everything about you.
I miss your love, your care and just the being of you..
Appa, this is a strange world, I find myself thrown into a new life and asked to bear with it. But I know your blessings will take me far ahead. I have tears in my eyes when I say this.

I remember us together. From when I was a baby of 3 years and you took me to a KG. To the day you came left me at LIBA, with that rare expression of love from you, a kiss. I know you cried on the way back. I didnt. I promised someone I would try to be stoic here. He may or may not see this though.
From "Dont send me to school Appa I want to be with you, to I want to go do the MBA and NOT work", you have seen me grow from dependence to independence, from attachments to self reliance, from fear to love... But I am still your baby at heart Appa. It is awesome just to be your child.
You have fought with me like a bro, scolded me like a dad, seen me through like a guide, I have no idea how I will do without a large part of it in the remaining 3 quarters of my life. I know what you will say now,"You are my child. You will fare well." I hope so too Appa. :)
I have never been too good at expressing love either. But we both know what we feel in our heart, without being said.
I love you Appa. You are MINE! JUST MINE! :)
Ummmmma!! :)
Your Baby!

Jun 16, 2010

Speechless -4

[All I could manage :(]

Things I Learnt Here...

  1. Tamilians wont use other languages if they know you understand their language.
  2. Tamilians have a different thing at every meal time. Morning Sambhar rice, noon Rasam rice, evening Curd rice. And the next day, it would be morning Rasam rice and so on.
  3. They name places either with -pakkams or -pett
  4. Never take a new pair of chappals when you go to a new place. You never know what awaits you there.
  5. Never ever take a Reliance SIM anywhere in the world. -I lost every break trying to make sense to those customer care people of theirs.-
  6. Life is all about having fun. :)
  7. There are people who sweep the floor with two brooms simultaneously.
  8. When you lose your way. you learn another.
  9. Human mind does not have Circular Reference problems unlike the very organized mechanical counterparts.
  10. Computers are sadder than an Alzheimer's hit mind.
  11. Some people have a unique way of complicating things.
  12. A notified surprise test, is an oxymoron.
  13. Language is not a barrier. It is just an inhibition you create for yourself.  [I talk to my Tamilian rommies in English and they reply in Tamil And we understand each other perfectly.]
  14. Friends just happen. :)
Tidbits : -
  • Kids have their own games with the obituary page of a newspaper. You never knew.. Right? Even I didnt. Until I talked about newspaper articles one day. They decide who is the oldest dead man and ceremonially give them the status of a victor, for the day.
  • Someone's comment on Raavan's song.. "behne de" means 'Let me flow' and not 'Give me sisters'.
  • I wonder if it is the same sun that rises in Thrissur and Chennai :P
And finally, Having fun is not an option. It is a necessity. :)

Jun 9, 2010

Lesson for the day :

Orkut, Facebook, Gmail and Blogger are not the only sites on Internet. :P

Jun 8, 2010

First Post From The New Place.

Two days into this college, and my first post. Well well well.. Is the new place agreeing with me? Obviously yes! Is it perfect? Nope. Obviously not.
I remember coming here. My uncle and cousin gave me a pleasant surprise by coming to see me off. In the train, [lemme start from there.] after crossing the Tamil Nadu borders, we get this vendor trying to sell CDs.

A co passenger : Can I get the CDs of Hindi movies?
Vendor : Of course!
She leaves and brings back a bunch of CDs.
He browses through it and says "These are all Tamil."
Vendor : "athaa.. hindi movie thana?"
Hindi movies were all DUBBED into Tamil and even the covers changed.
I realised they loved their language 'too much'.

The rains came with me to Chennai. It rained for two days and they said it was unusual to rain at this time of the year.
Now it is more like the shift from ACs of classes to hot weather of the city during the breaks. I donno if I should get a sweater or abandon the extra clothing.
It is an awesome campus. And the faculty is so sweet and soft spoken, I think Kerala could do with some people like that.

