Dec 28, 2011

Confessions of a Chronic Skeptic

The other day, -to be exact, yesterday- I was talking to a friend of mine and suddenly the topic went on to confessions and god and stuff like that. Well, as usual, I think a lot and come up with some observations that I thought I should record here.

Confessions : Typically, the Christian confession to priest. My theory is that, when people did serious wrongs, they were restless and could not talk about it to others for the fear of being judged and isolated and given bad PR. So, the priests were the ideal ones. They were bound by oaths to not speak about it to anyone.

They typically did the work of a counselor who gave an ear or two and some advice. Wrongs were righted and  people had peace of mind.

There is nothing in the Bible about confessions. That is, if you accept it is the'original' version of all the Bibles in the world.

My ideas against this practice : 
  • What a priest thinks is wrong, may not be my wrong. 
  • His set of rights may not suit me. His set of ideals may be still puritan for some. 
  • A counselor may work better in some cases.
  • Making it compulsory is senseless. People must go if THEY need it. Not when the church demands it.
  • It gives people an idea that you do whatever you want, go confess, its 'forgiven'. No dude, you gotta go do something about it! You cannot just talk your way out of things like that.
The second part, about God, is the age old talk about it. About how thunder and lightning decided to give humans the idea of something they cannot control and controls them. I think, years or decades or centuries from now, men would control most natural phenomenon like they control lightning with lightning conductors. And all that blah like that.

Anyway, the point is, humans seriously cannot stand anything that they cannot explain. What do they think they are? Gods?

Dec 25, 2011

New Love

New love,
the beauty of the world unfolds.
Stars shower in a starless night.
A new sunshine warms your heart.
Red seems more reddish,
nights more romantic.

New love,
Hearts beat faster.
Faces glow, bright and beautiful.
Eyes speak, eloquent yet silent.
Songs seem written and sung just for you.
Life more enticing, Every day.

And then,
it wears off.
You cry, Or he cries.
Or both do.
Or none. [Wow!]
It goes on.
And on.

And then,
Normal life ensues.
People stop being Zombies.
Normal life sets in.
It goes on.
And on.
New Love comes in.

And like a dentist's appointment,
you let it happen.
Again and again.
New loves, they are necessary evils.
The evil that brings hope.
Till THE one comes.
Then somehow, it becomes the only one.
Rest all are brushed off as crushes.
Crushed in the leaves of life...

Dec 23, 2011


Long dragging melodious and sad songs interlace my playlist. Others are skipped.
The world around me loses importance at times. This is one such time. I am sure life goes on for others even if I am not listening.
My joy comes from the tree I just finished outside in the verandah for Christmas. It looks heavenly. My sadness or may be just a bit of a gloom, comes from may be the romantic vibes that I have been experiencing for the past some days. Not towards a person. Just feeling romantic. The sodium vapor lamps do that to me. So does Christmas and its windy charm.
I stop listening. I love this. The gloom that comes with uncertainty. Uncertain life, emotions, behaviors, reactions... Some kind of a masochistic pleasure.
This is what makes life interesting. And sad.

Dec 18, 2011

When you get your first job but have not joined yet, you are in the best part of your professional life.
No tension about the acads. No tension of the professional life either. It is that golden period in between. :)

Dec 14, 2011


You cant miss this! And he is making it open source. Man, Respect!

Dec 10, 2011


Your tears are silver,
the lips heaven tip.
The heart that speaks a fervor,
Words chocolaty dip.

Lets hang out and hang about,
till the sun goes down.
Then lets go party and
party till we fall down!

Dec 7, 2011

Acceptance is out of necessity for peace rather than understanding.

Dec 3, 2011

Failures create doubts in the minds of the fickle.
Successes create overconfidence in the minds of the proud.

Nov 18, 2011

Too much of Facebook. It has become my second nature to search for like buttons.


Sometimes, I hate thoughts!
They are so random, so very fleeting, that if you do not catch hold of the best and record them, they just vanish with a hint of having been there. Then you will have a constant nag in your mind wondering what it was. Just like now, for me. I don't remember the exact thought I had. I should have recorded it. The only thing I remember now is, it had a wonderful analogy of positioning, targeting and selling.
I hate thoughts. They are SO nagging!

Nov 16, 2011


What nonsense?!!
If they keep dividing India into smaller states for 'ease of development', why dont we just return the nation to all those 300 princes that ruled us long back? Better still, lets declare all the districts as states!!
All these politicians are so blinded by selfishness and need for power that they do not see any sane sense!

Nov 14, 2011

Happy Children's Day!

A call from my Don and Diva in the early morning, reminding me that am their lovely princess and baby for the rest of our lives.. Yes, that's what makes my Children's day the happiest :)
Happy Children's day to all those who are out there. There is a child trapped in every body. :)

Nov 11, 2011

ഒരു മൂന്നു പുഷ്പങ്ങള്‍ പ്രേമത്തില്‍ ചാര്‍ത്തി ഞാന്‍,
ഒരു നൂറു പുഷ്പതിന്‍ താലി ചാര്‍ത്തി.
ഇന്നീ ജന്മത്തിന്‍ പുഷ്പങ്ങള്‍ എല്ലാം എന്‍
കണ്ണീര്‍ കണങ്ങളായി  മാറിപ്പോയി..

Nov 7, 2011

If it is new and improved, what were they improving on, in the first place?

Nov 6, 2011

If I had one, I would have had many. And when I have none, I have none at all!

Nov 4, 2011


You know one why a person turns out to be a workaholic?
Cos he / she has nothing at home to return to.

Oct 30, 2011

The balloon of inflation and a small pin

While I was reading about inflation, the majorly affected items are food and related products. The decline in the production of agricultural sector is the main reason for this. No matter how much subsidy you provide, how much base rates you decide, unless a technology revolution comes up in the agri sector, the production is not going to pick up.

In terms of agricultural contribution, the following states in India are the most developed states:
Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh
West Bengal

Which means, the rice growing states are lagging behind in technology part of it. [Well, West Bengal produces rice but consumes most of it there itself.] This is exactly why the wheat eaters are not as affected as the rice eaters down south. I found the break up of effect in a major magazine I went through recently.
It is not the supply that has gone up. Food is always a necessity. The growing population makes it evident that the demand is increasing. But the methods employed to produce is still the old 'pop n mom and an acre' way. The yield per hectare is lower than the world average, for India.
Increasing the production will settle the problem of increasing food prices. I know it is a basic fact. But it seems nobody sees it for now. At least not the way the government is trying to curb inflation. Increasing REPO rate will only burden banks and the other public thereby. It will not make any difference to the inflation rates.
Already 43% of personal disposable income of an average Indian is used up for buying food. How much more will we spend for it?

Tail-End [Please read this as Talent :P ] : Inflation is like a balloon. The more air the economy has the higher it floats. Fill it water, it holds more and stays down.

References : 
Business Today
The Economist
You have two choices. You can either discuss or you can Decide.

Oct 28, 2011

The sms from a girlfriend that can leave you confused [ not a ctrl c ctrl v]
"Only after I met you did I start lol-ing in my life."
From the day there was social man, there was antisocial man.

Oct 24, 2011

Namma Metro

Yes, the namma metro [our metro] is finally here! The thing that attracted me the most is obviously the name. Namma Metro. Our Metro. Not just metro but our metro. Not your[public's] metro, but ours!

The project has been in pipeline for 2 decades if you calculate the time from the conceptualization of the idea. The best part is, since I have personally experienced the traffic of Bangaluru, the best result I can imagine from this project is that the traffic will be unclogged. Since the service will take care of saving time, fuel and uncongesting roads, this sells by itself. But why was a branding done?
For one, it brands Bangalore long term. And then, if you need an international standard [I do not know if it really meets the international standard - am yet to use it], you better brand it internationally.

The internet savvy youngsters, who would surely 'google' the same, will find a well maintained official site with details about people [well, very good profiles that too], who work for Metro. This by the way increases credibility and somehow makes me feel like, yeah the project is not all hype and really upto something...

Everywhere you travel in Bangalore through road, you see Namma Metro following you. Either the overhead rails or the construction work sites or the road blocks. So, it was a constant reminder that there is something big happening. People would look up and admire the overhead rails while traveling in buses. I was in Bangaluru when it was inaugurated. Well, after missing the deadline some 4 times, it finally was a huge hit.

The smart cards is an awesome idea. They do not need any human contact from the metro, are used for payments and checking in by travelers. You can book it online and it feels good for a youth like me to know that such a technology will be used in my country. But I am not sure if the smart cards [like any facility] would be misused. I, for sure, do not know how the number of entrants would be checked while entering with a swipe. Hope they have it all in place.

