Nov 25, 2013

Mass murderers nabbed in Chennai

Breaking news: Two were found dead in the premises of a house in Chennai after consuming a large quantity of 'Lakshmanrekha' chalk. They were a part of a mass murder gang that has a strategy of poisoning food and water to kill large number of civillians gradually without leaving traces or evidence.
The two are trained in stealth attacks and alleged to be genetically modified to withstand extreme conditions.
The duo had entered the system of flats through their plumbing and hence been overlooked and unnoticed by the security and housekeepers.

A member of the special task force assigned to nab them said "We had plans of trapping them at night, which is usually when they operate. They had information of us. (So) we could not capture them alive. But it is a victory. They did not have chance to further kill anyone else. But we are still investigating the modus operandi of the group. (We) will capture more in recent future."

The cockroaches were unceremoniously thrown into the dustbin.

Sep 28, 2013

Copy? Or Create? -On Individuality.

I do not understand why parents have to indoctrinate their belief system into their kids. Religion, organization of stuff, way of living.. Now, one boils milk and then puts tea. Someone else puts tea at another time. Both get tea for heavenssake! One believes in a christian god the other in a hindu god and yet another does not give a damn to any of these. All of them die in the end!

And I will get mad if I get into the religious fanaticism part of it. I dont care if 'your god' protects the crap out of people. I am an atheist. At least borders atheism. I dont understand crap like,"god decided to bless us cos we pray but decided to kick syria's(or afghanistan) ass cos they are a pack of blasphemic individuals." God is a pretty selfish fill up the blanks if that is the case. "Blessed are not those that are hungry for righteousness, but those that pray to me 5 times a day." Wonderful!

Nobody cares if you are very Monica-ish about cleanliness and orderliness. Some dont want their homes all freakishly clean or ordered 'according to size' and arranged alphabetically. People live in homes. Not run a military camp. They like it their way. That is one reason why we call it "their home" and not yours! Clean your house. Nobody cares. They have done stuff in their houses that way cos they like it that way. Not cos it pleases you. Your liberty stops when it starts interfering in someone else's life. Nobody cares if you prefer living the other way. They have their own ways. Let that be!

The nosy stuff :  For instance, I dont like it when you follow me around asking if it was a message on my phone or if you start peeping into my laptop. I hate noses poked in my business. Period. I dont like anyone even touching my phone. Let alone know wtf someone messaged me. Get a da*n life please!

I have seen some parents who do not let their kids do things independently. They like having control over every bit of their kids' lives. From deciding what to wear to buying stuff for them to deciding where to invest. Now, if you have the balls to earn, you should know where to invest or spend. At least have some basic bloody idea! Otherwise it is just bills given to a baboon. DO NOT run around asking
 'mummy mummy and daddy daddy,
 here is my money
please invest it for me!"
There is a reason it is called your money.

A word to the future parents : You should let your kids have a mind of their own. Not make them do stuff you want, the way you like for as long as you like it. It is blasphemy of personal freedom if you ask me. It is your kid, not an origami paper you can shape into whatever just because you 'own' it. Let them find out and venture out. Dont make them a doctor or engineer just because you are one or you think they should be one -or the worst kind,- cos you could not be one. They are not you. They have an organ called the brain. Dont make it a vestigial organ. You do not ask a child not to walk cos it falls down. You lend a hand but leave it once in a while so that the child can walk on its own. A parent who does everything for his child is evidently crippling it. In every sense.

I know of a man who does not even know how much the local repair shop could cost you for some repairs. And he is married. Has a family of his own. Every time he needs something done, he runs to 'daddy'. Daddy what do I do for this? For that? And instead of making him do it, 'daddy' does it for him. How long? For how long?
Or he goes about making stupid mistakes like getting chairs that will break if you sit on it. Or paying Rs150 for 2 kms. All that crappy beliefs about 'not having a god' being blasphemy... Atheists are just as fine ass all these believers. FYKI, a 3 am wake up call for prayers is not in anyone's to do list. A 'my mummy/daddy said so.' is not a good enough reason. After Lower KG that is.

This mummy daddy syndrome will only make very dependent individuals who have no clue how to live in a society on their own. And in turn these individuals, if I may call them so, will produce more copies of theirs in time. More "major repair needed" copies.

Please let your children think. Do things on their own. Let them be independent. Let us face it, they have to live on even after you start resting in your perpetual graves.

