Apr 15, 2013

Call Me Feminist. For all I care!

Indian society is predominantly patriarchal in nature how much ever it has 'claimed' that it has changed. Especially the men. When you are out with your man, unless you wear formals and look all 'I mean business', the serious talk goes to the man with you. All 'Oh! you look lovely ma'm!' and the similar lines are all you get.
The misconception that when a lady is all 'Indian' looking and with her guy on a meeting makes her an arm candy, has to change. I know, I cannot change it by this single blog post, but let me tell you, next time on a meeting, I will think umpteen times before I wear formal casuals (or anything at all casual) and about divulging the information that I am here with my man. (No offence to my man, he treats me like an angel straight out of heaven. But you know baby, I get real bugged about this 'you are a woman' thing they give me.)
Women, however judge another by how she looks and how it might increase her own visibility. Jealous a creed we are, we never understand that the other woman can look more awesome than you but can be a blockhead altogether or a great friend if you just gave it a chance. We kinda give the look 'Oh your skin starts 2 inches beneath all that make up' when someone is a tad better looking than us. No, I understand that we are wired differently. But lets realize this, looking all pretty and made up is good. But giving too much importance to looks just takes away your own value from other sources. For instance, your own brains.

Remember : Just cos you are the 'fairer' sex, does not mean you are the weaker one too.

Apr 10, 2013

Broken, Rotten and Ugly

The last time the girl told the guy a lie,
and went ahead to go die,
all she could do was
hide from him and cry.

So was the likeness
he had to the other big fat gloats,
she wondered if it was right,
to really have switched so many boats.
And she hid and cried.

Years went by,
and the guy still didnt know.
The girl was dead,
all inside -ugly and it still does rot.
They talked, lived together,
made three babies..

But there, the dead one inside her
never rose again.

Things just stayed
and years just flew.
On her death bed
she knew he never knew.

Now the outsides were dead
and a drop often fell,
from his eyes 'cos he cut onions,
once a while, well.

Reaven the child,
of Aadi the first,
ran and came and said
"Grandma had a diary.
To read, let us try."

Grandpa read it half
and knew the pain behind.
Grandpa read the rest
and wondered about the find.

Well, all said and done,
he still cried
only when onions were cut.
He still cried, ONLY when the onions were cut.

Apr 9, 2013

Daily News : 10 year old jailed for trying to file a complaint on sexual assault.

Daily Dose : Either we have assaulters wanting to be juveniles or we have mental juveniles trying to suppress 'genuine' complaints.