Another thing I noticed was that the partners are well recognized by the project and given in most of their own advertisements. This kinda makes their partners obliged to acknowledge the metro project too and as something huge! In fact, the employees of these partner organizations are spreading the word [obviously on account of the association] through facebook. A good word of mouth is happening because of this. I do not know if it is intentional or unintentional that they have specifically thanked each partner and thus increased the base of a good word of mouth.

Now, branding or no branding, advertising [which would be close to nil because it will soon become a necessity] or none, I hope they maintain the metro properly unlike other public projects. This thought is from a citizen and not from a marketing student.
Let it drive Bangalore ahead. :)
Namma Metro, 'Driving Bangalore Ahead!'

Soul Mates and Jigsaws?

A soul mate is not someone like you. He is the jigsaw puzzle that looks nothing like you but together, you make a perfect picture!

Oct 23, 2011


I can look at the moon
and see your face in there.

I can count all the stars
and it is all your goodness counted.

I can sing with the birds
and its all poems for you dear.

I can mess with the morning
and say, it is all for my lover.

Then it is all day,
thinking of you and our baby.

This li'l thing growing,
and wake you up glowing.

I look at the moon now,
I see your face in there.

The baby is smiling
and its a part of our life now.

Oct 22, 2011

Eloquent Aches

My heart aches for you,
The body whines.
Like never before,
Your kiss strangles me for breath
Your name, gives a shock.

I do not know
what you have thought for us.
But I know, it is not just you
But me with you.
Us, together.

This life,
its essence,
I found it in you.
Your shoulders,
Your gentle eyes...
I found peace and happiness in them.

Your love, I never expected it to be so intense
That it burns me.
that it gives me a meaning for life.
Lights up my heart and blooms my world.

Nights, days, sleepless and restless.
Twist, turn, close, open.
Waiting for the day you will be mine.
The day, not just our hearts,
but our inner souls too
will be together forever.
will be together forever.

Dedicated to one of those reader turned friend who still calls me Durga :) Thanks :)


Some times I wonder... [Well, I always do.] Why dont people give up? Even when they know it is a lost cause... Man is prey to what they call 'hope'. It keeps his heart beating. Some times, the hope in itself is a futile one. Yet, man lives for it.
Mom hopes her challenged child will soon lead a normal life. A teen hopes to find true love. An entrepreneur, the right platform. And it goes on and on. 1 in 1000 succeed. And this inspires yet others and the chain continues. A Steve Jobs inspires a million to try. But how many in that million will actually succeed? Nobody really thinks of those facts. Everyone 'hopes' that it will all work out.
I myself am prey to hopes about some incorrigible situations. Everybody is.

Some times, things are too much that I break. I break like a bone under the truck. It hurts like hell and pieces never mend properly. But then, the eagle that never tried, never flew,

A lot of people around me, I see are more talented than me. Some, way more than I can catch up in a while. Perhaps, I may never do. There are others, who act like they are talented. And the only thing they are talented in is acting. And the fact is, everyone but the naive see through their acts. Yet, people let them act.
Let me tell you again. I am not perfect. The last perfect person, was crucified in Jerusalem. [copyright shared with ka] But, my hands are clean enough to throw stones at these people. And one day, I will. I have done it in the past. I will, again.

On a different note, some people think I may not sit for placements because I have some plans. Something of my own. Well, I do. But right now, I do not have the capital. Cash, kind or mind. But then, it was an honor to be thought of as someone who has the ability to take a bold step like that.
I have also noticed, that people who ridicule me when sober, turn a 180* turn and say how much they admire me, when they are all loosened up [read drunk!].
So, well, this post has been in drafts for long.. I dont think I ll ever finish drafting this. So, here goes!"POST!"

Oct 13, 2011

Restlessness is not a sign of joblessness. It is a sign of abundance of energy.

Oct 4, 2011

Oh!!! This blog is a mess right now! Will soon do the tweaking.. :)
Travelogue of my recent backpacking coming up! :)

Sep 22, 2011

Contemporary Leadership Challenges

Today I was contemplating on Leadership. And these are things that came to my mind in a flow. What makes one a leader? How does one become a leader? Is there any quality or qualities that set a born leader apart from the rest?

So, here goes what I think! Some times, it also applies to good managers, who are also good leaders.
Leaders know how to forge relationships and accomplish tasks. They are not exceptionally brilliant or overly gifted. They just know how to make maximum use of themselves and others to accomplish the given task.
Let’s see what challenges a leader in today’s world has to face.

Leaders have to be fast enough with the changing communication speeds and needs. The speed of communication has increased and one thing you say or do travels faster than you can imagine. Information creates more impact than ever before and hence any information that spreads like wildfire can create problem or can be good for the leader, depending on the way he deals with it. But since it is very fast with the advent of internet and technology, he has to be quick-witted enough to outsmart the speed and wit of those.

Leaders have to be aware of the happenings around them. There is a lot happening around us and in again, a fast pace. This means, you have to keep updating yourself about the new happenings on a frequent basis. Otherwise you will be outlived by the changes around you. And since the impact of global happenings in local, it is necessary to keep updating. So, updating globally is a challenge faced by any leader today.

The leader has to face another challenge of cultural diversity in this world of global village. Everyone around the world could be a follower to the leader today. He should be able to deal with such diversities as race, caste, regional, linguistic and national. Therefore it also becomes a challenge to learn about other cultures and diversities so that the leader can be sure of how to deal with those differences if and when they arise. It also becomes a challenge on updating self about the timely changes that happen in these cultures. For instance, he needs to know that a Japanese follower may not think highly about someone who looks in eye. Or that the Indians celebrate Holi on which day...

He also needs to know what is politically correct while morally right might be something else. The decisions you take on moral grounds may do more harm than good if you do not know what could be politically right. In the past, morally and politically, almost always, right coincided. It is not the case these days. For instance, the reprimanding of someone who has done something wrong, in public may not be morally right for you. But if you don’t do that, the wrong may be repeated and hence, it becomes necessary to do it in public.

Leaders these days need to be creative or their decisions or ideas tend to be overlooked and hence, leadership taken away from them. Creativity is highly appreciated in today’s world. And that leader who has creativity will be more appreciated and accepted than the one who does not show any creativity but solves the problem nevertheless. It also increases recall quotient.

A leader can be confronted any time about his field of expertise. So either he needs a long line of experts to take over or enough expertise to deal with it when need arises. It is also necessary that he is thorough with a minimum depth of knowledge and a resource to refer to if need be. The younger generation is very vigilant and updated about new development. So, in a way, if you need to remain in place of leadership, you need to have the above-mentioned quality.

A leader of today should also be farsighted to calculate the impact of his current actions in the future on the followers, on oneself as well as on the team as a whole. For example, a change in the structure of the organization may affect the organization positively for the moment. But it could have adverse effects on the whole at a later stage when the method or hierarchy becomes obsolete.

Talking of leaders, Anna Hazare, an old man has evoked a percentage of the leadership Gandhiji evoked long way back. Through a common need, he united India and the youth was active just like the days of independence fights. Though not physically marching, the youth flooded the social media networks with support slogans, communities to discuss, get togethers etc. Status updates and likes and tweets of Indians were found flowing everywhere. The point is, it is a common need that collects everyone under you. So, it is a challenge to find a collective need when today, everyone has his or her own selfish need in mind.

Today’s leaders also need a psychological bent of thoughts because EQ is an integral part of productivity. So is the emotional environment. They also need to have a high EQ as they need to set an example for the followers. The impact could actually make or break a deal of support. Consider a situation where the follower has everything he wants but does not feel happy with the emotional maturity of the leader. He sooner or later will leave.

A leader should be able to appreciate talent and also nurture it. He should focus on what is important and make his followers follow his lead in this. He should be able to build trust among others and develop a close tie among the group. He himself should be able to contribute significantly to the cause and must have hands on knowledge on every new development in the field. He should know that everyone has feelings intellect and potential for courage. 

Leadership, today, itself is a challenge. There are umpteen reasons for a leader to go wrong today. Umpteen ways. But only so many ways he could be right and lead right. Leading is a result of nurturing an innate talent to create and maintain relationships for a purpose.


15 Storeys in 2 days!!!!

I wonder how much work went into the planning phase of this building. Amazing! I do not know how wonderful I would have felt if I had been involved in it. :)

The Valiant, The Bold.

The Spring is here, valiant and bold.
I conquered Winter.
The ice cold minded Winter.
I got the Sun up,
melting his Ice away.
Earth's heart warmed and bloomed.
Flowers everywhere,
leaves, little ones, all sprouting.
Smells, nope. Fragrances.
I asked the Wind to carry it around in bounty.