Sep 24, 2013

Indira, India and fuels.

You know, if Indira was there, she would have nationalized crude oil and petroleum sector. :(

This was a status I had put up some days back and you can see how that went here.
I was expecting someone to point out the glaring hole in this whole idea. Nobody did, and hence I will point it out myself.

While it is a good idea to nationalize the crude oil sector so as to keep a check on the oil imports and the forex changing hands, we need to see what happens after that.
Reliance, if nationalized, will bring down the prices of indigenous oil produce. Now, there will be reduction in prices (reliance/desi oil bringing it a bit down). But that would also mean more people find it affordable. Or people will stop thinking twice before using a car for that 100 m drive.-which they think twice about, right now-
While they get back to 'I can afford to' mode, the requirement will rise up further. Every tom dick and harry will be using his car to show off and travel those petty distances.
As the demand rises, prices will have to either rise or the supply has to.
Either shankaran will get back to the coconut tree or we will pay more forex anyway.
So, technically that would just be a way to stall a higher but imminent price hike. Only advantage would be that instead of a capitalist pocket, we will be filling other pockets.
Sourcing from countries that would accept rupee is only a temporary solution. A permanent one has to be sought. Btw, there is this article in The Hindu today, that talks about substituting conventional fuels for vehicles with ethanol. That seems to be a brilliant idea. We are after all the second largest producer of sugar cane. We just need a government with balls to do that.

Sep 5, 2013

Pre-marriage and Post-marriage with Pre-mish and our family.

എഴുതിയിട്ട് കാലങ്ങൾ ആയി .
This is going to be a mixed post. In terms of language and themes. It would also include the problems of a writer who has been out of touch with writing for a long time now.
Wanted to write before marriage about the hullabaloo people make around the bride. You feel special alright but you also feel awkward and disgusted sometimes. Wanted to pen every incident. But was kinda busy, what with my marriage and all. Still, some that stuck a glaring picture, penned down...
Co-worker before marriage one day - Are you shy? (Does it help that it was a guy who asked me this?)
Although taken aback, I was like "No, I already know the guy. And am not really the shy type."
കല്യാണം കഴിക്കുന്നവരെക്കാൾ ഡൌട്ട് ആണി കല്യാണം കാണുന്നവർക്ക്‌ .
"Love marriage ആണോ ? സത്യം പറ !"
There were women in my extended family who came and declared "You donno how to cook. How are you going to survive there? Oh you are gonna lose face for the family."
I find most of such stuff funny and irritating.
I was also busy tending to my marriage business. (So much shopping and getting ready I say!!!) Hence didnt have much time.
Thankfully no one came and had the guts to ask me "how much are you giving?" mostly cos they know what my reaction would be. Oh, except one. A friend had asked me over chat what I was giving the groom's family. I got furious and asked him to mind his own business. And he went about to apologize and tell me how he was not going to 'give anything' for his sister's marriage and was totally against that custom.

Anyway, 3 months into marriage and more than a year of courtship, I finally get time to pen down some stuff.

The scene changes once you are married. Every tom dick and harry then wants to know what the 'vishesham' is. (Which means "Are you expecting?" in a euphemistic way.) And the opening line always is "Oh you have gotten fat. Dont gain any more fat ok?" Like they were so concerned about my cholesterol levels before!
And the endless questions about whether I learnt to cook, what I cook daily and whether he likes the food. And about how his family treats me and stuff like that.
Typical nosy stuff.
The groom's family and extended family is quite religious on contrast with me. They were all asking what kinda prayers I know, whether I prayed for the day, how often I go to pray... Well it also irritates me a bit considering what Bible has mentioned about prayers "But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Matthew 6:6" which all these religious people seem to forget. Why should anyone know whether or what the other one prays? What good does it do to you?

Anyway after 3 months, all I have learnt about marriage is that, even though you live with a single person, you live in a glass house. All visible and vulnerable to the world. Or so the world thinks.
Another budday coming up together. :) This time it is me, my sis and my hubby who will be celebrating our buddays on the same day. Hopefully it is a good good day and a good good night. :)

Jul 26, 2013

Things I believed when I was a child...

