Oct 30, 2011

The balloon of inflation and a small pin

While I was reading about inflation, the majorly affected items are food and related products. The decline in the production of agricultural sector is the main reason for this. No matter how much subsidy you provide, how much base rates you decide, unless a technology revolution comes up in the agri sector, the production is not going to pick up.

In terms of agricultural contribution, the following states in India are the most developed states:
Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh
West Bengal

Which means, the rice growing states are lagging behind in technology part of it. [Well, West Bengal produces rice but consumes most of it there itself.] This is exactly why the wheat eaters are not as affected as the rice eaters down south. I found the break up of effect in a major magazine I went through recently.
It is not the supply that has gone up. Food is always a necessity. The growing population makes it evident that the demand is increasing. But the methods employed to produce is still the old 'pop n mom and an acre' way. The yield per hectare is lower than the world average, for India.
Increasing the production will settle the problem of increasing food prices. I know it is a basic fact. But it seems nobody sees it for now. At least not the way the government is trying to curb inflation. Increasing REPO rate will only burden banks and the other public thereby. It will not make any difference to the inflation rates.
Already 43% of personal disposable income of an average Indian is used up for buying food. How much more will we spend for it?

Tail-End [Please read this as Talent :P ] : Inflation is like a balloon. The more air the economy has the higher it floats. Fill it water, it holds more and stays down.

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You have two choices. You can either discuss or you can Decide.

Oct 28, 2011

The sms from a girlfriend that can leave you confused [ not a ctrl c ctrl v]
"Only after I met you did I start lol-ing in my life."
From the day there was social man, there was antisocial man.

Oct 24, 2011

Namma Metro

Yes, the namma metro [our metro] is finally here! The thing that attracted me the most is obviously the name. Namma Metro. Our Metro. Not just metro but our metro. Not your[public's] metro, but ours!

The project has been in pipeline for 2 decades if you calculate the time from the conceptualization of the idea. The best part is, since I have personally experienced the traffic of Bangaluru, the best result I can imagine from this project is that the traffic will be unclogged. Since the service will take care of saving time, fuel and uncongesting roads, this sells by itself. But why was a branding done?
For one, it brands Bangalore long term. And then, if you need an international standard [I do not know if it really meets the international standard - am yet to use it], you better brand it internationally.

The internet savvy youngsters, who would surely 'google' the same, will find a well maintained official site with details about people [well, very good profiles that too], who work for Metro. This by the way increases credibility and somehow makes me feel like, yeah the project is not all hype and really upto something...

Everywhere you travel in Bangalore through road, you see Namma Metro following you. Either the overhead rails or the construction work sites or the road blocks. So, it was a constant reminder that there is something big happening. People would look up and admire the overhead rails while traveling in buses. I was in Bangaluru when it was inaugurated. Well, after missing the deadline some 4 times, it finally was a huge hit.

The smart cards is an awesome idea. They do not need any human contact from the metro, are used for payments and checking in by travelers. You can book it online and it feels good for a youth like me to know that such a technology will be used in my country. But I am not sure if the smart cards [like any facility] would be misused. I, for sure, do not know how the number of entrants would be checked while entering with a swipe. Hope they have it all in place.

Another thing I noticed was that the partners are well recognized by the project and given in most of their own advertisements. This kinda makes their partners obliged to acknowledge the metro project too and as something huge! In fact, the employees of these partner organizations are spreading the word [obviously on account of the association] through facebook. A good word of mouth is happening because of this. I do not know if it is intentional or unintentional that they have specifically thanked each partner and thus increased the base of a good word of mouth.

Now, branding or no branding, advertising [which would be close to nil because it will soon become a necessity] or none, I hope they maintain the metro properly unlike other public projects. This thought is from a citizen and not from a marketing student.
Let it drive Bangalore ahead. :)
Namma Metro, 'Driving Bangalore Ahead!'

Soul Mates and Jigsaws?

A soul mate is not someone like you. He is the jigsaw puzzle that looks nothing like you but together, you make a perfect picture!

Oct 23, 2011


I can look at the moon
and see your face in there.

I can count all the stars
and it is all your goodness counted.

I can sing with the birds
and its all poems for you dear.

I can mess with the morning
and say, it is all for my lover.

Then it is all day,
thinking of you and our baby.

This li'l thing growing,
and wake you up glowing.

I look at the moon now,
I see your face in there.

The baby is smiling
and its a part of our life now.

Oct 22, 2011

Eloquent Aches

My heart aches for you,
The body whines.
Like never before,
Your kiss strangles me for breath
Your name, gives a shock.

I do not know
what you have thought for us.
But I know, it is not just you
But me with you.
Us, together.

This life,
its essence,
I found it in you.
Your shoulders,
Your gentle eyes...
I found peace and happiness in them.

Your love, I never expected it to be so intense
That it burns me.
that it gives me a meaning for life.
Lights up my heart and blooms my world.

Nights, days, sleepless and restless.
Twist, turn, close, open.
Waiting for the day you will be mine.
The day, not just our hearts,
but our inner souls too
will be together forever.
will be together forever.

Dedicated to one of those reader turned friend who still calls me Durga :) Thanks :)


Some times I wonder... [Well, I always do.] Why dont people give up? Even when they know it is a lost cause... Man is prey to what they call 'hope'. It keeps his heart beating. Some times, the hope in itself is a futile one. Yet, man lives for it.
Mom hopes her challenged child will soon lead a normal life. A teen hopes to find true love. An entrepreneur, the right platform. And it goes on and on. 1 in 1000 succeed. And this inspires yet others and the chain continues. A Steve Jobs inspires a million to try. But how many in that million will actually succeed? Nobody really thinks of those facts. Everyone 'hopes' that it will all work out.
I myself am prey to hopes about some incorrigible situations. Everybody is.

Some times, things are too much that I break. I break like a bone under the truck. It hurts like hell and pieces never mend properly. But then, the eagle that never tried, never flew,

A lot of people around me, I see are more talented than me. Some, way more than I can catch up in a while. Perhaps, I may never do. There are others, who act like they are talented. And the only thing they are talented in is acting. And the fact is, everyone but the naive see through their acts. Yet, people let them act.
Let me tell you again. I am not perfect. The last perfect person, was crucified in Jerusalem. [copyright shared with ka] But, my hands are clean enough to throw stones at these people. And one day, I will. I have done it in the past. I will, again.

On a different note, some people think I may not sit for placements because I have some plans. Something of my own. Well, I do. But right now, I do not have the capital. Cash, kind or mind. But then, it was an honor to be thought of as someone who has the ability to take a bold step like that.
I have also noticed, that people who ridicule me when sober, turn a 180* turn and say how much they admire me, when they are all loosened up [read drunk!].
So, well, this post has been in drafts for long.. I dont think I ll ever finish drafting this. So, here goes!"POST!"

Oct 13, 2011

Restlessness is not a sign of joblessness. It is a sign of abundance of energy.

Oct 4, 2011

Oh!!! This blog is a mess right now! Will soon do the tweaking.. :)
Travelogue of my recent backpacking coming up! :)