Jun 21, 2010

Love you Appa..

Two weeks into a different life and I realized that I value a lot of things more than I expected. And that one thing I value most, My Appa, to the most loveliest awesomest bestestest dad in the world, I just wanted to say I love you. Appa misses me. Oh, he calls every day to let me know.
"As soon as I enter your room, I feel like crying... Your room used to look so unorganized and used, it would make me scold you almost every day. And now, when I go there, it is a dead place. Tears come to my eyes when I realize you were the heart of this home. This place is dead without you baby.."
Yes Appa, I miss you too. I miss your daily treats, I miss those scoldings I thought I hate, I miss your your weekly advice sessions, I miss your stupid smile everytime I scold you. [:P] I miss that unkempt look you have when you are tired and all spent for the day... I miss everything about you.
I miss your love, your care and just the being of you..
Appa, this is a strange world, I find myself thrown into a new life and asked to bear with it. But I know your blessings will take me far ahead. I have tears in my eyes when I say this.

I remember us together. From when I was a baby of 3 years and you took me to a KG. To the day you came left me at LIBA, with that rare expression of love from you, a kiss. I know you cried on the way back. I didnt. I promised someone I would try to be stoic here. He may or may not see this though.
From "Dont send me to school Appa I want to be with you, to I want to go do the MBA and NOT work", you have seen me grow from dependence to independence, from attachments to self reliance, from fear to love... But I am still your baby at heart Appa. It is awesome just to be your child.
You have fought with me like a bro, scolded me like a dad, seen me through like a guide, I have no idea how I will do without a large part of it in the remaining 3 quarters of my life. I know what you will say now,"You are my child. You will fare well." I hope so too Appa. :)
I have never been too good at expressing love either. But we both know what we feel in our heart, without being said.
I love you Appa. You are MINE! JUST MINE! :)
Ummmmma!! :)
Your Baby!


Anonymous said...

^ _ ^

u r an angel.. ur dad's angel... ((-:

Durga Nandan said...

:) thanks..

rameez said...

I can so connect with this post. It was beautiful.
Nothing more to add, except that it brought out a tear or two.

Durga Nandan said...

I read it again after 2 years. I have done my MBA now and have started working. But, the tears came anyway. And I still long for all that love from him. Damn. Cant wait to go back home :D

@ramz: Cheerz! :)