Another aspect of a campus life.
I am dumped with 119 other people to make friends with. Or at least live with, for two years. I like most of them. The rest? I am yet to get acquainted with them. :) One thing was that most knew me from the community and recognized me as soon as they saw me. So it kinda embarrassed me to ask their names. The bad part being, I dont learn names in one go.

Now the first day, I reach there alone. [Dad having left to stay with a colleague of his, was gonna be late.] We are given the schedules and we start off.
During the classes, one gal, Pallavi and I get together and start ranting about how we could not get into a decent hostel. And by the end of the day, we had become pretty close acquaintances. And we step out of the Insti and see our dads chatting like there is no tomorrow outside. By the time I had made friends with her, her dad and my dad had managed a rapport on their own.
I met up with the others I had acquainted online. One 'rowdy' who turned out to be a sweet guy in person.. One Ophy, who turned out to be cute and sweet. And incidentally, a guy who had added me from the community and tried flirting in the first chat [we never had another, I blocked him], turned out to be a fraud who never really was admitted to LIBA.
People are different in person from their online personas.

Another thing is, I donno if it is sad or good, I am not homesick. At least not yet. I enjoy this atmosphere [as in the campus atmosphere, not the climate] I enjoy being on my own for once. I enjoy the freedom of making my own decisions. Like which one to buy and which not to. Where to stay and where not to. Talking about stay, Pallavi and I actually went asking for PG facilities in the neighborhood on our own. That, for me was a first. And for her. She is a Bengali, pampered by parents as much as mine did to me. It makes me proud that we actually hunted for houses in a new place with a communication problem.
When we finally manage to do something, the joy is tremendous.

About classes, the schedule is kinda ok now. 9am to 5pm. But will soon be a 8am to 9.30pm schedule, or that is what the profs frighten us with. But I love the learning part of this life. Really.
There are all kinds of things coming up. I am excited about it.
This looks like a journal entry now. But that is how I exactly feel about the stay here. I have loads of plans for these two years. Hope some of them come true. :)

I used to wonder why they took me in when better qualified people [at least in my perspective] were not. I got my answer today. It was all about my attitude. I made it clear I was eager to learn, [which I really am]. And to convince them about why I chose this field.
I am happy I made it here.
Today, a senior who is doing her interns along with an IIM-ite was sharing her experience with us and she was saying how some of the classes we have here about are not even touched upon in IIMs. But brand value certainly is an advantage. :)

Till I can grab a couple of hours after the classes before its dark here, [I walk back to hostel]
See you all.
Trust me, I love what I am doing now. I donno about tomorrow. But tomorrow is yet another day. :)

Jun 3, 2010


One day, I was chatting to a friend of mine when I realized how much I am addicted to this internet thingy..

Him : It is better than someone telling me my story is all plagiarized.
Me : No! Who said that? :-o
Him : A close friend once said so. :P
Me : When? And what did you say?
Him : I was dropping him on my bike to the bus stop. And he says this. :(
So temme, what would I have said? How would I have reacted?
Me : I donno.. I have never pissed you off till date. :P So.. What was it?
Him : You know me.. What would I have said?
Me : Got me in a fix :D
You wud ve said "You really want me to drop you in the bus stop right? " :D
Him : That reaction happens only in a relaxed mood.
Me : Eashwara! What will you say!
Him : Guess.
Me : You must have sent him a smiley. :?
Him : No smileys in real life dear.. :P He said it while I was giving him a lift to bus stop. :D

Anyways the chat went further so...

Him : You are too bad at guessing.
  The answer
  "I kept mum"
 me: I told you!!!!!
I mean that was what I had been bursting to say
  But you said you "said" somthing!!@@
 Him : :D Forgive me for that.

I will be into my de-addiction center soon. :P College. Wont have much time to be online too I guess. I am sad I will not able to blog. I am sad I wont be able to take care of my blog much. But I might just find a way. ;)

Till then, do take care. :)
Love you all! :)

PS- I do use a lot of smileys while I chat eh?