I felt like a General, ordering his troops.
To conquer Winter, the fat ugly dryad.

He took a leap out of the window of the Seasons' Castle.
Passed 15 days and hit the ground dead.
I had conquered him.
I declared -
"Earth! Your Spring is here, valiant and bold.
I have conquered Winter"

Sep 21, 2011

Drops of Emotions

Dripping, the rain said hi to earth.
Flowing, it merged itself to its love. 
And they became one for eternity.

Far far away,
In the land of clouds,
It was the sad tears of the sky.
Lightning had struck its love.
It was in mourning.
And it mourned,
For what seemed like eternity.

Sep 16, 2011

Females respond more to email marketing than males. [Epsiion, ROI research]


More choices create more confusion.

Sep 15, 2011

15% of the new end customers are mobile oriented. [2011 data]
Are we missing the targets by spamming or are we really ignorant?
Paradox of Choice - Where too many alternatives lead to indecision


I am frustrated.
At this world full of phonies who act all good to everyone, when their heart is full of hatred.
The world full of hypocrites, who say one thing on face and go do something else behind the back.
Those who show affection till they get their things done.
Those who act friendly till they get what they want.
At all those advice bugs who never care to follow their own damn advises.
The world that never keeps its words.
The world full of people who think only of themselves and their gains.
The world filled with people who think they are the best.

Well I know I am not perfect. I know I should not expect anything better from this place. I know these @553s were bulk ordered to earth. But then sometimes these 'fill in the blanks'es make me wonder if I am the one who is wrong and should give up!
It is a sad sad day. I have had more than many of the above said experiences today.
I am frustrated.

Sep 14, 2011

Some tips on communication

Decide the target group
The more specific you are, the more ROI you would earn.
A laptop user

is less specific and more troublesome to work around than
a laptop user,

Decide what you are going to say
The more focused you are, the more on the nail you hit things.
To a techie, you do not need an introduction on cloud computing. Just go straight to the other details. But for a noob, it is extremely important to give information, introduction and further links about any new words or terms or ideas.
Also, be sure why you are saying this. This will make you stay focused.

Include some Action oriented information
Say, an offer for limited period, a freebie if you bring the coupon.
This increases awareness and people visit and become familiar with your store or product. WOM is something you can never miss out on. So, any amount of talks going around in the locality is good for you.
Incidentally, I remember reading in a book titled "How to sell anything to anybody" by Joe Girard that everyone knows 250 people who are connected properly to him/ her. [ It should have become 500 in this internet era - this book was written long back in the 80s. ]

Personally remember your customers afap
The little detail you know about his kid's dental appointment will give you a special place in his/ her mind.
But be sure not to mix professional life with personal life. Keep the distance of curiosity.

Mix and match expected performance
What suits one, may not suit another of your customer. Match the frequency like you match with a friend. It doubles communication and halves effort.

I picked these points up on reading various things. So cannot cite a single source or demand to be given credit for most of these tips. But yeah, I have simplified the whole j'argon thingy I found in most. :P


Sep 13, 2011

What made GEMS think that a panda would suit to be their mascot?
It certainly is not a sweet bit done for the endangered species. Come on! When everything is calculated in ROIs?
Or was it just a choice to suit their tagline? Am not really sure..
Actually I think the Ben10 toys attracted more kids to buy it than the panda tamasha.

An hour a day...

If 60 people invest an hour a day for an idea, it will be 300 hours a week [considering a 5 day week] on a single idea.
The pressure to work is low. Innovations are more a product of a spur of the moment. And lazy bums always find a shorter way to things.
I believe work quality will be damn good. The results should be "awesomatic"!
Convergence is the new marketing.

Sep 8, 2011

A Random Thought.

The difference between a Wedding and a Marriage :  A wedding lasts for a day. A marriage, for life. :)

Sep 6, 2011

Calling a 2GB pendrive a "MASS STORAGE DEVICE" is unethical and illegal!

Sep 5, 2011

I forgot I had a liver when I drank. Now I don’t have one. It forgot it had a me.

Aug 30, 2011

Sometimes, you count on some people. And then they prove you wrong.

Playing Life's Cards...

They should start making break up cards. It’s very difficult these days to call up and say. :P

Aug 26, 2011


Am drunk. It is not a small decision. I think 20 times before I drink. But the answer always turns out to be a yes. And I drink nevertheless.

[Not autobiographical.]

Aug 24, 2011

My Rose...

I see my daughter going out with the trimmer to the garden and getting a flower and sneaking out every day. One day suspicious whether she was meeting her beau daily, I followed her. After alleys and lanes, I found her in the cemetery, paying respects to my mom.

Aug 22, 2011


My friends had boyfriends. All of them. And I was single. And then, suddenly he came.

“ Hi can I speak to you in private for some time?” My crush for a year came and asked me...

“Of course yes!” ~ giggles from all around~

From all around. I was blushing.

“Well, I wanted to ask you..”

“Yes?” I looked at him enquiringly.

“Well... Would you please introduce me to that friend of yours with long hair and a beautiful smile?”

I still was blushing. But this time, it was a humiliated one.

Aug 21, 2011


Wandering, I wonder if I needed any of those days, I wander more than I ever did in my life. The distance kept increasing every moment. I swore. No, that is more than anyone could take. Singing like a banjara, I swore again. Well, must look like a lunatic. Like I care! I counted my steps. The steps spread out. Like a drunkard's.

It was summer. Well, it was a summer like this that he left me. And so there goes this life. No no. I walked on. Swearing and singing. And then I fell down.

I died.

Well, I see myself lying on the roadside. People giving me disgusted lookS and walking away. I will probably rot and become the reason for some plants. It was none of my concern. That was just a carcass. Eaten by cannibals who didn’t care. My white form rose n floated on. I became a banjara in heaven.

Jul 27, 2011

Twitter account ✔
Facebook ✔
Google Plus ✔
Youtube ✔
Messenger ✔
Skype ✔
Blog ✔
"Dude do you have a life?"
"OMG!! No, send me the link!" :P

Copy Pasted cos I loved it.

Jul 26, 2011

There is one time where the first mover is at a disadvantage. When you are the first to rise prices. :P

Jul 22, 2011

Random Thoughts. Again.

It feels nice to walk under the sodium vapor lamps and drink cold chocolate. A walk in the dark. Yes, I donno if you remember, I love the dark. The darkness. It makes me feel good. Safe.
I remembered moments.. Stories... That is exactly why I love my lonely time. It feels good to remember about yourself and chat to yourself.
I sat on the kuttichuvaru as they have named it and thought about it. Some more months and I will be gone. I will miss this campus. Unlike the graduation days. I took a pic of the OAT. The abandoned and lighted up OAT. It is beautiful to be alone. Yes, I discovered I am an introvert a year ago. I know cos I never shut up, I am termed extroverted by most. But yeah, it was a self discovery that surprised even me. Anyway, the loneliness made me sing. Oops! Hum.. When was the last time I sang out loud? Ah yes. Today. When the roommie went for a bath.
A walk to the church and some minutes spent there, priceless. I prefer empty churches. They are serene. They speak back to you. The old architecture probably is how heaven looks like anyway. I have not been in heaven. So not sure. But I would love my heaven to have breath taking architecture.
As I went, I saw 3 guys standing on the fork. I didnt give much thought to it till while I was in the grotto, they came and stood right behind me and started praying. Prolly not praying. I donno. Anyways, I walked back and felt like I was flying. No. Not flying. Floating.
You know why I like google word checks? It does not give a damn about your fragmented sentences unlike the stupid MS word does. Why this sudden thought? I donno. My mind thinks so many things that it is difficult to keep track of them after 5 minutes.
The other day, during a guest lecture, one of those good human beings spoke to us about learning curves. And I forgot why I was writing about this.
I think I am blissfully lost. Let me sleep. I enjoy this.
BTW, I just remembered. The soul who came for the guest lecture, he talked about writing things down when he is unsettled. Well, yours truly does that too. Writes down and it feels all crystal clear. At least, my mind settles down.
Watching a korean Series. Good day!

Jul 18, 2011

And the other side of the coin is, you dont have much fat to burn in the bloody damn A/Cs!!! x-(

Jul 8, 2011


If you form a group or team to work in, get into something where every team member is better than you or if those are not available, with those that are lesser able than you. In the first case, you learn and get a lot of exposure.
In the latter, you get to lead the pack and impart something good in the process.

But if you choose those who are equally good, it is more difficult to remain professional as ego clashes are meant to happen. And all of them would be so married to their ideas that they would not divorce it for the sake of the team.

Jul 5, 2011

I see many enthusiastic juniors in the new batch and have decided to encourage them and support them in their work.
If you are not the change, catalyze it!

