May 29, 2011

The best of not knowing a language is, you dont understand anything dirty either. ;)

May 26, 2011

The pleasure is not only when you are the reason for someone's smile but also, someone's frustration. ;)

May 18, 2011

Girls + Girls = fights.
Boys + Boys = fun
Girls + Boys =>
Boys have fights over girls and Girls have fun watching them. :P :D

May 17, 2011

I dont remember the last time I wrote down my random thoughts.

May 14, 2011

The sexy kid.

The sexy son hypothesis states that females may initially choose a trait because it improves the survival of their young, but once this preference has become widespread, females must continue to choose the trait, even if it becomes harmful. Those that do not will have sons that are unattractive to most females (since the preference is widespread) and so receive few matings.

Comment : - Probably that is why the moms and dads still make their sons run around for engineering degrees and MBBS. Well, these days, we also also the sexy daughter hypothesis. So, I combine and call it, sexy child hypothesis that seems to be true in most cases.

PS - The original "sexy son hypothesis" is a real hypothesis and not something I made up. :P

May 9, 2011

If you cant define it, dont loosely use it.

May 6, 2011

The End..

Yes, she was the most beautiful thing ever for me. I know it sounds crazy. Because the way she looks is nothing but ordinary. You may not even notice her in a crowd of girls. But the way she is, it is just plain awesome. Her eyes look like that of a deer's. No, I am not joking. Ask anyone who knows her. I know a lot of guys have told  her so too.  [Pretty bold moves from those @#%$%!] It is their luck they never met me. Or I.. I.. Well, she is mine and just mine. Nobody has any right over her. Not even to compliment her.
Her face is not that "beautiful" by most standards. But her smile, I wonder if there is anything more genuine than that. Anything more innocent. She smiles from her heart. I could go on and on about her.
But right now.. Well right now, lemme call her. We had a date today. And I am eager to know how she felt being with me.

Dialing her number, I listened for that very familiar caller tune. I felt so close to her when I heard it, I smiled to myself. My left hand slowly went to the white teddy she had presented my last budday. She was my teddy.
I could hear her smile.
"So, what are you upto?"
"Nothing much.. Was very tired. So, wondering if I should sleep or just lie down. And that bus wallah just took the breath out of me. I was shouting at him for not telling me when the stop came. He gave me the money back when I reached half way. So, could not shout till I liked." Laugh.."And then I saw this cute lil baby down the road that was drinking tea from a glass as big as it. And its brother, also small, was asking it to not to stray away. It reminded me of my own childhood with my bro. And yeah, bro is going off to Europe soon. His marriage will also be soon now that he got a job. That means I also have to settle down soon." Laugh... The other day he was telling me about this pretty girl he knows very well. Probably he will make it impossible for me to be the first one to jump the fence in my family. Laugh..
"Oops! Sorry.. I went on talking so much I didnt let you talk." Laugh..

"No you can speak.. I just called to hear your voice." She never stops once she starts.. I smiled to myself.
"Wow, that is sweet. But right now, your voice speaks like you have something to say. So, temme what it is.." Laugh..
"Well.." I paused wondering if I would like what I heard. But thought the better of it and asked "How was our date today?"
That abrupt "oh" should  have meant something bad. She.. Would she ever make it an 'oh' if she had enjoyed it?
"Didnt you enjoy today?"
"Not that.."
Oh! There is something then! She never hesitates if she has something good to say... Oh my bad. Was it that bad?
"Will you promise you wont feel bad?"
Omg! Then its bad. Really bad. What is wrong? Did I tip her off? Did I do something stupid? Is she breaking up?
Probably. Otherwise she does nt have to ask me whether I would feel bad. No. Let is not be that! I prayed.
My fingers crossed all by themselves.
"Ok. Tell me. I wont feel bad."
I already was feeling bad. She never hid anything much. So, it means she would say it the moment she wanted to break up.
"Well, I dont want you to be embarrassed at a later stage. Especially when the problem is more fierce and unmanageable."
"Yeah, tell me."
Well, that is it. I am done. What will I do?
"Tell me.. It is ok."
"Actually.. Please clean.. you know.. your ears. If you keep them that way, sooner or later you will go very deaf."
I didnt know whether to say it out loud cos she was telling me to clean my ears or whether to sigh a relief cos I was not being dumped.
It was a nervous laugh.
"Oh, that was all? I really was worried you were breaking up with me"
"No you stupid! Why would I? It is only your ears. Not your heart!"
And I laughed my heart out for some time.
"I was worried how you would take it. You know, it is not something I should feel very comfortable telling anyone. But since it is you.."
"It is alright." Laugh..
"If I didnt say, someone else would notice and say... That is why.."
"It is ok na?"
And then she restarted talking endlessly about every single detail of her day.
" is not the fair way to do it. But they did it anyway. Is nt that the important point?"
"You still there?.."
"Eh? Ah yes.."
"I keep talking and.."
"You know what dear?"
"I love you. Dont ever leave me."
"I love you too. But why suddenly?"
"OK." Laugh..
And the day went on. Through her words.. I had a smile on my face. A calm satisfied smile.
I just realized what I would feel like if she left me. I was happy it was not happening. Not at least today...
And I immersed myself in her sweet lullaby of her voice... And forgot my own world. As always...

May 4, 2011