Jan 28, 2013

Shadows and Light

Sometimes in life, dark shadows are all you see. But it helps to remember that there is a source of light. You just have to find where it is.

Jan 26, 2013

The Outburst of an Indian Wife.

I am Indian.
I am a wife.
I married for love
because it is the modern age.

Earlier we had,
these silly reasons.
Money, status, family and fame.
They married for that
and lived with that.
For no one dared question.
No one dared change.

The winds of change has blown around.
The hearts of men have changed a bit
Not fully, I say.
Not fully, but bit.

I am an Indian,
I am a wife.
I have not changed; name - my own.
for the sake of it to be shown.
I have a job
and that was my dowry.
For the world knows
I can stand on my own,
if things go awry.

I do decide.
He does decide.
And we get to say
and stay together
in matters of life.

I am ninety now
and see my kids
married and in a total mess.
Maybe, they didnt learn
or try to see.
What husband did
to the life of me.

They live-in now,
dont have kids.
Earn for two
and spend for three.

This aint what I
dreamt of then.
This aint what I predicted.
My husband is gone
And I am still here.
Hope he sees me
and my imminent fear.

Bless our sons,
Bless me too.
If you cant help this helpless soul,
you better now,
take me too.

Sometimes I wonder if Darwin was right.
Where did we go?
Forward or back?
Did we make mistakes?
Or did we do right?

Jan 25, 2013

Land of Alps

Which town did we move to?
Where the rainbows of the Alps are shining?
Which town is further away?
And how long is it?

Lands of fury,
of might and of love.
Cries are heard,
in the dusk and dawn.

Prayers for sons,
husbands and loves.
Craters of loses
stitched onto the edges
and lives with hems.

The war is done
and the land is free.
But the minds are not,
They are a crying spree.
The start of a day, starts at night. And the start of a night during the day.

Jan 24, 2013

Daily News : Delhi Gangrape victim clears her Physiotherapy exam.

Daily Dose : She is still passing the exams set by humans. But failed the one set by life. What's the use?

Jan 23, 2013

Life is not always just about you

So, again a long time no see. :)
Been the longest I guess, since I wrote here. I dont even dare to calculate how many days. So, this boyfriend of mine gives me a piece of his mind about why I didnt write a single thing for so long.
My life revolved around a lot of other things lately. What they say is true. Growing up is a lot of trouble. Responsibilities and worries. Although it is not just that. A lot of good things came up. I know how the outside world is. I decided to commit for life.

Well, he is demanding. It is hard for him to say what you did is perfect and upto my standards. -Almost never.- He does not ask me to do something. He asks me to finish the task. He does nt ask me whether I finished something. He asks me to give a status update. It is like having a full time manager in your life.I have had times when I had to remind him that he is a manager only in his office. But still.. He is one awesome person. And I cant imagine my life without him now.

Anyway, coming back to my random thoughts, I met a lady today. She is a single mom. She has marks of grave injuries all over her body. Visible and prominent ones. So, let me just tell you it was not the best life she had before we met. Into her late 50s. Professionally, exceptionally high in position. Personally, still enjoys the freedom women would yearn for. Incidentally, I am sure she does nt have everything in life. But, with what she has, she makes the most of life.

I get upset over petty things. But when I talked to her, I was like, man! I should be ashamed of having made any of my troubles an issue. I would not go into the details of her past. But I can assure you, it is beyond your imagination.

Life has been difficult lately. But talking to her kinda made it easier for me to imagine how worse it could have been.
I hope I can cope with things way better than what I am doing right now. It is not easy. But definitely worth a shot. If she can come out of such unspeakables, I can make it out alive and thriving for sure.

There have been a lot of random thoughts I missed recording because of my laziness or disinterest. Hopefully, I ll record it more frequently now. No promises. None to myself anyway. :) So, certainly not to my readers. :) Lets see.. :)


Jan 10, 2013

Daily News : Kilogram standard specimen heavier due to contamination.

Daily Dose : Ask that fellow to follow the Indian Kilogram's diet. Particularly, our shopkeepers'.


Jan 9, 2013

Daily News : Mangalayaan, the Indian mission to Mars to take off soon.

Daily Dose : It is as if the solutions to all our problems wait in 'Mangal'. Astrolomy.. Oops! Astronomy ya(or) agarbattis!


Jan 4, 2013

Daily News : The Indian team loses miserably in the match against Pakistan.

Daily Dose : Divided we stand, United we fall!


Jan 3, 2013

Daily News : A separate police report will be sent to the Juvenile Justice Board after a bone test confirms that he is a minor.

Daily Dose : Bone test or Boner test? He does not have a backbone as far as India knows!