Dec 27, 2009

Past is what you remember and smile about. Later. :)

Dec 26, 2009

The 'awesomest' feeling in the world is when you leave things you love, for the one you love. :)
No competition!

Dec 23, 2009

There in the dark alley, I saw a trembling body. But knowing dark alleys housed fears, frights, threats and deaths numerous, I moved on. To my next kill. Fearlessly.

Dec 22, 2009

Lies and Lives

Ajmal Kasab and his lies have been bugging me a lot these days as I read the dailies.
My thoughts bordered on "Why don't we just shoot that bastard and get over with it???" Not like any other country would have given him even a trial. Oh! The Pak police officers would have 'accidentally' shot him by now, had he been an Indian caught terrorizing their area.

"Not my shoes" He says in the court. Make him walk with the size he said. In the courtroom. Lets see how far he can do it.
"I have not done it. I was not even there at that time" He says. Hand him over to RAW for a day and he will return to truth.
"I was in Mumbai for a film." Let him see those films that caught him live. And the terror after effects. If that does not work, lets give him a taste of his own medicine.

Indian Judiciary is far too lenient to listen to all this crap. If you ask me, shoot that bastard and get over with it. Phir jo aenga tab dekha jaenga! Before the "hijack drama" happens again with our citizens hostage, punish them with death. But no.. "Poke in the eyes and India still won't learn its lessons!" Tomorrow his lies will adorn the tombs of those that died in the Mumbai attacks..

Dec 21, 2009

Errrr.... mm...

Where was I before I left? :? Ohk, Did I ever leave? :P
Naaah.. I was always here.. Reading every one of the blogs that I earnestly follow. And commenting on those that I felt deserved immediate attention.
I saw a plea for love. I saw another searching soul...
I myself went through a transformation.. Blogging is one of those ways I vented my frustrations.
I am returning to it. I have a feeling I would need it more in the coming days.. Weeks.. And years even.
Thanks to all those who asked me to remain. And thanks to all those who sent private messages asking me to return. Thanks to those, who knew what was wrong and didnt pity me. Cos...

"Pity is one way of telling the other, I am happy I am better than you." -DN

And I hate being pitied.
Cya around guys!
Durga Nandan :)


"Such fine companions,
have men not been given.
Such engaging partners
and indulgent mental lust." -DN

Dec 16, 2009

Food prices are sages now. They levitate on a daily basis.

PS- I know am not supposed to be here. But could not hold this back.

Dec 5, 2009

Test went bad. Leaving blog world. May or may not be back.

Dec 2, 2009

A.D. 2500*

*Please refer the Glossary, given at the end of the story, for the new words[given in italic bold] while reading.

A.D. 2500

People are whooshing all around in their minizooms. I must be the only one in the whole of earth without one, I thought scornfully, waiting for my boy friend in the park. Has been a long wait. Same thing. Always. Too much of enjoyment from his side. And carelessness. Only till we get the married dose though. I looked around and gloated. Our community park has oxygen parlors and water gardens. It even has synthetic green coverings sponsored by God. Most just had Oxygen parlors.

Minirobos were driving around selling stuff. Vitamin capsules are over. I should buy some. And some roughage. It has been a week since I ate roughage. Just dreamsules.

Hmm.. I hope the engagement dose would be strong enough. I heard the Geraldines [they are the descendants of an ancient Indian family. Too embarrassed of their culture it seems. Changed their name from Ghemavats to Geraldines. Three generations back. ] had trouble with their lot. After one year Mr. G started fluctuating. They complained to the JoBo and it was sent to God for appeal. God knows what happened. I have to remember to send a message asking.

Ah.. His minizoom is approaching. He will have trouble getting out this time. He is still on junk diet. In the 20th century, people used legs to travel. They could move their legs in synchrony and called it walking. Faster walking was running.
We have two stubs there. Evolution. I have never tried walking. Only two people who have succeeded walking for two whole minutes, are alive today. Both are kept under high security vaults and under surveillance. Somewhere in Indian Subcontinent.

