Oct 31, 2010

I hate it when people try theorizing things that are not practical.
And argue I learn it, cos that is the theoretical way. :-|

Births and Rebirths...

I have always found a beauty in wondering what I had been in my past life, if I had one.. It is almost like, a different me, in a different scene, different dressing, everything different. Just the essence is mine. But I am sure, I would have been an Indian. Somewhere in the north probably. Near a temple. Very religious and pious. I can imagine myself in some traditional wear.. I look good in it. :)
A dark stone temple always haunted my dreams.. Somewhere inside, I see myself running. It is a Shiva temple. Wonder where it is. I have had a deja vu' of another temple before. I remember being surprised when I entered it. It was exactly the same way I had either "dreamed of" or... I donno... I knew the way inside it without anyone guiding me. Wonder why..
Well, may be, just may be, Durga Nandan, was my name in that birth.. I have always felt some connection when I hear that name... when people call me Durga Nandan, when they recognize me as Durga.
Past life is just a concept for some. But sometimes, I feel there is a bit of truth in it.

Wonder what I will be, if I had a "next birth". Am sure of one thing though, I ll be an Indian. :)

Oct 29, 2010


आँखों में काजल,
बालों में बादल,
चमके वो आँखें,
थोडा सा पागल..

नर्मिली भाषण,
अतिसुन्दर वेषण,
प्रियंवदा मन का,
मगर अलबेला.. :)

Oct 27, 2010

Speechless - 7

It is always the prospect of being in love that drives a man in youth. When in love, marriage drives him ahead. And then, the thought that she will get tired of talking one day. ;)

Oct 26, 2010

All Gods are one. Until you meet your daughter's boy friend!

Karvachauth Thoughts..

I walked into my college today to see a beautiful lady, all dressed up in saree for the class. Wondering why she was all dressed up, I remembered, it was Karvachauth today. And then I suddenly loved that lady all the more. Something you dont see in a Bschool. Anyways, when I came back, I researched on this and found out some interesting facts about this tradition.

It was initially a tradition that recognized your god-sister at your in-laws place. It had nothing to do with husbands. But then, we always commercialize love. So, husband was dragged in later. But then, doing it for your husband, I am all in for it. :)
Karva means clay pot and not sieve.
Wonder how many women do it these days...
But the men must always feel happy, someone somewhere is forgoing food for him. :)

PS- I dont like the idea of "pativrata" standing alone. I advocate a "patnivrata" too to be existent.

Oct 21, 2010


MBTI test was administered in the class the other day. It indicated I am Introverted. Introverted and me? Mm.. Was a surprise. Introverted people get energized from within. Not outside stimuli. Actually, I was equally introverted and extroverted. But, since am a lady, the result meant I am introverted. Because ladies are supposed to be more extroverted than gents. Or in layman words, "Females are supposedly chatterboxes that wont shut up."
I had taken the test some years back. Out of personal interest. And then, I was extroverted. So, it keeps changing with your age and also, the situations you are in, when you take the test, affects your result.
Was an eye opener. Knowing about yourself is the first step to knowing the world.

If someone wants to know what you are, take it here !
Find more about yourself!

Oct 17, 2010

One life, One day, One moment.
Live for yourself! :)

Oct 16, 2010

'Human' Resource.

"There are four kinds of Human Resource in an Organization -Mineral Human Resource, Vegetable Human Resource, Animal Human Resource and Human Human Resource...Only by being a Human Human Resource, one becomes a Source...This Source becomes a Real Source by losing all ego...This sets one onto the path of becoming a Manager...and only if this Manager is able to influence people there is a POSSIBILITY of Leadership..."

Some gyan I got from yesterday's conclave.
Wonder which human resource I am... :)
HR is interesting.. But I wonder if I made a small mistake by choosing it above marketing. Marketing comes naturally for me. But HR, I still dont know. I am not sure.

You know, human resource has to be developed right from school.. Here, the mentorship has to be between a kid and teacher where teacher is [like] his or her best friend. If you do that from childhood, it will make a huge impact on the emotional development of the child.

Oct 15, 2010

My first post, triggered by an HR conclave happening here on campus. Had to wear formals. These days, almost every day I wear formals. I have to.
What did I learn today?

That it is not the duty of the HR people to keep employees happy. They just make sure performance happens.
Another thing, HR people mostly look for students who match their company values. Most of the time, they need people who can work FOR them and not work WITH them.
World is filled with people. But not talented ones. It is the job of an HR personnel to find those rare talents and retain them.
Whatever is replaced, HR people can not be replaced by technology. At least, not in near future.
I also knew that, most people think HR people do not work at all. "All they do is send mails and travel around." How very wrong!
And it is not about what they want, but what is best for the company and its people that we transform into policies.
Wishing some HR company would soon come and take me so I could get a hang of it and finalize my specialization,

Oct 14, 2010

Today a guy told me he uses Lip Gloss! [I wanted to use the word 'confessed'. But he thinks there is nothing wrong with this.
He bought it for his gal friend, then forgot it at home when it was time to give her. And then started using it, it seems. And he liked the way his lips looked.
He also tells me he likes mascara and has worn black eye shadow to school.
What do I call it? :?

Oct 8, 2010

A gal asking her bro : People become workaholics after falling in love with me? Or do I fall in love only with potential workaholics?
Bro was sarcastic enough to reply : You make them realize how engaging their work is!

Another bit :
Someone, working in the public sector [purely govern'mental' organization], is still in the office at 9 pm on a weekend!
Heights of workaholism or what! :P
It is time for you to get married when you start relating to labor pain, when somebody talks about child labor! :P

Oct 5, 2010

World would be chaotic if everyone could see everyone else's dreams!

[But that is like saying, it would be chaotic if everyone saw everyone else's eyes, in a land where eyes are a secret. :)]

Oct 4, 2010

Pages of Life

Some pages are turned, to never return to, for rereads.
Some pages, stay with bookmarks.
Yet others, carry you in their hearts.