Sep 30, 2010

For You Alma Mater...

The canopy over my head, feathery green bow.
The orangy sun racing for home..
Patchy sky, church and its chimes.
Sodium lamps spreading light flood.
The solitary crow, on the top of Tall Tree.
Gravelly road, leading ahead.
Once in a while, someone walking bent head..
All this makes my walk worthwhile ahead..

Sep 27, 2010

"It is not solitary confinement. It is solitaire confinement. The only frigging game on my comp!" A friend who has an office to his own and is kinda alone in the whole place and cant quit yet screams..
तुमसे ज्यादा प्यार मुझे जो देंगा,
उससे प्यारा और कही न देखा :P

Sep 26, 2010

He is a stupid. But I hope he does not make it a habit. :P

Sep 20, 2010

The world can only be so much blind so as not to see two souls in love.
These days they even have eye drops for it. :P

Sep 18, 2010

My mind is shallow. Cant remember its bottom. It is filled with your memories...

Sep 15, 2010

Dhobi-isms and Dhobhiship thoughts..

A random life, A random thought.
Things have changed a f*kin lot.

I am into a lot of things now.
The acads, busy ones that never give you breathing space on one side, extras and clubs on another, relationships on yet another, and sleep to be balanced on. And of course, the dhobi job. That no one can do for me.
And in between all these, you get little time for your dreams, for self, for your loves.
But then, a manager manages himself or herself first... So, gotta make time.
Watching movies have been a recent craze for me. God knows why I never realized there were so many wonderful movies I had not gotten my hands on.
Some blog ideas are buzzing around in my mind. But I need time to type them and draw them out.
BTW, my happy budday just passed by. Yours truly is now a full 22 year old kid!!! :D :D

You know, I have some *GREAT* thoughts about being a dhobi. In fact, I respect them now. Being a dhobi requires special skills and knowledge.
Some facts about dhobiship and some dhobi-isms! [My finds obviously! You can agree with it :P ]

  1. He knows that new clothes are washed separately.
    Learnt it the hard way, mixed all clothes and washed once. :( Now a lot of my clothes have a black tinge to them.. :D
  2. He knows that some washing powders cause allergy.
    Incidentally, moi tried washing clothes the first time in Chennai to find blisters on my hand the very next day. And skin started peeling off which in turn turned red and scared me like hell.
    Slowly I got used to it and now, I wash like a pro here :P
  3. He knows that one bucket or two buckets, time consumed is a full day.
    At least, it does to me. :-|
  4. He knows that the day you wash, it rains in Chennai.
    Every time I wash, it rains here!! Even if it was sunny the whole day. Roommies ask me to wash when they need a lil bit of rain now. Seriously!
  5. There is one such thing as professional washing. You have to do test rides on a lot of your clothes to get a hang of it. But by then, a lot of your clothes would be good enough to sweep the floor.
  6. Washing machines aint available wherever you go. So better learn to wash!
  7. It is a very very very viable business in and around this place. I, in fact, had plans to start one as soon as I got in here. 
  8. When you are a lazy bum unwilling to wash, you will invariably have a roommie who is right behind you asking you to clean the mess. :P
Yours truly also realized that chocolates lift your mood up. A lot. I am having one as I type this...
In a kinda disturbed state of mind, for no reason whatsoever,

Sep 10, 2010

I was trying to be sweet to someone while I said "Sit!"
And it became "Sh*t na?" :D

Sep 6, 2010

MBA expansion of PMS - Portfolio Management Scheme :P