  • I thought babies could be bought. In fact, when I wanted a sibling, I would ask mom and dad to buy one and come when they come from office. :) They b(r)ought one home a year later. :)
  • Later, I thought babies happened when a man and woman hugged and kissed. Little did I know there was a lot more to it than kisses and hugs.
  • I thought actors lived inside the TV. They had similar looking people and they jumped to start acting when I switched on my TV. I would switch the TV on and off in succession to see whether they are a proactive lot and adhered to time. They had one person for each TV from a lot that looked similar. And since we are buying these people also, the TV is costly.
  • I used to believe that the Indian flag had orange at the top and the Kerala flag has red on top. (Thanks to my very imaginative mom!)
  • I used to think that people who ate non veg on sundays are all christians. So much that I believed the neighbours who didnt buy meat on sundays were hindus.
  • I used to be scared of pencils cos I thought it was made of lead. Thanks to my mom who made it a point to educate me of lead poisoning :-|
  • I used to think that when people fell in love they actually danced and ran around bushes singing songs.
  • I thought 'gelf' and 'persia' were countries thanks to my mallu upbringing.
  • My dad had me believe that eating a seed would make a plant sprout inside my tummy. I was so scared of eating water melon.
  • There is a small hill near my home (Vilangan hill). When I went up there, I always thought that I was seeing Tamil Nadu towards the end of the horizon.
  • Incidentally, I also wanted to walk to the end of the horizon to see where the sky and earth met. The best part is, I did walk the farthest my tiny legs could carry me. I was disappointed profusely that they never met and seemed to go further away as I tried walking nearer.
  • I would ask my dad why the moon kept following us. And he would say that is cos he was showing us light.
  • While looking at their wedding album, mom and dad told me that they didnt take me to the wedding because I was a reallllllly small baby then and could not be carried around. And I believed them.
  • While sitting on the bike with dad (used to sit in front of him on the fuel tank), I used to act like I am in fact controlling the bike and he is merely holding the handles. And that if I concentrated enough on the actions, it would look real to the ousiders.
  • I used to think that the people who owned an Omni were running underground businesses and killed and kidnapped people. - Thanks to the Molly,Kolly,Bollywoods. I was in fact scared of my mom's cousin who owned one for his business. The fact that he called it his 'business vandi(vehicle)' scared me further.
  • My parents are bankers. And I used to think their job was to mint money.
  • My mom had me believe that bathing in fowl shit would make me beautiful and that she was beautiful because when she was a kid, grandma had made her take bath in it. I asked her if I could bath in fowl shit one day. She readily agreed :D
  • I used to think there were people up in the sky. They have a life of their own. I still do. :)
  • I used to think that sanitary pads are used to clean spilt ink. But always wondered why only women used it!
  • I thought that when there is a rain, there is a specific area the cloud covers. So when you stand on the boundary of it, one side of you is in the rain while the other side is dry. I always wanted to stand on one.
  • I used to believe that the world would end in 2000 AD and me and my cousins (when we were together for summer holidays) would go up the terrace and chant stuff to avoid it. Seems like it worked :P
  • I used to think that if you take your hands off the steering wheel, the car goes here and there and will hit things. I still get scared if hubby does not have at least a hand on the steering wheel. :D
  • I used to wonder how a paper could be sent through such small wires. (The fax machine)
  • Mom told me that people in aeroplane could actually see us wave. So every time I heard a plane fly, I would drop everything and run out. Shout 'bye!' and hope they acknowledge my bye with dropping something down since I cant see them.
  • I would think that pills had a way of finding their way to the problem spot in the body. And that capsules opened themselves up after reaching my stomach.
  • I used to conjure up various spellings for the word 'mic'. Maike, mike... Wondered which was the right one. Btw, how many of you know that mic is just a short form of the word microphone even now? :P
  • I used to think that 'to let' boards were written by people who were illiterate and missed an 'i'. Thought those toilets were a public service. Even when I was a kid, I was obsessed with language. I love languages. Especially English and Malayalam.
  • Used to think that banks existed on river banks only. Hence the similar usage. (Kerala used to be abundant with 44 rivers. Big and small. So I didnt doubt myself a bit!)
  • I used to think that older people had a different set of names Jose, Nair, Baby... and kids another set - Siji, Biji, Jo... (I am a mallu and these are common names for one there.)
  • Feathers, when kept inside books without being shown the sky, would get a baby. I bought a feather cap while on a tour hence and pulled out all the feathers and put them in a book. After a long time when their baby feathers didnt grow or have baby feathers at all, I asked the perfect person for the answer. My mom. Her answer was simple. "They already saw sky when on the bird. So you would have to breed a bird in the dark for such feathers." I was disappointed.
  • I used to believe that uncle Scrooge was real and he really had a biiiiiiiig vault of money. Thanks to DD, I didnt have many cartoons to watch while I was a kid.
  • My mom had me believe that someone came and put flesh on my feet at night and that is how I grow tall. One day, determined to find how much I grew and catch that person, I marked my height on the wall and went to sleep. Pretended to be asleep. Nobody came and I didnt grow taller. Confronted mom and she burst out laughing.
  • I really thought there were tiny people living in some part of the world. Like Lilliput. Dont ask me why.
  • The head ornament I wore for my first holy communion was pure gold and that mom had borrowed it from a neighbour. Guess who was behind this lie too!
  • Used to think everyone slept at night. Until we went for an overnight trip somewhere and saw the roads were still abuzz with activity.
  • Used to think I was in a TV show. I would act all up thinking cameras were following me everywhere I went.
  • Another misconception I had was that hawala ( supposedly synonymous with black money for me, then. A little back ground on this word -this is called "kuzhal panam", which literally translated means pipe money.) was in fact money flowing through pipes. So if someone from Kerala is caught in Mumbai with 'kuzhal panam', he put the money from kerala and it flowed through the pipe till Mumbai and the receivers took it. So, if we dug the earth randomly, we will see these pipes. Needless to say, OFC cable diggers both scared and fascinated me. :D
And then I grew up. :(