Jul 4, 2011

The best part of being slim is, you dont have to give a damn of how many calories this chocolate packet has. Or that fried chicken would add to you! :D

Jul 1, 2011

Just an observation : People form impressions about you [or rather a product] in the first 4 minutes of meeting. If it does nt impress them in the first four minutes, its difficult to gain attention again.

A Dating Site Ad on FB

"Meet and date like minded singles in your city. Trust - India's dating experts! Join now - Its clean and it works."

My comment : Really? Quack Quack? Would anyone believe your quacks?

Jun 17, 2011

Terrorism is like the mythical creature Hydra. You cut off one head, and two grow in its place.

Jun 16, 2011

I feel like a teen kid ready for her emo swings filled teens :)

Jun 14, 2011

My Passion

So, someone asked me anonymously what my passion in life is. I mean, I do get a lot of anonymous inbox attendees dont I? :)

Anyways, really, what was it? I donno. I do a lot of things. Mostly things I have a whim to do right then. One day I might be painting my heart out. The next day, you could see me writing stories and poems. The day after that could be singing day. Or business day. But I know it is none of my passions. In fact, I myself do not know what my passion is.
It is 'myself' as my mom says and I suspect. I donno how much narcissism is healthy. You may feel I am overboard with it. But I think my biggest passion has always been me. Always doing what I LOVE most at that time...
But as I always say, You cannot love anyone else or anything else, unless you love yourself. And definitely not more than you love yourself :)

Jun 6, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung fu panda is a lot like Harry Potter. Evil comes, mom saves son. Old bearded fella tells him his 'destiny'. The predictions, marking the opponent...
Well, aint the best Kung fu panda I saw yet.

Jun 5, 2011

Albums that kill!

Some people think that everybody is interested in their pics. Right from when they first dirtied a diaper, to when they first thought of killing an ant. So, when you go to their place even for five minutes, they make you sit on the sofa 'come-fort-numbly'. And goes inside. When they come back, you cant see their face. It will be hidden by a stack. A stack of albums.
And then, they settle down right next to you on the sofa and dump the stack on your lap. And they wont let you go till you finish leafing through each AND every pic. And describe without fail

  • why each face has that particular expression
  • where and when and why and how it was taken
  • what happened right after the pic was taken.
  • why that particular pic should be made 'the photo of the week' by every newspaper in town.
By the end of the stack, you will be tired of seeing all their maama maamis and chacha chaachis, cousins twice removed - whom honestly, I think, if you consider them your relatives, you should be shot -... And will be well knowledgeable of their family tree, history and geography of some by then.
And now, it has become worse. They have mobiles with cams! So, a cousin of their smiles, click. It walks, click!
So, all the more pics for you to see!
And once you are done with it and mentally thank god it is over, you already know that next visit, they will dump the stack again on your lap. A bigger one probably! And you decide you are never going back, already knowing you will have to break that promise to self sooner than you realize!

Jun 2, 2011

May 29, 2011

The best of not knowing a language is, you dont understand anything dirty either. ;)

May 26, 2011

The pleasure is not only when you are the reason for someone's smile but also, someone's frustration. ;)

May 18, 2011

Girls + Girls = fights.
Boys + Boys = fun
Girls + Boys =>
Boys have fights over girls and Girls have fun watching them. :P :D

May 17, 2011

I dont remember the last time I wrote down my random thoughts.

May 14, 2011

The sexy kid.

The sexy son hypothesis states that females may initially choose a trait because it improves the survival of their young, but once this preference has become widespread, females must continue to choose the trait, even if it becomes harmful. Those that do not will have sons that are unattractive to most females (since the preference is widespread) and so receive few matings.

Comment : - Probably that is why the moms and dads still make their sons run around for engineering degrees and MBBS. Well, these days, we also also the sexy daughter hypothesis. So, I combine and call it, sexy child hypothesis that seems to be true in most cases.

PS - The original "sexy son hypothesis" is a real hypothesis and not something I made up. :P

May 9, 2011

If you cant define it, dont loosely use it.

May 6, 2011

The End..

Yes, she was the most beautiful thing ever for me. I know it sounds crazy. Because the way she looks is nothing but ordinary. You may not even notice her in a crowd of girls. But the way she is, it is just plain awesome. Her eyes look like that of a deer's. No, I am not joking. Ask anyone who knows her. I know a lot of guys have told  her so too.  [Pretty bold moves from those @#%$%!] It is their luck they never met me. Or I.. I.. Well, she is mine and just mine. Nobody has any right over her. Not even to compliment her.
Her face is not that "beautiful" by most standards. But her smile, I wonder if there is anything more genuine than that. Anything more innocent. She smiles from her heart. I could go on and on about her.
But right now.. Well right now, lemme call her. We had a date today. And I am eager to know how she felt being with me.

Dialing her number, I listened for that very familiar caller tune. I felt so close to her when I heard it, I smiled to myself. My left hand slowly went to the white teddy she had presented my last budday. She was my teddy.
I could hear her smile.
"So, what are you upto?"
"Nothing much.. Was very tired. So, wondering if I should sleep or just lie down. And that bus wallah just took the breath out of me. I was shouting at him for not telling me when the stop came. He gave me the money back when I reached half way. So, could not shout till I liked." Laugh.."And then I saw this cute lil baby down the road that was drinking tea from a glass as big as it. And its brother, also small, was asking it to not to stray away. It reminded me of my own childhood with my bro. And yeah, bro is going off to Europe soon. His marriage will also be soon now that he got a job. That means I also have to settle down soon." Laugh... The other day he was telling me about this pretty girl he knows very well. Probably he will make it impossible for me to be the first one to jump the fence in my family. Laugh..
"Oops! Sorry.. I went on talking so much I didnt let you talk." Laugh..

"No you can speak.. I just called to hear your voice." She never stops once she starts.. I smiled to myself.
"Wow, that is sweet. But right now, your voice speaks like you have something to say. So, temme what it is.." Laugh..
"Well.." I paused wondering if I would like what I heard. But thought the better of it and asked "How was our date today?"
That abrupt "oh" should  have meant something bad. She.. Would she ever make it an 'oh' if she had enjoyed it?
"Didnt you enjoy today?"
"Not that.."
Oh! There is something then! She never hesitates if she has something good to say... Oh my bad. Was it that bad?
"Will you promise you wont feel bad?"
Omg! Then its bad. Really bad. What is wrong? Did I tip her off? Did I do something stupid? Is she breaking up?
Probably. Otherwise she does nt have to ask me whether I would feel bad. No. Let is not be that! I prayed.
My fingers crossed all by themselves.
"Ok. Tell me. I wont feel bad."
I already was feeling bad. She never hid anything much. So, it means she would say it the moment she wanted to break up.
"Well, I dont want you to be embarrassed at a later stage. Especially when the problem is more fierce and unmanageable."
"Yeah, tell me."
Well, that is it. I am done. What will I do?
"Tell me.. It is ok."
"Actually.. Please clean.. you know.. your ears. If you keep them that way, sooner or later you will go very deaf."
I didnt know whether to say it out loud cos she was telling me to clean my ears or whether to sigh a relief cos I was not being dumped.
It was a nervous laugh.
"Oh, that was all? I really was worried you were breaking up with me"
"No you stupid! Why would I? It is only your ears. Not your heart!"
And I laughed my heart out for some time.
"I was worried how you would take it. You know, it is not something I should feel very comfortable telling anyone. But since it is you.."
"It is alright." Laugh..
"If I didnt say, someone else would notice and say... That is why.."
"It is ok na?"
And then she restarted talking endlessly about every single detail of her day.
" is not the fair way to do it. But they did it anyway. Is nt that the important point?"
"You still there?.."
"Eh? Ah yes.."
"I keep talking and.."
"You know what dear?"
"I love you. Dont ever leave me."
"I love you too. But why suddenly?"
"OK." Laugh..
And the day went on. Through her words.. I had a smile on my face. A calm satisfied smile.
I just realized what I would feel like if she left me. I was happy it was not happening. Not at least today...
And I immersed myself in her sweet lullaby of her voice... And forgot my own world. As always...

May 4, 2011

Apr 30, 2011

Some Links I wanted to Share...

This link is about arranged marriages. Well, yes, in a plane, that is how it works. And it is better you find love after you are sure you can be together, instead of be together and then lose love. :)

Then, about mallus. It is well known that a northie can never have what they call the 'coconut filled' food of mallus. Here, is an answer to them. And yeah, accept it or not, we ARE coconut babies. And we will always be.

