Nov 28, 2010

It takes so much luck, to find a person who feels you are the most beautiful person on earth. :)

Nov 25, 2010

Pic-ky Imagination

This is a circuit board. My friend showed it to me just now.
But my imagination kinda makes me feel its the view of a city from the sky. all big buildings and small houses and flats.. :)
Can you see it? :)

Nov 24, 2010

Orkut communities and My comments

  • "Real Lover"
    >You have a duplicate lover too? :?
  • Hottest people on Orkut
    > 20k+ people? How can all be "hottest"?
  • When trust breaks..
    >you make an orkut community for it. :P
  • I have a secret crush.
    > but i wanted a platform to shout it out. :P
  • ur's love should be true..
    > and you decide that?
  • love. we wand love.
    > wand!!! yeah. magic can only get these ppl love!
  • love is something..
    > seriously??
  • i am a true lover.
    > great. what made you declare this secret?
  • want to marry an army officer?
    > baap re! uske liye bhi community! muft mein matrimonial ads bhi ho jayenga :P
  • i dont have girlfriend.
    >good for the gals! 

Nov 21, 2010

There are some..

Things you would do if you just had enough time..
People you have no reason to hate, but still do..
Days when everything goes wrong..
Times when only that person can make you happy..
Places that make the most out of you..
Moments you wish you just evaporated into nothing..

There are some times, when horizon makes you feel better than the river near you.

Now, time for a bit of .. Well, you know what..

... She just walked out of the room. She knew it was done. The harm. And shut the door banging behind her. It is not painful now. It feels better. Scary though. Thinking about the life left to face. She reminded herself, alone. When he said those three words to her in college, she never knew it would turn to be what she is having now. Or what came before it.

"I hate you!"


Turning around, she stormed out of the audi. And then, two weeks of I-dont-talk-to-you-you-dont-even-look-at-me time. One day, something happens and he calls her a 'good girl' with a smile. :) May be they could smile at each other again...
Then, one day, he said three words again. This time though they were different. Anyways, unlike her previous relationships, this one didnt have much 'differences'. It worked out pretty well. As in, the marriage part. Then, life started.
Today she knew it just ended. And somehow, she wanted it to.

So, if you are expecting a 'happily ever after' story out of this, no you aint getting that.
Sometimes, life is all just about... mm.. Life. :)

Nov 8, 2010

All a part of Life

I found things changing today. Again. A full turn around. I donno if something is wrong with me, the way I am, or is it with the way I perceive things? Life is not sad. But it does nt seem happy either. Prefer yourself first. Always. Whoever it is. Or how much ever is promised to you.

I learnt something today.

Time is precious. Remember who you give it to.

PS - Dont give someone a part of your life, when you are just another part of their life.

Nov 7, 2010

Jal aur Agni

Jal is coming!! :D And I am excited! Wonder what the night would be like. It is supposed to be 130km/hr!
Already Chennai floods at a 3cm rain. God knows how flooded a 24hrs rain and wind would make it!
It hits Vellore directly. But last year, it flooded Chennai and water clogged in the underground roads I heard. The bridge near the railway looked like a river bridge and the road beneath it was invisible under the water. It was that bad. And the joke is, after all this, our college has regular classes. On sundays too! :-|
Morning 10 o' clock looked like 5 o' clock in the dawn. And there was no power till very recently!
I and my roommie sat and took pics in the candle light. That is the best thing that happened when power was off..
I ll post one of em here.. eh?
One of those times I see books.. :)
Aint I beautiful! :) [Dont forget, that was not a question! :P ]

Nov 5, 2010

Nov 2, 2010

God And Me...

I asked god : God, why am I not getting what I like? Why do I have to settle with things I dont even dream of?

And God replied : Have you seen a potter? He makes pots day in and day out. He makes every pot with the same clay. But he decides what everything is made for. And he knows the best use of each. He will assign each pot a duty. The same goes for you. A human is made by me with a use in mind. I will take every human to the place, that it will serve the best purpose in!

Nov 1, 2010

Mind, The Beautiful...

I think the most beautiful thing on the world is a human mind. From childhood, though we stuff it with information that was found before and make it work like a machine that we dont have time to think originally about anything with it. Marks, grades, placements.. It is a wonderful machine alright. But it is better left to itself. No formal education will help it do anything worthwhile. At least nothing new, like a breakthrough will come out of it if you stuff and run it. It needs to be left alone. When it needs something, I am sure it will find ways and information on its own.
A child can never be taught to walk. It learns by itself. Similarly, It picks up speaking all by itself. That is how nature prefers a child to learn. What we have in our world, I dont say it should not be transferred to others. But, record it. So that if anyone needs more information, they can leaf through. And learn. But not make a mess out of his brain by just stuffing it with stuff. We lose the natural ability to analyse stuff ourselves. Well, this is just a thought. I believe in it. And I certainly follow it too...
Wonder what others think...