Jul 11, 2013


American tax payers are idiots. A big chunk from that goes into tapping calls and snooping. Tell me what you get out of it Mr Tax Payer? :)

Sources : The Hindu
PS- It is funny how the Americans find it fine to be looted by their own to betray others.

The Story so far, for the people who missed it - Edward Forward...

Jul 6, 2013

Snooping, Snowden and Alternatives

It is a bit late to analyse this situation but I felt so strongly about the way everyone other than a US citizen has been violated of their privacy and faith.

Now, obviously everyone who continues reading would have a basic idea about what the whole incident is.
So, what are our alternatives?
1. ICANN (controlled by the US dept of Commerce ) is controlling all our website registrations and tracking it. This makes it easier for them to snoop around who does what and what goes on, where. Although this was not a part of the revelations by Snowden, it is only common sense to understand why they fight tooth and nail to keep that control within themselves. We should revisit the need to have a separate body under the UN to control the  website registrations and other related services. I am not saying that it will not be under the influence of the who is who from the upper strata of the US government, but at least it will be lesser.
Now, we also see that there is a price variation for the .us extensions. It is higher. Why? (Any thoughts are welcome on this. :) )

2. We are so dependent on the WOS, and MS and Google that we cannot hide anything even if we wished, from these giants and programs. We need indigenous developers to bring out alternatives. They need to be encouraged for further secure innovations. I can see the time in future where we might just go back to snail mail because there is too much snooping around.

3. I also foresee the danger of the US trying to gain the upper hand if any outbursts happen from other countries by flaunting the fact that they have sensitive information about that particular country, which if ousted could bring in enemies from all over the world. In other words, BLACKMAIL. Even its allies (NATO countries included) are under the RADAR and snooped on.

4. OFCs and telephone cables for any operator, has to be installed in the host country. Not in the US. or a country of their choice. At least, the outbound links and streaming can be monitored. Indian companies should be encouraged. I feel it has become the need of the hour to have another Swadeshi movement. This time, against all the global crap being dumped as 'imported' items and how we are getting exploited by these 'foren saabs' and not for our bread and butter.

5. Remember when there was a proposition to change the global exchange currency from the dollar to remnibi or anything other than the dollar? If so, you will also remember how the US oppressed that move and in a year (at the max), that discussion had bitten dust - Partly due to the debates across countries on which currency should it be- . Why? They control the global currency rates. And remain economically powerful hence.
It will be an extremely hard move, but getting another currency nearly as established as the dollar will bring down the power of dollar.

It is not the Big Brother watching any more. It is the BIG D*MN BULLY who is. Let all the minions understand this and take steps together to combat this bully who needs to know what his place is.
Incidentally, there is a lesser discussed partner in crime for this Big Bully. The UK is hand in hand with the BB in this project, although I suspect that they are being made to give more information the to the BB than take any, as any balances with the BB on one side will be.