And then, something that made me cry. About a woman who feels about what she is committed to. When you see this, you will know!
No, it is not about how many women a man has been with. But, how long he has been with that single one. :)

Apr 29, 2011

Little does a man know that his smile is creating a flutter in another heart. Little does a baby know, that the finger inside its hand feels the awesomest feeling in the whole world. Little do I know, what a small act of mine is doing to another.

Apr 26, 2011

Godmen, Thoughts and Other Stuff

Oh yes, the world of Indians is buzzing with the Godman news. The place is buzzing with memoirs and stories. One lady even died of a heart attack when she heard about this, in Bengalluru.
I am a skeptic. About Godmen in general. In fact, about God in its widely accepted form. And yeah, men in general again.
So, talking about Godmen, an official two day mourning in the state is very uncalled for. Wonder when someone like Anna Hazare passes away, even an hour of official mourning would be there!
And about him passing away on Easter, that man was on ventilator and support systems for some time now. Anybody who cared and knew he would go once the systems were disconnected, would want to remove it on the next best day to be in news. I feel its just a plan by one of his devotees and next in line to have more of 'aura' around the death.
And talking about his miracles, these videos should be able to throw some light.

Another thing I didnt like quite a bit was that, it was him who decided and proclaimed that he was the reincarnation of Shirdi Sai. If he was that big a powerful God, he should at least have been able to say his time for passage from mortality to immortality correctly.
But I admit, everyone is a God as Satyanarayan Raju, aka baba, said. But then, that is not his original thought. So I dont know how much credit I have to give him. And I also appreciate his humanitarian acts. And seriously wish we had more of those. But to make a God out of him, is completely uncalled for. I remain skeptical.

And this Baba Ramdev, whom I had only heard of so far, has made his first public appearance in newspaper since the time I came here. Well, its about his reactions to Hazare's fast and one he is organizing. Well, for one, I wanted to know, do great people call others and let them know they are doing something great unless the ones informed are ones that are affected? By the statements he has made in Deccan Herald, it is clearly a matter of jealousy for the limelight Hazare has earned. "I dont have to become a hero by staging a fast". Seriously? Then why are you talking about your fast to the press now?

Speaking of newspapers, another article in today's paper that gained my attention, was about technological addiction of Asians. I have been thinking for the past two weeks, while I have had to relocate quite a lot, about how much electronic luggage I have to carry around. I  had two mobs, chargers, their accessories, wifi modem, lappy, charger again, headset, cam, charger, connectors, manuals of most of the new stuff to tag along everytime I go somewhere... And the junk I left at home before coming, and discarded during shift, only add to the pile I created in this two decades of my life. The amount of electronic junk a single Indian youth makes scares me about the amount of it I would have created by the time I am 35, if I live upto that. And multiply it by the number of youth in India, we get a good picture of how much junk we will have to discard and find a place for by the time it is 2050.

Ah, I so like thinking about future.. :P

Apr 25, 2011

Spandex and Me...

I keep going back to nothing,
like a spandex is stuck on me.
Not that I know what one is,
but it is just a rebounce and bounce.

No crying, no regrets,
half way through, no guilt either.
This is why they say,
do nothing, but play.
Sure enough one day,
one will stick like a spandex.
Probably replace the one you have.
Until then, keep trying. The spandex is not old.
Neither are you.
Not that I know what either a spandex is, or me.

Pandora with Pandora

I wrote my first post as myself in my college's unofficial blog. The new avatar for that blog, "Pandora" has taken birth. I am the first lady to be on the author's list. And, started off with a small controversy which makes me giggle every time I think of it. Go check the maiden post by me, as me. Special mention about the comments. That is what makes me giggle at someone's frustration. Go check out. :)

Apr 22, 2011

GPS and Hostel Stories...

I never knew I would use a GPS to navigate around a city. Well, I did that today. Not exactly around a city, but a max of 500 meters. Well, it is a lot to me. I lost my way only once! Yay! So either ways, I got to know that there are no shops that sell things I need anywhere in the 500 meter radius of my hostel. Or office. And I don’t really know if I made a complete real good circle around either of them. You know actually the GPS kept beeping every once in a while cos I went off the tangent...

Speaking of which, I am pretty down these days with not many people around to blabber to while am free. Except for a dummy who smses me a 100+ times in a day asking me if I had food or went to pee pee first! [OK, kidding!] [PS- Only the second part though!] I called him a dummy, told him its outrageous to bug me like that, but naaah.. He won’t get it. Dummy exactly! I have to clean my inbox like once in a day in the fear of not losing speed.

In a serious note, I kinda got dressed up and was about to leave the building to get an internet connection [at least i can browse when am bored.], when it started raining not cats n dogs, but me. Well, I am kinda small. But for a drop, am huge! Get the drift? So, I thought maybe it will stop soon and didn’t change my clothes back. And I still have nt changed back. Btw, it rained ice here today... I never knew it rained ice in a metro. I thought that was supposed to be restricted to the colder areas.. well, bangy, except the net like roads, you rock!

Ah, there is a fun news for you guys. My hostel. It was something I had not wanted in the first place. I get accommodation at another hostel and go there only to find that nun [oh yes, so typical of a nun – am prejudiced to their genre. Can’t help it] going back on her word and saying she cannot gimme a room. The fun fact – I had dragged my luggage along because of her assurance.
Then I go back to this place, where the nun had imposed [rather told me, they would impose] at least 30 rules [no am not joking!] about every nit she could pick. You know how I hate rules [well, I do, for the record.] and so, I had planned not to stay here. But tada! Mom’s prayers and a nun’s behaviour later, I end up with a sheet full of rules and a bespectacled pair of eyes looking at me with scepticism.
Fun fact – there are specific timings when water comes here. Morning 6.30 [yeah, its been long since I saw the sun rise!] to 7.30. And evening 8.30 to 9.30.
So every morning I see everyone rushing to bathrooms with buckets. And to say the truth, the first day I thought there was something wrong with the food of the previous day that sent everyone rushing so madly to loos.
And at 6 in the morning, they gong bells!! For every soul [dead or alive] to wake up and shine[?!!]. If I once wake up, I can’t sleep again. So it is turning out to be a nightmare in the morning for me.
Fun fact – there is a compulsory mass at 6.30 in the morning and a compulsory rosary at 8 in the night. Seriously? What is their problem? If I wanna pray, I pray. Why impose? But no. Nuns think making people say those things in a chapel makes them wanna be Christians or more dedicated Christians, if they already are. But mom does nt trust any hostel that is not run by nuns. After all, the only problem would be only too much of prudishness not less amount of rules. Mom thinks the more the rules, the more safe it is. Nah, contrary to this belief, rules make people like me wanna jump and run outta the boundaries. Unfortunately, the walls are too high for me to jump. So, am stuck here...

PS- The other day, a female called me up and tells me she wants permission to publish an article I wrote in “a friend’s name”. I told her that ‘i don’t think it would be right to write what one wrote as another’s writ’, very politely. But I guess she heard the sarcasm in it. People do have guts!

I am bored here. I might join some course just for the heck of spending time. Let’s see!

Mar 29, 2011

Bad Apples And The Good Ones...

The other day, I was walking back from college. We, I and my friend, had reached the main road outside. On the way, we met 4 guys from my batch. Well, as anywhere, there will be bad apples and good apples in a basket of 'em. They were considered bad by most. I donno cos I have only heard of their 'baddisms' and am not really in close encounters with them. Except for them teasing me with something or other once a while- in a normal way- So, then, who am I to judge? And they were smoking. While I passed they kept calling me back. We kept walking. [My friend had to go buy her medicines so I just hung around a bit farther.] After sometime, I thought, WTH, I ll just go back and talk to them. I go talk to them and well, they behaved their 'normal' except for me taking the cigarette out from one of the ones-who-talked-to-me's mouth and told him "you ll smoke after we talk." And somehow, he was ok with it..
Some time later, I said my byes and started walking back.
The next day, one of my friends [senior] come and ask me "Are you having trouble with the bad apples?"
"No why?"
"Yesterday night, we saw you talking to them. And since it was the bad apples, we thought something must be wrong."

Well, since the 'bad apples' were 'famous' about their escapades, when they saw me talking, they decided to watch out for me. They were standing somewhere across the street and left only after I left. In between, they even had gotten ready to come over when "one of them who talked" also thought he should hold me while talking. Well, I remember pushing his hand away. They saw me walking back and had left.
Neither me, nor the bad apples knew this happened. I felt so good when I came to know that they thought of helping me out if I had trouble. And I think bad apples are only bad apples to people who let them be bad apples.
I never let them. So, they never became.
I went and thanked each of those in the group for thinking of helping me.
One of them replied "All a man can do." Yes, all a real man can do. :)
I am happy to be with people like you guys! :)
Will miss a lot of my friends from that batch :)


Mar 28, 2011


"my boyfriend wakes me up at night" < Search of this phrase has lead to my blog. Not once, but many times. God knows why! I have never written about a boy friend who wakes me up at night..