Look at him! A fat sphere. Even his hands ain't clearly there. Wow! 'Hmm.. too evolved.', I thought with pride. But he is too obese to live for long. I should be careful about my marriage dose may be... 'OK. God, don't tell him my plans. If he lived longer, I will take more doses', I thought, Knowing that the all-knowing-all-powerful God saw my thoughts.. I hope he takes life-enhancement surgeries.
And if God gives us kids, I ll have to take the dosage anyways.

God. Talking about God, 500 years ago, they had many different religions they say. Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and lotsa li'l religions with different beliefs and cultures. Those barbarians even killed in the name of religions. And Gods. In plural! So many names and forms for God. We have a single religion now. And a single God. Formless, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, limitless, immortal.. They had those concepts. But never really found God. Even when God was present in them, in their minds.

It is said God took birth in the minds of two individuals of the 20th century. Was not called God initially. Was first called 'Google'. Then someone said,"Google is god". But it was only when the nuclear war [also called the world war 3] started, that Google intervened and saved earth from complete destruction. And took over the control, finally.

'Google Opposing Destruction-GOD- of earth and earthlings', started a world wide campaign online. And Thank God! The world was saved. World finally accepted God.

A huge change came after God took control. We were all tagged. And tracked. Organized. And Safe.
I gloated on how the world had developed and emerged ideal. Thanks to God. The Savior of Earthlings!

I should request God for a minizoom this year. I have been good throughout the year. Thinking of how I would decorate my minizoom, I walked to the nearest minirobo to buy roughage.

---The End.---

Glossary :
Minizoom : a small car shaped vehicle that seats one and runs on solar energy. Flies, swims, runs and paddles. Near supersonic speeds.
Water garden : where you see pure H2O rather than the capsulized form used normally. the water is arranged in various entertaining forms like waterfalls, pools, icecaps etc.
Dreamsule : a capsule that is chewed to get the feeling of having eaten a particular food or flavor.
Marriage and Engagement dose : dose of pheromones from each other given to ensure commitment in spouses. It is sold in year ratings. And people take it instead of marriage vows.
JoBo : Judge Robots. Preprogrammed with universal laws. And mind-reading softwares.
Life enhancement surgeries : That which replaces torn and worn body parts so as to lengthen lifespan from 30[usual] to 60 years[after enhancement].

PS- This, is my 200th post on this blog. I wanted it to be about CAT and my idea about this year's CAT. But no. I had an idea from one of the tweets I read. I typed the idea out lest I forget it.
Comments welcome.
Good Day!
DN :)

Dec 1, 2009

I confess.

I confess. I tried the Google wave. But it dudnt engage me. I got the invite some days back. Sent invites to people who have been eagerly waiting for one.
It failed to hook me. But felt happy that other people were happy they got invites finally.

I confess. I was called boring by a friend of mine. Makes sense. It has been long since I made any attempt to be social or entertaining. I have a way with words. I admit. :P But long time since I used any of it.

And I confess. I don't call people or reply smses [forwards of course.]. What do I reply to a forward saying

"Breaking News ATM
Not Working
Sardar’s Wife Put Hair pin In Machine
When It Said”, Enter Ur PIN" ?? But I used to reply those smses with something witty at least slapstick.

I confess. I don't keep my mobile with me either now. People complain I have changed. May be I have. No. I have. Thanks to no-on-in-particular. And hence don't expect prompt replies until I settle back down.

I confess. I was skipping meals. No. Not anorexia. Just plain laziness and tensions.

I confess. I lost my temper twice this week. Amma is worried about this. She says my face looks very cruel when I am angry.

I confess. I have not touched my books for the last 2 weeks. I don't like the way things are going.

I confess. Life is down like hell right now. But as always, "At level zero, things can't go any worse." Worried about exams as well.

Ah! enough of those confessions that look more pessimistic than the glass half empty.
If you have come till this, thanks. :) If not, well, nothing to say really. Cos you ain't here anyways. :)

I tell myself, Get well soon. :)