Jul 5, 2013

Another idiot on the roll!

So this idiot, comes along and argues with me as shown above. He blames God when he cannot explain it. Metaphor otherwise. Somehow, they have changed the meaning of Metaphor for his use.
He opportunistically blames miracles and claims to know the Bible better than anyone at times and feigns ignorance at other times. Now, I am NOT an atheist. I just feel like kicking the 'blind belief' in its shin once a while and see where it goes. That conversation went on although I never took part in it after this point. Had enough fun already. :)

Love and Sarcasm,
Durga Nandan

Jul 3, 2013

100% FDI in Telecom

Telecom Commission gives 100% FDI  nod.
Impact: As much as the foreign inflow of investment will be there, there will be an outflow of profits and  in the long run a lot of 'Indian money'.
Will create jobs.
Will bring in good competition and technology.
Bring down the tele-connectivity prices (Hopefully. If anyone can give me a reason for or against this, it would be great.)
But is India not saturated enough a market for growth? Will investments flow in like expected?

Attapady Malnourished

Daily News : Brinda Karat laments on the Attapady crisis.

Daily Dose : Although the article shows how knowledgeable she is about the crisis, it does not tell us what she has done for them.

Jun 6, 2013

Salaried thoughts.

I recently read a post on that talked about marriages and salary expectations. ( The Post )
My thoughts on why this is so.
(For those who cannot read the post on Quora, the question was : Why (do) Indian brides, mostly educated, who are looking for grooms expects (a) much higher income the(a)n their own?)

I think it all comes down to

1. The patriarchal attitude embedded for centuries in Indian minds. "Man should earn more or he will live off my girl's money. The more, the merrier."
2. Status symbol. "Boy earns much more than my girl does. My girl is worth it."
3. Girls themselves feel "If am worth so much, my husband should be worth more." Thing is, money is used to measure worth. And not character or other reasons.
4. And men "My ego is big enough to gobble you up if you bring more bread to the family than me."

Somehow, I feel in a way it is a better choice since, it'll bring in more harmony. Especially, in arranged marriages. You have no clue how the other person is, yet. Better to start off on the right foot.
I know of instances where my friends have had inquiries about their bank balances for proposals.

Bottomline : Unless this society changes from patriarchal to equal, (no, I dont think that is gonna happen anytime soon.) I dont think men can stop striving to better women.
And to men: Try harder. We were slow to start, but fast to catch up and better.

Update :
While I put this down to words, a friend of mine, who is also a palaeontologist, updates me on the evolutionary reasons for these choices.

Evolutionary speaking men and women invests a lot of energy in bringing an offspring in to the world, they contribute energy and genes, men gives half the genes and women the other half, but you see a woman has to bear the baby for 9 + months, its a tedious process and needs a huge investment of energy and nutrition,there is an inequality in parental investments,Ancestral females who had the right psychological mechanisms to find mates of higher value more sexually attractive than those of a lower value, would have been more reproductivly successful.Thus, females evolved preferences (information processing biases) that would enable them to assess such traits, and find them sexually and romantically attractive a female needs a man who could take care of herself and her baby and in order to do that the male should be compatible of providing her and her offspring (who shares genes from each) food, shelter and protecting from protection from other males. This is traits have evolved over the course of time as good financial prospects, older males, high social status, and an industrious character which are all signs of resource acquisition.

Further reading, look for the works by Thornhill and R.L.Trivers

Apr 15, 2013

Call Me Feminist. For all I care!

Indian society is predominantly patriarchal in nature how much ever it has 'claimed' that it has changed. Especially the men. When you are out with your man, unless you wear formals and look all 'I mean business', the serious talk goes to the man with you. All 'Oh! you look lovely ma'm!' and the similar lines are all you get.
The misconception that when a lady is all 'Indian' looking and with her guy on a meeting makes her an arm candy, has to change. I know, I cannot change it by this single blog post, but let me tell you, next time on a meeting, I will think umpteen times before I wear formal casuals (or anything at all casual) and about divulging the information that I am here with my man. (No offence to my man, he treats me like an angel straight out of heaven. But you know baby, I get real bugged about this 'you are a woman' thing they give me.)
Women, however judge another by how she looks and how it might increase her own visibility. Jealous a creed we are, we never understand that the other woman can look more awesome than you but can be a blockhead altogether or a great friend if you just gave it a chance. We kinda give the look 'Oh your skin starts 2 inches beneath all that make up' when someone is a tad better looking than us. No, I understand that we are wired differently. But lets realize this, looking all pretty and made up is good. But giving too much importance to looks just takes away your own value from other sources. For instance, your own brains.