Mar 27, 2011

Impossible Chennai

There are two impossible smells in Chennai.

  1. The smell of the roads. The damn dirty roads smell like "god-knows-what" all the time. People litter, sh*t, pee, spit and what not, right on the road. I some times wonder why I carry the litter around till I find a dust bin. I should also be throwing things around.
  2. The smell of their temples. God! It is so awesome, I feel its heaven. Our temples back at kerala also use sandal, ash and holy water. But never give out this smell. I always start breathing like a maniac when I near a temple here. It is just heavenly.

    Wonder how the same people can dirty the roads like that and keep the temples like this!

Mar 24, 2011

Rood Food 4

I had spicey food, just to see if I am alright. And the stomach ache killed me. Thanks to a friend and her medicine, I was saved. I really thought I would die again.
Dammit man, we need some ointments for bruises and scratches inside the body, so that they heal when we consume them.
"Edible Ointment" Eat it and Forget it! 

Mar 12, 2011

It has been a long oblong time since I thought about spirituality. Today, I again was lead to it by something. Anyways, mom had already put a rosary around my neck before coming and threatened me that she ll murder me if I remove it. So much for which won, love or rebellion. I remember the days I used to rebel. Well, religion and spirituality still does not go hand in hand for me. But still I feel, it has some connections in the most primate forms.
As I was asking someone the other day, if god has ego, I dont like him. If he does not, then why does he insist on prayers to bless us? Why so much misery in the world? Was it that person's fault he was born into such a family? Or blind? Well, the answers I have received, be it from Gita or Bible, does not make any sense to me and I dont know if Khuran mentions it. If someone sinned in the past life, he should be punished in that life and not now. If it is the ancestors' fault, they should be punished. Not an unaware baby.
Anyways, enough of spirituality to you now.

Rood Food - 3

The canteen anna is now familiar with my diet. So, its easier when I go there, to get what I like. The other day, I said plain dosa without chutney and this server inside brings me "plain dosa bathed in chutney". I get so pissed off about it and stamp my way back to eat. I know it was childish from my part. But that is how bad I felt. After I calmed down I went back and explained this to him "again". And he goes in to get me my usual. And the canteen anna asks me "So, - Yeah, that is how he pronounces Jo.- problem? I talk?" "No anna, I told him."
And by that time, I could eat 3 plain dosas together.
Nowadays, hunger wakes me up, ruins my sleep and what not! I wake up early in morn cos am hungry. And keep dreaming about food all night. At night, when I have nothing to eat, I cant sleep for hunger. It is almost like hunger is my boyfriend. Wakes me up with a kiss and does not let me sleep either. Hehe.. :)
I am hungry now. Lemme go out and find something to eat. It is so irritating to go every once in a while hunting for food.
Back. Had a sandwich which I oversaw the making of, so that I dont get infected. I have to give her a five rupee cos I didnt have change. I donno how she said "Gimme the 5 later. Its ok." to a person she just met. Well, the thing about trust is, if its genuine, you will feel like keeping it. It is on the surface of my mind from the moment she said it. And am sure even if I cant pay off all the other people who lent me money, I ll pay her. Well, somehow I managed to convey to her that I will come only days later to give her the money. Donno if she ll remember it when I go back.

I was just talking to someone about Japan. Seriously it gives me a scare when I think of them. I feel bad. The babies, people, lives... I cant even connect it properly into sentences. But am sure they ll come right back up because they did that once. Nature has its own fury but I sometimes wonder why. But then, the higher you go, the worse is your fall. Huge explosions and fires and loss of lives... Separated families.. Why? Donno.
I feel so sad when I think of it. Anyways, gotta get back to work now.
Till next post,
Durga Nandan
I only want to be that smile that comes to your lips when you think about the times we spent together. :) :)

Mar 8, 2011

Women's Day Special

Woman's day.
Yeah, in the morning, I found roommies wearing pink and red and discussing cakes and then remembered. It is woman's day. But seriously, do we do justice by keeping a single day for women? Another of Archies' tactics probably. But still, for what a woman does in the sphere of her influence, can not be jammed into a single day.

Lemme take my mom. She manages the house work by the time she leaves home for her office and since it is a managerial position she holds, so there too she has a lot of responsibilities and power. She manages that and comes back and has time to be with us, her babies, talk to us about the day, share her day and give us an integral part of life, a mother's love. Then she again manages dad [which is almost like managing a kid - all guys are intrinsically kids I feel and they love being so- ] and the house work. If anyone learns management, they should first do it from their moms.

Managing the food when there is not enough, finances of home, supply chain management of the kitchen, being the mediator of fights.. A mom is a damsel. I ll say, a mom plays the maxi-mum number of roles in this world. She is that loving wife, that awesome mom, caring sis, giggly friend, boss that leads and deals...
Only a woman can do what she does, that way. I wonder how many days men would survive had women not be been there. [Btw the same applies to women too. They would find this place boring and sick without men. Thats beyond the point though.]

So, I was saying, with all what your mom has done for you, with all the care your wife has shown to you, with all the moments you have shared with your girl friend, I dont think we should limit it to a single day. But I know why we women let it be. At least that day, we get roses and special treatments and the like from the otherwise 'normal' guys. Who would not want a change? :)
Thanks to all those who wished me today.. Remember the best woman you have/ had in your life.
Mine, is my mom.
Cheerz, to her! :)
Durga Nandan

Mar 6, 2011

Rood Food 2

Well, if there is something I crib about all the time now, its food. Dosa in the morning - twice - without anything that tastes remotely spicy. Curd rice in the noon from wherever I can get it. Lays in between. - OK, dont temme I cant eat it. Cos I can. And I will. :-| -
Night is the problem. I dont find anything I can stick to. Thought I ll cook and eat porridge. But then, I am a lazy bum and it happens only once a while. So I have the bleddy hostel food and shut up.
The other day, I had a huge craving for chocolates and didnt know if it was heavy and could bring on a relapse.
So many treats were missed on account of my food control. So many chocolates handed back to the owners. I wonder how many of them had stomach upset after I left.. :P
I always feel like eating something now. Heard typhi -sounds like my pet dog, does it not?!- makes you perpetually hungry. With only so much of choices, I keep eating the same things like a stuck tape recorder.
At other times, I just keep looking around at people who are relishing their food, which is Rude Food to me for the time being. I keep threatening everyone that I ll eat everything once I get a bit better.
But actually, yours truly is a coward scared of losing her health again. So, she is be careful till she be well. They say, once fallen, twice shy!

PS- If anyone knows if I can have chocolates after recovering from the fourth stage of typhi, please leave a comment. It will be very useful when I have my craving again.
Durga Nandan

Mar 4, 2011

A Status Update

So, when I should have been studying about interpersonal behaviors, I am typing things out here.
The coming week is gonna be hectic for me.
IPE mid sems, RSM research project, RSM take home, COMA test [ which is one of the aftereffects of a 2 weeks' leave.], OM mid sems... That is, without the sche'duel'led surprises. :P
Good news, along with being a shocking one, is that the RSM prof was the one who took my return most sweetly -I should say by his usual standards-.
"Ya ya I know. How are you now? Still on diet? Be careful. It is good to have you back in class!"
I was like, "WTF" I thought you didnt even know that a human being like me attended your classes.. And thus ended that scary movie for me.

I revisited a blog. A controversial one. Finally, she has realized, a lot of things you do in the heat of youth wont last long. Anyways, happy that my views were not wrong about life. :)

Rood Food
Eating is one of the things I love and something I spend a whole load of money on. - Though I dont look like it!-
Now, I cant eat spicy, hot, oily or whatever the **** that tastes good - or rather tastes at all- .
For the first time in my life, I had curd rice. Well, not bad. I actually liked it. My kinda food had I been a veggie even now. I used to be one, so dont raise eyebrows. And anyways I was a sucker for anything mildly related to milk. From paneer to curd, milk to cheese to chocolate. I could sit and eat milky stuff the whole day and still want more.
One such endeavor lead my bum to the hospital bed. I had 'pasteurized' milk without boiling. [ Murder me! :-| ]
And now that I cant have anything sensible, even the hostel food's spicy smell makes me salivate. Three weeks to be precise. And the saga will continue...
Only good thing is, I have less expenses these days :P

Now to the status update, ctrl c ctrl v.