Remember : Just cos you are the 'fairer' sex, does not mean you are the weaker one too.

Apr 10, 2013

Broken, Rotten and Ugly

The last time the girl told the guy a lie,
and went ahead to go die,
all she could do was
hide from him and cry.

So was the likeness
he had to the other big fat gloats,
she wondered if it was right,
to really have switched so many boats.
And she hid and cried.

Years went by,
and the guy still didnt know.
The girl was dead,
all inside -ugly and it still does rot.
They talked, lived together,
made three babies..

But there, the dead one inside her
never rose again.

Things just stayed
and years just flew.
On her death bed
she knew he never knew.

Now the outsides were dead
and a drop often fell,
from his eyes 'cos he cut onions,
once a while, well.

Reaven the child,
of Aadi the first,
ran and came and said
"Grandma had a diary.
To read, let us try."

Grandpa read it half
and knew the pain behind.
Grandpa read the rest
and wondered about the find.

Well, all said and done,
he still cried
only when onions were cut.
He still cried, ONLY when the onions were cut.

Apr 9, 2013

Daily News : 10 year old jailed for trying to file a complaint on sexual assault.

Daily Dose : Either we have assaulters wanting to be juveniles or we have mental juveniles trying to suppress 'genuine' complaints.


Mar 2, 2013

I could go to a land far far away. You know... like the Himalayas...
Would be nice out there. I guess.

Feb 27, 2013

On The Railway Budget

Daily News : 67 new trains announced.

Daily Dose : Bansalji has 'religiously' chosen the destinations for new trains. Don't you think?


Feb 26, 2013

10 Tips To Keep Your Child Safe(r)

Today at work, we find out that kids of this generation are too exposed to internet and information that they need to have a class on what to do and what not to do on the new media.
I am not going into the details of what happened but I am sure it might be a common phenomenon.
Recently, a friend of my boyfriend had some complications in her pregnancy and after telling me about it, he asked me if I was scared of pregnancy myself. Now, I love kids and pregnancy is something every woman looks forward to. Even if it means she has to go through a lot of pain for that, herself.

But the incident that happened today, scared me. I am worried this is the kind of world I have to send my kids to-like Phoebe was with her brother's triplets-. Rapists who do not understand the concept of right and wrong, Internet filled with things kids should not be exposed to at such a tender age. I didn't even know such words existed when I was that age. (Of the mischief maker who made all of us go 'ewwwww' at his behaviour)
Why should I say more than the fact that at that age, I used to think kids happened when people kissed or hugged!

May be you would call it ignorance and probably that ignorance kept me innocent for a longer time. But today, I understand kids should be educated about the pitfalls and loopholes in interacting with the outside world. But it is totally a subjective decision of any parent/ guardian on how much the kid should know.
So, what should you do as a parent?

1. The identity of a child has to be secure no matter where it is. Online or offline. Do whatever you have to do for that. It is your duty to keep the child safe.

2. There is a lot of violence in the video games these days. Be sure of what kind of games the child gets into. Since it shapes the way the kid thinks about violence, he might end up believing violent ways of achieving his end goals are fine. Bullies are born out of such kids.

3. Depending on what the kids spend time on, the internet could turn out to be the new era idiot box. 

4. Social interactions online are to be monitored. Online predators and crimes against children through this media are on the rise.

5. Cellphones are a tool for connectivity today. But it also is a platform for unsolicited attention for your child from antisocial predators. Long back, we used to have a mentally disturbed man call our landline and talk crap. We installed a caller id and called him back to find out that it was a public telephone booth. Someone had it all planned out. Although that booth operator took precautions and no more calls came after that, it was disturbing to get such calls. 
Now, why would not your child report such advances? Imagine your child fights with you to get a mobile phone. You give him the phone and then he ends up having this trouble. The child might decide not to speak up about it because he feels it was his fault or decision to have a phone in the first place and mom or dad might take the phone away if this problem is reported or scold him and punish him for it. The child does not realize the gravity of what could happen to him.
So, be friendly while dealing with problems of technology (in general as well). If you are unsure how to deal with it or if you are unfamiliar with the technology yourself, please do not hesitate to take the help of a skilled person. It will save you and your child from grave danger.