Thanks to all those groupies who watched my back while I was away.
Thanks to all the people who realized I was missing.
Thanks to all who felt it was 2 months I was gone and not 2 weeks.
Thanks to all who called me freq to know how I am.
Thanks to all those who made it a point to lemme know how much they missed me.
Thanks to all profs who understood my situ and are ready to help.
Thanks to that bum who with all my tantrums, made it a point to keep me entertained.
Finally, thanks to those two and a half people, whom I love the mostestest in the world, who went that extra mile for me when I could not even move.

Dad Mom n Sis, I W !!!! :) :)

Feb 24, 2011


Warning : This post contains swear words that I have used to my heart's content. If you are sensitive to them, dont read further. Otherwise, continue. Not that it would interest you much. Still...

The seriousness of whatever has happened hit me just now. Missed exams, presentations, group formings and classes. Cant find good enough swear words to fill up the gaps between full stops and the following sentences. And here I am, helpless but wanting to do something to get back all what I have missed. 
Anyways, I learnt a lot of things in these 2 weeks. First was what I learnt from the 'kutty' business I did. For the time being, let that gyan be with me. I mean, I lost 500+ monies and my damn health to learn that stuff. Some things they never teach in an MBA class. മലയാളത്തില്‍ പറഞ്ഞാല്‍, അങ്ങനിപ്പോ ചുളുവില്‍ പഠിക്കണ്ട! :P

The kutty business, gave me a 400% return. Which, sadly I had to reinvest as health money. My health was useless by the time I got done with my part of the job. It took 2 weeks to get back at least half of the health I lost. I learned one thing though. There is obsession. And then, there is Obsession. I was an obsessed kutty 'business woman' for those 2-3 days. Even while sleeping my thoughts were about it. Lost my sleep over it. And later, health. But I enjoyed it.
Yeah I know, it is my thing. I just damned enjoyed the whole thing. It was a trial on how good I am at it.
One thing I tell you, if your product [in my case, value addition] is good, you will sell. Period.

Anyways, all that is a small old dream now. 
My classes [sob sob!], exams [I have to write them alone now!! :( ] group works [Yeah, I have to work alone as a group now. :-| ]... all missed. And a lot of other commitments. And kinda scared of my RSM prof. He might as well do a thandava on my dead body when I get back. He is someone who advised a student to attend classes in a stretcher if he is in his death bed. So.. you get it!

I cant imagine the battle field that is waiting for me when I return with all what I have to catch up on when I do..
Somebody give me an "R.I.P" please... What?? Recover In Peace! - not what you thought you dummass!

PS- Got into really troublesome disease and ignored it till I could no longer stand up on my own. [Yeah, I am dumb and egoistic when it comes to my threshold of pain and illness.] Got some damn blood tests and this tests and that tests done to find out how bad it had become by the time I decided it is time to treat this 'bloody' thing. Then I collapsed. 2 weeks. Now I can stand on my own again. But a lot of 'flesh' from my body is missing. As in, whatever was there... I am still not well 'enough'. Good souls, pray for me. Bad souls, out of my blog, now!! Other souls, lets recover in peace! :)

Durga Nandan

Feb 7, 2011

For a quarter decade, the guy runs behind Aishwarya Rai. Then he gets married to his! :P

Ms. Delicious

I wanna be beautiful,
my girl just told me so.
"I wanna be so charming that,
the world stops spinning forth."

I love you lady,
My beloved baby,
If that does not make you precious,
Nothing else will, ever Delicious!

Feb 4, 2011

Feb 1, 2011

If God created man in his image, why do you and I look so very different?
Dont have fun with people who play to win.
There are two types of people in the world. The ones with information and the ones without.

Jan 30, 2011

Relationship Matters...

This is for those people who just got out of a relationship. Or in hopeless relationships either because of chicken partners or cause of something or the other.
So, the strategy is, see the better side. Like, you learned a hell lot. No, don’t temme you didn’t. You at least learned what not to look for in a guy. Or when not to trust a gal. When to see a red signal...
Plus, you had some really good moments with that person. May be that person turned out to be a real time a$$hole. But again, see the better side, you didn’t get stuck with an a$$hole the whole of your life..
And trust me, you have someone better waiting out there for you! No, I am not doing a cliche’. It is the truth. Someone with the guts to hold your hand for life is out there. And certainly that person is better than the one who does not!
Next, let’s get into the scenario where it is just caste and creed that makes you lose that person. Ok, question. Will that person stay with you when life ahead proves trying, if that same person is scared of the society and its rules and jurassic caste and religion?
You temme!
And if it’s a guy you just lost, trust me, he does not love you enough to make you his in spite of all what he might have said in his sweet talks. I mean, men are supposed to be exhibiting possessive attitude in relationships if they are really serious about it. Even if they are very shy at publicly admitting it.
The girl part of the same coin, you spent a lot of money on that girl. If she is not grateful for at least that, you wanna spend the rest of your life spending money on the same girl? Well, these days the money part applies to the girls too. They have started earning very well.
Now, why you crying? Are you aged? Is your youth past you? No, most probably not. Then what? You have not become any less attractive. Go get the next one. Have fun. Take life light. If you are not ready for another commitment, go have fun anyways. Go skydiving. Go into the unexplored caves of Himalayas and meditate. Go round the world. Go do it!
Yeah, I know emotions are not on your side right now. But once you learn to think with your brain, well, you got yourself a permanent yoga teacher.
Turn to spirituality. I know. I heard that. But it kinda brings a bit of peace into your heart. Just spend more time with yourself. Instead of smsing and calling the nights out. Instead of spending that money on her, spend it on yourself. Get a nice pair of sneakers. Or the strapless gown you always wanted.. Go get it!
Know what you really wanna do with life? GO FIND IT!
There is only one life. It is your free ticket to the school called experience.-Hogwarts being the next best.. J - Use it well! J

Jan 26, 2011

Life is like a beautiful sunrise. The rise is awesome. Heat in the noon is unbearable. And then we relax in the dusk. In the mean time, I wonder if anyone notices the flowers on the side....

The one on Love...

The other day, someone was telling me to write a post on love. Now, why would I write one on love? Just like the other posts. Randomly.
So, whats love? God knows. As in, they say it is this. But is it this? I googled 'what is love?'. Is it what takes all your pain away? I dont think so. Love could be pain too. Sometimes, a pain in the bum.
Is it - like Mark Twain said- an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired? Well, not always. Like when you are on a down turn, you dont want to be desired. You just need a bit of a company.
I think love is knowing that that person would be with you and hold your hand when you need it most. Know your thoughts when you cant speak. Know your heartbeat, when you cry. And could be dumb enough to crack stupid jokes that makes you laugh at unexpected times. He could be the stupidest idiot at times just to see your smile.
I believe love is just an extension of friendship. I once had a bet with someone "A guy and a gal can never be friends for long. Either they part or fall in love." He said he can prove it is impossible. Well, he was proved wrong. And I know all would agree to this. Here, I am talking about uncommitted people. Either of them just fall in course of time. Dont test it, you risk your emotions.
Another angle I always wanted to know was is sex important? I know its a taboo topic in our land, but does sex matter a lot in love? It certainly seems important. But ours is a society that encourages control till marriage. [I am not talking about the metros.] While it seems an essential part of love, I donno if it is so important as to stop love if not existent. I mean, if you are really in love, cant you wait? And am sure it is not just sex. You need more to carry you forward.
This again brings us back to what is love. Well it, I think, is different in different people's mind. One might need to have constant communication. Another might think the feeling in the heart is all that matters. Even if you could not communicate for some time.
I dont think love should make you blind. I think it should make you see faults and yet accept that person as he or she is. And dont let it make you deaf either. There are some things that you should hear and some things you should pretend you didnt. Cos whatever be, the one you love is not god, he or she is a human and could make mistakes.
Forgiving is hard but it makes life easier. :)

Sometimes, I have wondered why this particular emotion is given too much importance. Probably cos, when you feel it, it is very intense.
Another question I have always asked, does love mean never fighting? Ooops! A big no. Fight is not about love, it is about difference of opinion. And it is I guess needed to see the personal differences in life. And it could make life an adventure for some time. :P
But as always, too much of a thing is not great. So, you keep fighting every once in a while, it becomes a pain in your unmentionable part soon. And you tend to avoid that person.
My mom always said, love is like two intersecting lines. The more time you take to get close and intersect, the more time you take to part as well. Yes, in a way we all make crisscross lines in life, meeting, intersecting, parting... Some stay parallels. Some meet and due to some anomaly or probably a miracle, carry forward as a single line..

Does love mean commitment? Probably not. I mean, you love someone does not mean you have to spend the whole life with that person. Or that you have to make a commitment to love. Sometimes, leaving that person alone is the best thing you could do to him or her. Then, in this case, leaving is loving. Well, for instance, staying with that person could bring more harm to him or her than anything else. Then, leaving is justified. It might take a lot longer time for the other person to see your side though.