6. Never send your child outside alone after it gets dark. I know it sounds all 'conservative' or 'Indian'. Or whatever you tend to call it. But, these days antisocial elements have lost the sense of age or ability or any of the normal senses attributed to humans.
Once the child is emotionally scarred, it is very difficult to bring it back to normal life and mindsets easily. So, better be careful than regret later. These days even neighbors or 'relatives' accompanying the kid is not advisable. It was revealed in the study that most of the time girls are introduced to sex trafficking through relatives and neighbors. There are approximately 2 million child commercial sex workers between the age of 5 and 15 years and about 3.3 million between 15 and 18 years. They form 40% of the total population of commercial sex workers in India. 500,000 children are forced into this trade every year. (ref: smile foundation) Hope this gives you an idea of why this post is 'conservative'. 

7. Educate them to understand that nobody has the right to abuse (define and explain what all consists of abuse - it has a cultural context and hence I dont want to elaborate it here) them. Ask them to raise voice or react when something in the purview of that happens. Most importantly, train them to be assertive about their safety.

8. I remember, when I was in my KG, the first thing they taught me (even before I was taught abcd) was my name and address. I could recite the address any time you asked. This was indeed a good thing if I had gotten lost. Make sure the kid understand about why he is learning it.

Lastly, two things I think are important:
9. Creative safety is an aspect I personally think is important. Lets take the example of Calvin and Hobbes. (The comic strip, for those who are *still* unaware of them.) The child is so creative and imaginative. But finds that the parents are not conducive to his thoughts. May be you feel what he says is rubbish. But your child has equal rights to express his thoughts as you.
Listen to him. Understand what he says, or try to. May be a medium like paint or blogs or pen would bring out a side you might miss out about him otherwise. This is an important part of bringing up your child safely because it encourages him to think freely and out of the box. An essential part of bringing up an independent individual.

10. Emotional security is by far the most important. Let your child know that even if you scold or reprimand the child for something, you are always approachable and that you love him. This will give the child a confidence to approach you when it needs. Many dangers can be averted if the child comes and tells you about things he is not comfortable about in the beginning stage itself.

Feb 11, 2013

On a later date : note to self- atharanavo!

അവള്‍ ഒരു സുന്ദരി ആണ്. വെറും സുന്ദരി അല്ല ഞാന്‍ കണ്ടിട്ടുള്ളതില്‍ വച്ച് ഏറ്റവും സുന്ദരി. ഗ്ലാമര്‍ ഉണ്ട് എന്നല്ല ഉദേശിച്ചേ. ഒരു പാവം കോച്ചാ. പക്ഷെ നല്ല കുട്ടിയാ..
തോട്ടാവാടി പോലെ, നനുത്ത പൂ ആണ് എന്‍റെ കുട്ടി. പണ്ട് മുത്തശ്ശി പറഞ്ഞിട്ടുണ്ട്.. "സ്നേഹിക്കുന്ന ചെക്കന്‍ തൊട്ടാല്‍ പെണ്ണ് ചെമ്പകപൂ പോലെ തുടുക്കും എന്ന്. എന്‍റെ കുട്ടി പിന്നെയും സുന്ദരി ആയിരിക്കുന്നു.
ഒരു മൊട്ടു വിരിയുന്ന പോലെ ഞാന്‍ അവളെ കണ്ടു.. എന്റെ മുന്നില്‍ അവള്‍ വിരിഞ്ഞ റോസാ പൂ പോലെ തുടുത്ത് വന്നു. എന്‍റെ  സുന്ദരികുട്ടി.
വാലെന്റയിനെസ് ഡേയ്ക്ക് ഒന്നും സ്പെഷ്യല്‍ ആയി ചെയ്തില്ല എന്നതിന്ടെ പരിഭവം കഴിഞ്ഞ കൊല്ലം ഞാന്‍ കണ്ടതാ. ദേഷ്യപെടില്ല. വെഷമിച് അങ്ങോട്ട ഇരിക്കും.

Jan 28, 2013

Shadows and Light

Sometimes in life, dark shadows are all you see. But it helps to remember that there is a source of light. You just have to find where it is.

Jan 26, 2013

The Outburst of an Indian Wife.

I am Indian.
I am a wife.
I married for love
because it is the modern age.