Googling took me to a set of "Am I in love" quizzes. Now, can some random person sitting in Africa make a questionnaire to decide whether you are in love? [According to research methodology, yes. But am talking about normal human beings here.] Probably not. They may give you some pointers. But that is it.

So, what is my point? Simply, that it was a compilation of the pointers I got from life. May or may not help you..
Anyways, I am still in a quest to understand love. Hope that quest lasts a life. New angles every day, nothing like that to keep the spontaneity on. :)

Jan 19, 2011

Sometimes I wish I finished living and passed on to the next level. Life is like a computer game. You know, you get troubles, you get other things.. You get bonus points, you get levels, promotions...
And one day, you complete one grand level and you pass on to the next.
Wonder what is up there.. Or down... In the next level.
You know, I think we should not call dead people dead. It gives a negative connotation. Probably we should stick to 'passing away'. To a new grand level. Or world. :)

Jan 18, 2011

Akhil Chandra Sen wrote this letter to the Sahibganj divisional railway office in 1909. It is on display at the Railway Museum in New Delhi. It was also reproduced under the caption “Travelers' Tales" in the Far Eastern Economic Review.

"I am arrive by passenger train Ahmedpur station and my belly is too much swelling with jackfruit. I am therefore went to privy. Just I doing the nuisance that guard making whistle blow for train to go off and I am running with lotah in one hand and dhoti in the next when I am fall over and expose all my shocking to man and female women on platform. I am got leaved at Ahmedpur station.

This too much bad, if passenger go to make dung that dam guard not wait train five minutes for him. I am therefore pray your honor to make big fine on that guard for public sake. Otherwise I am making big report to papers."

Any guesses why this letter was of historic value? It apparently led to introduction of toilets in trains.
I know people who refresh cricinfo :P
I have too many aunties now... Oops! Anti-biotics now!

Jan 16, 2011

Feel Good

I can see those eyes,
staring into me..
when was the last time,
I saw it for real?
I can see your smile,
all happy to have me.
When was the last time,
I saw your blush for real?
Is it right,
asking for more?
Is it just
a plain ordeal?

How long?
How long will this be?
Like this.
Where we are just
you and me?
You, you and Me, me?
Its plain a pain,
to not have you here
and on top if it,
you dont see my tear.
I get jealous,
I get pretentious,
just so I dont,
hurt you my dear.

Have it your way,
or lets have it my own,
its all about feeling,
good, so you know...

What Farmville Taught Me...

So, there was this time I hated people for sending me farmville requests and posting on my wall about their farmville stuff. I mean, you have to clean your profile and wall like a trash bin every day cos people send you requests. Every day, "Bubilidubilidoo sent you a request on farmville." I dont want the hell of this thing on my profile, I would scream out in desperation. And I even joined a community called

"I dont care about your farm, or your fish, or your park, or your mafia!!!"

I even used to bitch about this to my friends. And put it on ignore.

Now then, one day, I thought, what the hell, if everyone likes it, there must be something... I 'unignored' the application and loaded it. I started planting. I mean, I love plants. Seeing it being done virtually was ironic cos the best part of being a gardener or planter is that you get to play with mud and water. ;)
And then, my plants started growing.. I enjoyed it. But I still didnt like people posting on my wall about this. Incidentally, I still dont. But I like my farm and keep looking at it for the heck of it.
Now, to what I learnt from my rendezvous with farmville..

  1. I am driven by incentives. And like being recognized in material form for my work.
  2. I like seeing results in short amount of time.
  3. I dont like clutter on my work site.
  4. I dont like more luxury than I have space for.
  5. I sell off things that are not required even if those things are in vogue and I have the money to buy it.
  6. After some time, I need novelty to work on. Probably an innovative work environment or something new to work with.
  7. I like small homes.
  8. I like my li'l space around me. Anybody does anything with it, or within it, is over and out.
  9. I like taking my time out and sitting in a cozy place and relaxing till I feel like working again.
  10. I always like adding a personal touch to anything I work on. It feels great.
So, I liked farmville cos it taught me about myself. Now I know what kind of a job to look for. I still dont like people posting on my wall about farmville requests. [Note it, if you are reading this.] And I still dont flaunt my farmville stuff. But it is a nice application till you get used to it. :)

Jan 14, 2011

Some people are a big pain in the a$$ that you ignore them totally, even if they dance naked in front of you.

BTW, even that would be a pain in the bum if you ask me, their dancing.

Jan 13, 2011

A Good Day...

Yesterday was a good day. :)
Oh well, it was a flood of good news.. And one jackpot. Ha! Jackpot being a confirmation on something I have been waiting for. Another was a legacy, being proposed to be passed on. Well, in course of time probably I ll tell you.
Another one, that some people whom I didnt think are still reading my blog, said they are and that they have recommended it to some others. Well, all those anon readers, thanks :) For saying you loved this.
For a week, yours truly is suffering from bouts of cough which is troubling her sleep and making her nights horrible. Yesterday, I slept at 2.30 cos of the damn cough.
Somehow the flow of good news went on till night that until then I didnt have time to worry about my cough.

Coming to tidbits of my life, there is a "kyat" in my hostel. It is a bit old and is a pet who [note it, its not 'which'] decides it sits on chairs like people do. It somehow has this notion that it is a "kyat's" right. It has a particular liking to me whenever I wear jeans. No no, I dont produce aphrodisiacs while in jeans. It is just that the kyat likes rubbing its body on my jeans. All itchy itchy and licey. I dont like it. So, today, in the evening when I went outside with my tea , I knew it would come right behind me and start scratching. So I lifted my leg from the ground and put it half a meter above the ground. And started drinking tea. Suddenly this kyat jumps up and tries scratching its nails on my jeans! And scares me to death in the process. I shouted at it in all possible languages and walked off. Still scared. Occasionally looking back to see if it was following me. And it was sitting there giving me a 'kyat' look! :-|

Another thing, I dont like people who think they are smart. Most of the time, people can see right through it. Today, a girl who had no idea what she was talking about, made a show of running the whole story, acting like a moderator when she herself had nothing to speak about. Unfortunately, the one who was supposed to oversee the proceedings was dumb enough not to notice. I was irritated that she was eating people's head in the process. One of these days.. Yes man, one of these days...

Random stuff had gained my attention in the one week at home. I wanted to talk about them too.

There is a program in Star World - The Bachelor.
The idea is an arranged marriage. But the ad kinda shows girls in bikinis trying to gain his attention with all sorts of lauded [lewd-ed] actions. Kissing, this-sing that-ing.. If that was how we 'arranged' marriages here in India, men would never go for love marriages.

If you go to buy a fool's cap paper and say fool's-cap, people look at you like a retard. No matter how good your English is. When in India, call it FULL SCAP paper. That is only how we call it. A shopkeeper even corrected me once 'Fullscap lady! Not that.'

Gyan I got when I wondered why certain guys acted weird once in a while, "to have a chance with gals it is good for a guy to act like a moron once in a while. moron in the sense rude, bossy stupid etc"
Wow, never knew guys do that too to get attention...

Blunt people are better. They never bite your back and act like nothing happened. But they also give you moments of bitter truths when you least expect it. You know, that is why they are called blunt. :)

Jan 9, 2011

Time Travel.

Yeah yet another argument you cant travel in  time. This time I am pretty sure I am right.
Well, traveling at the speed of light would not take you back in time. Why?
Why because, as you travel faster than light, you see the light that was sent as much time before as the speed increases.
But, you only see an image of the place or person. The time has actually passed and you cant take it back. It is like rewinding a video. You cant touch feel or talk to them. You can only see how it was before it happened. Probably you can use it to solve crimes. But as it goes further into past, the speed would have to increase at the same rate making it more difficult to see back in time.

And probably, just a probably, since the light has already left the reflective source long back, when we travel faster, after the initial ability to see the past, when no more light is left, we will just see darkness.
I ll tell you how.

We travel faster than light towards an object to see how it was before an amount of time. We reach near the object. At point A of every ray, where it meet the object and get reflected, the reflection stops and only light we see is from the source of light. So, we just cant 'travel' back in time further than that. Or with my argument, you cant see back in time further than that.

Or probably you can increase your speed further to see faster.

I dont think we can travel back in time by traveling faster than light. And if we only needed to see back in time, we could as well fit a cam and record stuff. Unless its a crime scene... Where obviously it would help.

Comments please..
Durga Nandan

Jan 7, 2011

Speechless - 8

Dedicated to someone who likes all my Speechless 'Cartoons' :)