Earlier we had,
these silly reasons.
Money, status, family and fame.
They married for that
and lived with that.
For no one dared question.
No one dared change.

The winds of change has blown around.
The hearts of men have changed a bit
Not fully, I say.
Not fully, but bit.

I am an Indian,
I am a wife.
I have not changed; name - my own.
for the sake of it to be shown.
I have a job
and that was my dowry.
For the world knows
I can stand on my own,
if things go awry.

I do decide.
He does decide.
And we get to say
and stay together
in matters of life.

I am ninety now
and see my kids
married and in a total mess.
Maybe, they didnt learn
or try to see.
What husband did
to the life of me.

They live-in now,
dont have kids.
Earn for two
and spend for three.

This aint what I
dreamt of then.
This aint what I predicted.
My husband is gone
And I am still here.
Hope he sees me
and my imminent fear.

Bless our sons,
Bless me too.
If you cant help this helpless soul,
you better now,
take me too.

Sometimes I wonder if Darwin was right.
Where did we go?
Forward or back?
Did we make mistakes?
Or did we do right?

Jan 25, 2013

Land of Alps

Which town did we move to?
Where the rainbows of the Alps are shining?
Which town is further away?
And how long is it?

Lands of fury,
of might and of love.
Cries are heard,
in the dusk and dawn.

Prayers for sons,
husbands and loves.
Craters of loses
stitched onto the edges
and lives with hems.

The war is done
and the land is free.
But the minds are not,
They are a crying spree.
The start of a day, starts at night. And the start of a night during the day.

Jan 24, 2013

Daily News : Delhi Gangrape victim clears her Physiotherapy exam.

Daily Dose : She is still passing the exams set by humans. But failed the one set by life. What's the use?

Jan 23, 2013

Life is not always just about you

So, again a long time no see. :)
Been the longest I guess, since I wrote here. I dont even dare to calculate how many days. So, this boyfriend of mine gives me a piece of his mind about why I didnt write a single thing for so long.
My life revolved around a lot of other things lately. What they say is true. Growing up is a lot of trouble. Responsibilities and worries. Although it is not just that. A lot of good things came up. I know how the outside world is. I decided to commit for life.

Well, he is demanding. It is hard for him to say what you did is perfect and upto my standards. -Almost never.- He does not ask me to do something. He asks me to finish the task. He does nt ask me whether I finished something. He asks me to give a status update. It is like having a full time manager in your life.I have had times when I had to remind him that he is a manager only in his office. But still.. He is one awesome person. And I cant imagine my life without him now.

Anyway, coming back to my random thoughts, I met a lady today. She is a single mom. She has marks of grave injuries all over her body. Visible and prominent ones. So, let me just tell you it was not the best life she had before we met. Into her late 50s. Professionally, exceptionally high in position. Personally, still enjoys the freedom women would yearn for. Incidentally, I am sure she does nt have everything in life. But, with what she has, she makes the most of life.

I get upset over petty things. But when I talked to her, I was like, man! I should be ashamed of having made any of my troubles an issue. I would not go into the details of her past. But I can assure you, it is beyond your imagination.

Life has been difficult lately. But talking to her kinda made it easier for me to imagine how worse it could have been.
I hope I can cope with things way better than what I am doing right now. It is not easy. But definitely worth a shot. If she can come out of such unspeakables, I can make it out alive and thriving for sure.

There have been a lot of random thoughts I missed recording because of my laziness or disinterest. Hopefully, I ll record it more frequently now. No promises. None to myself anyway. :) So, certainly not to my readers. :) Lets see.. :)


Jan 10, 2013

Daily News : Kilogram standard specimen heavier due to contamination.

Daily Dose : Ask that fellow to follow the Indian Kilogram's diet. Particularly, our shopkeepers'.


Jan 9, 2013

Daily News : Mangalayaan, the Indian mission to Mars to take off soon.

Daily Dose : It is as if the solutions to all our problems wait in 'Mangal'. Astrolomy.. Oops! Astronomy ya(or) agarbattis!


Jan 4, 2013

Daily News : The Indian team loses miserably in the match against Pakistan.

Daily Dose : Divided we stand, United we fall!


Jan 3, 2013

Daily News : A separate police report will be sent to the Juvenile Justice Board after a bone test confirms that he is a minor.

Daily Dose : Bone test or Boner test? He does not have a backbone as far as India knows!